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Distractions destroy actions. If the energy is not matched, or it's not moving you towards your purpose, leave it alone.

When I first started the Making Moxie Instagram feed, I had no clue what I was doing. If you're not going to provide value on any social channel as a business, why post at all?⠀

I started out with inspiring quotes from women and focused on featuring other Instagram users with a great message. While the account was still small, people loved the idea but weren't quick to contribute. This means that most of my posts were stock photos with quotes from famous people. Not terrible, but just kind of fluffy.⠀

Eventually I gave up on that and started talking about marketing. That got old even faster.⠀

I'm a marketer and I LOVE being a marketer, but in all honesty, I probably have nothing new or inspiring to say on the subject.⠀

It's when I started the Making Moxie Challenges that I realized even though this is a business, the most valuable thing to anyone is following my journey.⠀

So you won't see any stock photos here. You'll see photos of my day, the posed and unposed photo ops. You'll hear from real women. (When they want to be featured!) And you'll read all about what it's like to grow a brand from the ground up, and all the lessons that come along with.⠀

Happy to have you on this journey with me.⠀

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As we approach the end of the year, we're pleased to welcome @porchlighthomes as our newest client! This Arizona homebuilder develops beautiful homes that are "made by hand" and "made to last" since 2010, and we're excited to build something together with them. Learn more about them by following the link in our bio. -----
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Many thanks to all of you who joined us for our second round of A Slice of Instagram! We had a ball! 🎾⚾️🏀 Our students did some wonderful work with increasing their reach & engagement over the course of our 2-part series. Don’t miss out on this class! Our next sessions will be on 1/8 & 1/15. Registration is now OPEN! 🎉 Get signed up while spots are still available — registration link is in our bio. 🐾🐾 #zerotozoomies {featuring Z2Z student @hewitt_thedoxie}

Welcoming JumpCrew's newest NYC employee with tacos 🌮 (of course). Welcome to the crew, Tara!

Achieve biggest goal of 2017 ✔️ sociallyciara.com is live almost two months 🙈🙈🙈 Thank you again to everyone who has been so lovely and supportive! 👌🏻👩🏻‍💻 Here’s to another two (fingers crossed it’s a bit longer than that 😉) 👑

Today on The Startup Circle Live, our special guest is Stacy McDivitt of McDivitt Family Maple, who was this years winner of the $5000 grant through the WE program! Drop in a hear her story, what it was like and ask questions!

💥Instagram Update💥
You can now 💥Follow Hashtags on Instagram💥
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2️⃣It will appear with a “follow button” at the top
3️⃣Click on “follow”
4️⃣You will now be able to see the Top and Latest Posts from #socialinstaceos hashtag💥
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Shoutout to filters that don't let you look crazy on social media as you go put in a 6 hour shift at the coffee house. And a big Saturday shoutout to all my nine to fivers with a six to T E N and no weekends off kinda grind. I see y'all. ☕️

Does anyone else have elves that just lounge around in a pineapple boat while the rest of us try to get everything ready for Christmas?! Seriously! 😂 #BlizzardsShenanigans

Phew!! And that's why most of us keep running around in circles... Too much talk...Not enough action to back it up!

Note to self: Either you do the shit that gets you there or you don't📈💯

This is an animal-loving 
independent family run business, based in Hitchin, Hertfordshire. Whether it is 
pet food, bedding, treats or even just some advice that you are looking for, Paws, 
Fur & Fin are happy to help. Merry Christmas !
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Facebook will block advertisers from changing link previews, but hasn’t yet
http://crwd.fr/2xmzxom #facebook #facebookmarketing #advertising #socialmediastrategy

This weeks blog posts talks you through 5 steps you can take today to start producing better content.⠀
Many golf clubs are using outdated marketing techniques that do not translate into an effective social media marketing strategy.⠀
You can't just sell anymore, you have to take the time to cultivate a relationship with your audience.⠀
This blog post goes deep into the approach you should be taking with your content and clearly lays out actionable steps you can take to get results.⠀
👆CLICK the link in the bio for the full post.⠀
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👇COMMENT with your favourite step!

Still on the fence about joining Bombshell Brand Society?
Here's a few testimonials from those that have participated. (swipe left)

What questions can I answer for you? Comment them below

Learn more and enroll via the link in my bio or at bit.lybombshellbrandsociety

Tag someone who #persuveres non - stop. . @sillynewturns

Social media Saturday: Did you know that 78% of people who complain to a brand via Twitter expect a response within an hour?

This goes to show that people are using social as form of customer service. Don't ignore it! #SocialMediaMarketing

Leaf insects 🐝🐞🦋🐛 with @tetrapod_id

“ Even the greatest was once a beginner, don’t be afraid to take that first step” - Muhammad Ali

Isn’t this incredibly true? Every successful business had to start from zero. That is the reality of the business world. So please don’t let big,successful businesses intimidate you. Keep in mind that you can get there as well. Truly, you have the potential for greatness. Your determination and focus will lead to your success. It’s all in what we do and how we do it. Even if you progress just 1% each day in your business, just imagine how much improvement you will see in your business in one years time. 1% improvement may feel insignificant but in the long term it results in huge improvement. That 1% compounds on itself and results in a 3680% improvement in 1 year. That’s huge! Imagine in 1 years time what your business would be like if it improved by 3680%.

The key here, is small improvements every day. Every day taking just 1 step forward. This consistent action can truly make you UNSTOPPABLE!

What one tactic could you focus on today to help you reach success in your business?

@LADRESSENYC was featured in WhereTraveler! Read about 10 Gorgeous Dishes That Put L'ADRESSE on the Culinary Map by clicking the link in their bio 🙌

Content creation, the EASIEST form of marketing! #ContentMarketing #PristigeMedia

💪Some Saturday motivation for those of you who are grinding it out this weekend.

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🔥Let’s crush this Saturday together fam!
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Fears and insecurities keep you at home. Take some risks and live more. 😎👏😎👏😎👏
New food, new haircut, new destination, new job...or your freedom.
Try out everything but don't stop living.
Tag a friend and get out there. -
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We all know everyone leaves Christmas shopping to the last minute! 🎁  #12DaysOfRankmas #RankMedia

It totally could be you! 👉🏻 COMPETITION 👈🏻 I want to give a little back 😍 when I hit 1000 followers on Instagram I am going to give away one hours 1:1 session (over Skype or equivalent) to any UK small business. It will be a chance to talk with me, a fully trained Social Media Manager, about a particular platform you struggle with, your overall Social Strategy, what to try next or a general chat to ask any questions you’ve ever had.
To win you need to: 👉🏻 follow me on Instagram
👉🏻 Like this post 👉🏻 tag another small business owner who may need/want some guidance.
Winners will be drawn as soon as I hit 1000 Instagram Followers. (so it could be a while 😂😂) Good luck 🍀

This week’s #TwitterSmarter chat assignment.
Part 1:
-Search for people talking about you.
-Tag people so they know you’re talking about them.
Part 2:
-Create a branded hashtag.
-Put hashtag in your bio.
Thank you to our guest @johnespirian for sharing great insights.
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Congratulations 🎉 SA U17 Women’s Team thrash Botswana 👏👏👏 in World Cup Qualifier.
FT: South Africa 6–4 [11–6] Botswana 🇿🇦Dlamini 21',Mzoneli 24',Minnies 32' 39',Shamase T. 42', Jordan
🇧🇼Rathari 30’ 90+2',Botlhale 50’ 80’

#Bantwana through to the FINAL ROUND of the qualifiers where Morocco awaits.

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Als de regen tegen de ramen gutst is er niets leuker dan schetsen maken van ons - ooit, écht, heus - Franse schuurtje. Onze mountaincabin alias tiny toevluchtsoord. ⠀
De plek hebben we alláng geprikt. Nu nog een ieniemini vervallen schuurtje of graslandje vinden waarvan een lokale Franse boer zegt: 'Ah-bon-ben-bof...(*haalt op z'n typisch Franse manier zijn schouders op*): met die oude geitenschuur doe ik niets meer! Allez-y'.⠀

I know, I know, het is een oer-romantisch scenario.⠀
Hoogstwaarschijnlijk denkt onze Franse copin er het zijne van, maar je weet maar nooit! ⠀
Soms moet je je dromen gewoon de wijde wereld insturen. ⠀

En in de tussentijd lol hebben met plaatjes kijken en je verlekkeren over 'wie weet' en 'stel je toch eens voor'!⠀

Are you sick of wondering if you are up to par with your biggest competitor’s social media strategies? Social media is one of the most influential ways a company, of any size, can increase brand awareness and overall business. While your strategy may be a bit different than the others in your industry, it does not mean that it is wrong. It’s important to observe what your competitors are sharing and promoting, so you can focus on staying ahead of the game and in sales. Now more than ever is a time where it’s imperative that you optimize your social presence so that you don’t get lost in the crowd and become forgotten. Check out our latest blog post for a list of some of the best ways to spy on your competitor’s social media accounts 🕵

Repost @funniest_15

Be visible in just listen 💪🏻😊#marketingforsmallbusiness #tanjaciglaric #care

♻️ @ tha700club: I'm here to help and motivate you to become smart (or smarter) with money… and earn more than you’re making now. It’s much simpler and more in your control than you may realize. I work with clients to pinpoint money management issues and provide practical, personalized solutions to their current financial and credit situation, as well as share tactics that prevent any future difficulties. Visit our website to learn more about how we can help you! www.loveyourscores.com

Sometimes people ask where I get my ideas. This one came when I was looking through my Twitter feed one night while I was working late. After a few minutes I got so bummed out I felt like I needed to find a way to relate what I was feeling. Is it just me? When did social media get so mean? #thetiltededge #tilt365

Brand awareness is a big deal don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. -

What do u think about this? Share ur thoughts down below tell me ur opinion. 😊😊😊💛

"I feel very cute today" - Penelope #kidsmenu #planB #rollout

Have a great weekend from our team at Klimka Computer Solutions!

Struggling with getting enough organic reach on your Facebook content? Yep, me too! The bad boy responsible for that: the Facebook Newsfeed algorithm, called EdgeRank 💻⠀
How it works? Well, the simple answer: it's very complicated! Take the time and read our blog post on it, to completely understand and work with it! CLICK ON THE LINK IN OUR BIO 🖇️

I see it a lot. It irritates me nearly as much as middle lane drivers. Hashtags have their place but it’s not Facebook.
Yes the silly ones like #ihatehashtags are often used but generally speaking there is little point to them. Facebook has very complex privacy settings so it just doesn’t work like Instagram and Twitter.
There you go, consider yourselves told ☺️😬

Rise and shine it's time ta grind y'all 😎😎😎😎

NEW blog! Aligning your social media and email content could be the best thing for your brand image! See other great reasons why you should align your email and social marketing in our new blog post. Link in bio #SMSsummit

The value of your social media posts start to decrease almost immediately. The only way to get more from them is to reshare them regularly. SEO doesn’t have this problem; time lends website content greater authority. The power of your website’s SEO grows the longer your posts are live.

This cute card by @papercanoe.ca is giving us all the holiday feels this morning! It’s officially the last full week before Christmas festivities and decking the halls and trimming the tree are priorities 🎄
How are you getting into the festive spirit this weekend?

One of the most important pieces of any content strategy is visual appeal. Did you know it takes the brain 1/4 of a second to process a visual? Think about how effective that is when working within the average consumer attention span of eight seconds.

It’d be tough to find a sweeter, happier, kinder and sillier little boy! Sammy we are so proud of the little man you are becoming.
Happy Birthday, “We believe in you” ❤️ #SamBria #CaringCounts

Our Christmas tree 🎄 #revijadirektor #christmasspirit

It's never too late ❤️😍#goals #nevertoolate #saturdayvibes

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