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⚡️What Is Your Passion?⚡️

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Happy Monday Morning All!!

Did you want up this morning dreading another work week?

Do you have a case of the Mondays?

If so, have you considered the fact that maybe you don't love what your doing?

And that life is to short to live the rest of it like this!

It is the 21st century and anyone now can make a full time living, even get rich, from working on their phone!

So there is no better time than now to chase your dreams and your passions and in turn....


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LINK IN BIO. It's now or never.

Enough said.

Get motivated by the fear of being average.
بذار ترس از متوسط بودن بهت انگیزه حرکت بده.
مثل همه نشو. معمولی نباش. متوسط نباش. متوسط و معمولی بودن خیلی حوصله‌سربره.

So I’ve created something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT, specifically for This Page Followers Only. I'm teaching you in detail how I grew my Instagram to hundreds of thousands of followers in under 6 months. Not only will I do a live one on one training with you, but i'll give help you set up your page on Instagram and make a sales funnel so you are ready to start to generate cash right away with your page!

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I will teach you all this:
*How to create a business page on Instagram.
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*How to go viral with a post
*How to make quality quotes
*How to sell shoutout for 25$ or above
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You know social media is the best way to connect with clients or customers. But, you gave no idea what to say or when to post!
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I LOVE TO GET LOST READING 🤓 My kindle bill I have to try not look at because I am a serial purchaser 😅 Help me fight my addiction and share your favourite blogs with me.
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#TuesdayTip Did you know that most users watch video without sound? So if you are creating videos for your brand, you should add captions, text overlay, subtitles, etc!

Timing is everything! Are you scheduling your posts at the right time?
Looking at your analytics and demographic of your followers will give you a pretty good idea of when to post, but Instagram can often be different to Facebook, so check both to ensure you’re reaching your audience.

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When you're targeting interests on Facebook, you should SEGMENT your ads properly so that your data is GRANULAR. A lot of people get their data all jumbled up because they don't know how to properly segment their ads... This drives up the cost, and you won't be able to find winning campaigns. BUT, if you segment ads properly, you can find winning adsets and make $$$...⠀
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Learning all about the hidden risks of app development from The Apps People 📱📱

Amazing Look!! 🌸🍃

Just made some glow in the dark slime with Reagan. She also went on a solid five minute tangent about the best things to mix with zinc sulfite. What even is she?

Diving into social media everyday like...

Do your customers share photos of themselves using or wearing your products? Do you ask them to?
As they say, the proof is in the pudding. Ask your customers to take photos and share them with you. You could even incentivize your request with a prize, discount or free product. Even better if they share it with their friends and family and tag you/your business social accounts. But remember, don't be spammy! #socialmediatip #directsales

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