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Beyonce doesn’t seem too interested in Facebook or Twitter—those accounts are mainly perfunctory, updated for major occasions, or to disseminate information.
One post from Queen Bey across her social media platforms is worth over $1 million. She is the first and only influencer to cross that million-dollar value line.
Beyonce got a nice spike after her pregnancy Instagram post (it quickly became the most liked post on Instagram with over 10.8M likes.
Since January 1, Bey has gained an average of 98,077 new followers a day across all her social platforms. Casual.
The narrative in Beyoncé’s social media marketing is the basis for its success. Beyoncé is widely known around the world, yet she is still unknown personally — a recluse. Her fan base — the BeyHive — is massive and devoted to their Queen Bey and crave any means of getting closer to Beyoncé’s life.
Beyoncé is not in charge of taking her photos and posting them but she is in charge of the narrative of her Instagram. She is the curator of the pristinely planned content that sparks millions of likes and comments from her fans. She assures that the photos are authentic and tailored to what her fans want: a peak at her personal life (minus the badly photoshopped thigh gap that she posted a few years ago…).
“Beyoncé’s success is likely largely due to the authenticity she manages to convey to her fans. She rarely puts up posts that are overtly commercial, instead recently favouring pics of herself with daughter Blue Ivy Carter and informational pieces celebrating Black History Month.”
Beyoncé’s Instagram is the gateway to her personal life and exclusive access to new music and products. Her marketing strategy is minimal yet powerful. Her latest two albums have been “surprise releases” where she did not do the traditional build-up marketing strategy. Instead she has incorporated a top-down strategy where the product itself is used to solely market itself, it’s just dropped into the internet and they watch the online community market the product through word-of-mouth aka reposting/retweeting.
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Listen up! This is one of the most important statistics I will ever share. This is SUCH a common mistake. Yes, you want to share your bottom line clearly (read: sell), but the key is to make it a fun journey for your audience. That takes getting creative. Otherwise, you risk losing your followers by boring them or bombarding them with sales messaging. .
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He was the most inspiring rapper i have know and heard off bro his words gave me so much hopes and now is all gone thanks to this cruel and fucked up ppl💔🕊He deserved so much better🕊💔 i love u all more than i love my self u guys mean the world to me -xxxtentacion💔🕊 R.I.P



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People blow my mind! This is @gaylamelzer and she lives in Montana. This was the first time we’ve met. She found me on Insta. When she shared a bit about herself, her journey in health and fitness and her new found love of indoor cycling, my heart swelled. Her energy and attitude were contagious. For as much as people want to put down social media, something like this happens and I remember why I love it so much. It makes our giant world a little smaller and connected. I freaking love this time we are in!!! Thanks, Gayla for being so rad!!!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ #fitnessprofessional #socialmediaqueen #montana #indoorcyclinginstructor #indoorcycling #womenshealth #hotspinchicks #attitudeiseverything #attitudeiskey #positiveattitude #itsawething #gritcycle

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lowkey just made this to brag about my effortlessly clear skin skskskskskks ———
also i don’t even be drinking water that much tbh

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