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A little tour of my classroom! Lunch break is just finished we are about to restart so I wish you all a great afternoon! :) ••••• adamasztalos #malemodel #socialmediatip ••••• LOCATION #kisaakademie #kreuzberg #tempelhof ••••• FEATURES #blondhair #bigblueeyes #bighands #hairylegs ••••• WEARING #poloshirt by @jetlag_europe - shorts by @chaps ••••• POST RELATED HASHTAGS #clean living #veganlifestyle - #academiclife #socialmediatraining - #academiclife #socialmediacoach

Dear entrepreneurs,

One thing we never seem to understand is that fear comes in many forms.

Not "making it" yet?

You'll hear 1000 robots tell you you're afraid of failure.

Have you ever considered you might actually be afraid of success?

I'm not saying this is the case.

I'm saying... Look deep within yourself and think about your reasons.

One thing I KNOW I'm afraid of failing at is swimming.

I keep trying and trying... but I am absolutely terrified of sinking.

The one good thing is that I am AWARE of this fear... And mark my words: I WILL eventually tackle it.

ميگن ستاره اى كه ما داريم الان نورش رو مى بينيم ممكنه ميليونها سال پيش خاموش شده باشه. به ياد #مريم_ميرزاخانى ستاره اى كه نورش پيداست. روحش شاد.

ويديوى كامل در كانال تلگرام. ازطريق لينك بيو.

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"I just don't feel like I have the time to regularly be involved in my social media accounts!" 👇👇👇
I often hear this gripe amongst small business owners and I totally understand the frustration! Without a clear-cut plan defining your intentions and a scheduled, thought-out content calendar to meet those goals, it'll just feel like it's a constant grind with no end in sight.
Here are two questions to ask yourself to get started:
1️⃣ What do you hope to accomplish with social media? Don't just say sales, because obviously that's the ultimate end goal! Think of micro goals that would contribute to that end goal (i.e., grow my following, engage with my community online). --
2️⃣ How much time per day can you realistically devote to social media? Schedule a set time in your calendar everyday - even if it's only 30 minutes or an hour - to devote to posting, commenting, liking, following, sharing, etc.
Now it's your chance to ask me 👉 what is your biggest frustration or struggle with social media marketing? 🤔

Go for it now. The future is promised to no one. 💯

#SocialMediaTip Number 2: Communication is key. Make yourself available to your audience. Someone comments on your post? Reply. Someone sends you a message? Write back immediately. Take time to reach out and engage. Your following will be more dedicated if they know you are responsive. It shows you & your brand care. 💻
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The next time you need some content inspiration, check out this list!

Finally made it to my synagogue @chabadberlin_alexanderplatz straight from work. The tables are ready for dinner which will happen right after the prayers welcoming the Shabbat! I wish you all a great evening! Shabbat shalom! :) ••••• adamasztalos #malemodel - #microinfluencer #socialmediatip ••••• LOCATION #chabad #chabadberlin #alexanderplatz #berlinmitte ••••• FEATURES #blondhair #bigblueeyes ••••• WEARING #poloshirt by @jetlag_europe - shorts by @chaps ••••• POST RELATED HASHTAGS #cleanliving - #shabbat #shabbatshalom #tefillah #amiisraelchai #שבתשלום

We found our first #paintedrocks the boys were so excited once I explained it too them!! We are hoping to make some of our own to place around on our vacation! Have you found any around? #thinksocialrocks #paintedrocksofinstagram

Don't be afraid of Video 🎥
The decisions you make about your vlog are going to set the tone for how you are received by any audience, not just your viewer persona. 😊
This business is all about how you make someone feel, how they talk about you to their friends, and how they repeat your incredible content back to someone who would also be a perfect viewer. 👳🏽‍♀️👷🏻👩🏻‍⚕️👨🏻‍🍳👩🏼‍🏫👨🏾‍💻👩🏼‍🔬👨🏼‍✈️🎅🏼 Knowing who your audience is and what you want to achieve is only the first step. 📲
Next, we need to decide what message you want people to repeat back. What will they say about you? 🤔
People may not remember every video they’ve watched or how they found you, but they will remember how you made them feel (if you made them feel anything). 🥅
The goal is to have an impact and make a feeling occur, but you can only do that by being hyper-focused on who they are and how they operate. 😍
What makes your viewer’s wheels turn or gets them excited?
A huge thank you to @savvysexysocial for this insight into video.
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Se dice que hay dos tipos de personas ¿cuál eres tú?

😊The best marketing of all is happy clients😊
No matter what business you are in, nothing provides a better ROI than happy customers! If you provide results, bring value and go the extra mile for them, they will do the same for you
I've personally received bonuses, testimonials and extra clients because of this... HAPPY clients are 100% the best form of marketing.
Do you agree?⠀
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Your brand's presence on social media is a must! Build your company with help from your customers and audience.

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Happy Friday everyone!

I've been sharing this with a few friends who have their own businesses but thought why limit it to just a few people?! So I figured I'd share it with everyone!
Keeping up with which social media platforms to use, and when and how to use them, is exhausting. 😰 There is so much information out there that it can feel like total overload at times...not to mention, most of us spend lots of time consuming information without ever actually putting any of it into practice. (#guilty! 🙋🏼)
What good is all that knowledge if we aren’t implementing? If you are a small business owner, blogger, or partnered with an MLM/network marketing company and would like to learn how to effectively use social media to grow your following and your bottom line, you should check out Social Media Summer Camp. ☀️
My friend @amandatress And @lindseyskye_ created this course that is truly like a social media marketing bootcamp. Not only is it FULL of info about every social media platform you need, but throughout the 4 week program you will be held accountable to actually practice what you are learning (meaning you are going to be putting in time to MOVE your business forward!)
If you are ready to get the right eyes on your content and products, and then covert those leads into customers, Social Media Summer Camp is a NO BRAINER. 👌🏼
The next round starts this Monday the 24th, and trust me, it is not something you can afford to miss out on. (And it's totally affordable!) Stop wasting your time and energy on social media marketing that doesn’t grow your bottom line and put your time and energy towards proven strategies that will!
I have the link in my bio if you want to read more info! 👈🏼This stuff is GOLDEN!

ENQUETE: Qual a porcentagem média de engajamento de seu público nas suas redes sociais? Escreva aqui a baixo seu número.
Engajamento é a quantidade de seguidores pela quantidade dos que interagem: curtir, comentar, compartilhar.

For every $1 spent on email marketing, data from @dma.usa shows you can respect a return on investment of $38. 💌💻📱💸 Few brands use social media to boost their email marketing. But it's not that hard to incorporate the two. Include a social media share option in your email next to content, or share links to email content on your social media and encourage people to subscribe. Also, make sure all blog posts have email subscription opt-in forms.

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Host a Giveaway!!! .

It helps build engagement and goodwill. .
But be calculated and deliberate about it. You are not just giving things out, you are building your brand so think hard about - what you want to give out
- Why
- what you hope to gain.

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