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Use peer pressure to your advantage like Arnold Schwarzenegger did. Snapchat your picture every night. Arnold would wear shorts to show his weakest link, his calves.

And he would wear baggy sweaters to cover up his strongest points, his chest and arms.
He didn't like be embarrassed publicly so wearing shorts forced him to work harder on his legs.

I Snapchat a shirtless pic every night to pressure myself to keep leaning out.

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I've heard this before. Thoughts?

He told Nicholas Hellen of the Sunday Times: 'It's a mistake to think that deprivation exists only with the very poorest in society. 'Many people will find this a totally counter-intuitive "first world" problem - but check with the principals of many of our most expensive schools and most desirable universities, and you will hear the same story: mental wellbeing is a significant and growing problem.' American psychologist professor Suniya Luthar found that children whose parents earn over £100,000 are twice as likely to have mental health problems than their poorer counterparts.

This may be due to social pressure to succeed, or, in the case of the super-rich, a lack of direction that comes from being able to do whatever they want.

And Puttnam reckoned that the increasing number social media pictures of rich kids flaunting their lifestyles can be explained by the youngsters' lack of empathy which may stem from a lack of time with their busy or uninterested parents.

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thinking about that time I was 16 pretending I loved bullet for my valentine but I really just wanted to watch inuyasha and listen to hilary duff #socialpressure

My dad has no social media but I didn't want anyone thinking I didn't love my dad too. 😂 Thanks for literally everything I am and all that I have. It's all because of you and mom (@mktilghman). ❤️ #dad #socialpressure #hfd

And he goes offline !!!!! #socialpressure #socialoffline @shutterhands

Nouvel épisode des Divas du Divan maintenant disponible sur canal 1 (Bell Fibe) ou en ligne. Liens dans ma bio @collectivelybe ⬆️⬆️⬆️ Dans cet épisode, rencontrez Léa Clermont-Dion. Suite à son combat personnel pour développer une image saine et positive d’elle-même, elle a décidé non seulement d’inspirer les jeunes filles à améliorer leur estime de soi, mais elle a aussi entrepris de modifier le dialogue sur le standard de la beauté. #influenceuse #quebecoise #mtl #beautefatale #igers #interview #businesswoman #bosslady #entrepreneur #author #career #standardofbeauty #diversity #socialpressure #cyberbullying #socialmedia #igers #positivebodyimage

#socialanxiety #socialpressure #looks
Just Love your self

Stopped smoking, started painting
#selfie #workmode #distraction #barewithme #socialpressure


feeling myself this fine evening. treating myself with some highlighter glitter beautiful earrings and my lovely bralette thinking about society's fucked up system of surpression and shaming, fear inducing and illusion. thinking to myself that my nipples are worth being acknowledged. because if i was a man it wouldnt be a shame. oh you wicked construct we call society; dramatizing and pervertizing the beautiful natural body 🌸 #staygolden

Ramadan is almost over,
let's adhere to self control even after Ramadan, and set a suitable environment for our children
Here are 5 techniques to help you do so:
1. Create an environment where self-control is consistently rewarded
2. Play games that help kids practice self-control (Any time we ask kids to play by the rules, we’re encouraging them to develop self-control. But some games are more challenging than others)
3. Turn “have to" tasks into “want to" tasks (Children need to find enjoyment in the things they're asked to do)
4. Encourage kids to practice planning (Planning is an important component of self-discipline)
5. Always maintain a "can do" attitude at home (people function better and are more able to deal with stress when they feel that they are in control)

and of course, don't forget to be an example for your children as they tend to mimic your actions 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Who is classified as a people pleaser?
هل أنت من الأشخاص التي تحب إرضاء الآخرين؟
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Social Pressure refers to the influence exerted by society in encouraging a person to change their attitude, values, or behavior in order to conform to the group norms 🚷
A lot of young adults experience social pressure especially during family gatherings, forming anxiety and feeling like they don't belong 🤦🏼‍♀ But how can we prevent this from happening?
تابعونا حتى تعرفوا أكتر عن الضغوطات الاجتماعية 🙋

This post got me like... Shout out @blackmantroy for the share

Some nights I lay in bed the warm night air gently brushing my skin while I keep thinking. I'm good at it. Thinking. And re-thinking. And over-thinking. And in all this thinking about this and that and everything I sometimes catch myself realizing that with all my thinking I'm slowly fading away. My self is not a solid rock anymore. My mind transitioned from that to a liquid somehow, something that adapts to its environment like it's the most natural thing to do. Like it's slipping into a different kind of role each time it's surrounded by a certain group. And I keep telling myself that's the right thing. But is it? I mean is blending in the right thing to do? How will anyone ever really know me when I can never really show myself? How can I know who I really am, what I really want, what I should be doing, when all I do is push myself into boxes to keep quiet, be 'liked' by the group and play it safe? How am I supposed to know which of my several selfs I actually am? Yea. I don't know either. 🤷🏻‍♀️🙇🏻‍♀️#fadeaway #whoami #whattheeff #thinking #stopthinking #summer #sonnenstichdigga #denkekreuzundquer #socialpressure #ciaograuemasse #bindanmalweg#summerhair #ombre #selfienation #thinkers #writers

channel violet // tune in 📺 |||
so i just wanted to get this off my mental: why do you think you have the right to tell anybody how they supposed to live their life? why do you think that whatever you consider as desirable or correct is what will work for anybody? i'm just really waiting for the day where people understand what it means to be individuals. you call yourself and everyone that but you do not understand what it means. it means that we as humans are so complex and so different from one another, starting from the merely biological/ genetical to our characters and preferences, our experiences / the way our life unfolds. when in a story a tiny detail is changed the whole thing gets a different sense/ meaning/ energy. what works for you can never ever work in the same way for someone else!! its not just one way or the other. its not just beautiful or ugly. its not either good or bad. different doesnt mean wrong. so how come you figured that your path could be walked by anyone else? tell me 🕯

Two fabric experiments I made, showing different aspects of pattern related to my final exam project @academieartemis called 'Beyond Perfect'.
Final exam project developing a semi transparent fittingroom curtain #academieartemis last June for #andotherstories @andotherstories #concept #trendforecasting #beyondperfect #socialpressure #youarebeautiful #curtain #fittingroom #cosmeticenhancement #styling #productdesign #photostyling #form #material #pattern #colour #grid #format #humanbody #analisis #materialresearch #interiorstyling #lasercut #fabric #skin #skincolour @ps.positivestuff

Collage of 4 images showing different aspects of material related to my final exam project @academieartemis called 'Beyond Perfect'.
Final exam project developing a semi transparent fittingroom curtain #academieartemis last June for #andotherstories @andotherstories #concept #trendforecasting #beyondperfect #socialpressure #youarebeautiful #curtain #fittingroom #cosmeticenhancement #styling #productdesign #photostyling #interiorstyling #lasercut #silicone #plaster #fabric #skin #skincolour @ps.positivestuff

Relying on the validation of others often leads to personal degradation. Coaching Partner redefined how she wanted to view herself in a positive light in order for her to enhance her self-concept.

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