Hiya friends! I just wanted to stop in to post a little apology for being MIA this week! I have had a lot going on and needed to take a little break from the gram. Sometimes it’s good to step away from social media to recollect and ground ourselves. I took this past week for me and boy! did I need it.!

Although it was nice to take this little vacay, I did miss you all and this special little world!

While I was away; I put together a nice line up of things I want to share over the next few weeks! I am pretty excited to get back at it! I hope you all have been having a wonderful June, which to me has be f l y i n g!

This beautiful little rosebud of butter lettuce gives me allllllllll the feels! I love this bright tasty green as the leaves are nice and big to use as a wrap, or in the base for a summer fresh salad! Who else loves veggies & fruits that make pretty flowered shapes?!

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Neue Abendroutine. Um 21:00 klingelt der Wecker, um mich zu erinnern das Handy endlich wegzulegen, einen schönen Tee zu trinken und ein paar Gedanken des Tages niederzuschreiben. So entspannt kann jeder Abend kommen 🌿😌Und dann noch ne Runde meditieren... Schaut euch gerne mein neues Meditationsvideo an. Link in Bio. 🙏
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Save yourself. This two word combination graphic slide can have many different meanings. It could mean save yourself from a situation, a life condition or a relationship. For another person, it could be interpreted as encouragement that we all have the ability to change our own life for the better without outside intervention. Still another person may read that the posting individual wants others to stop asking them for help. Its all so subjective.
Social media is a powerful tool and a horrible master. Its allows businesses to reach customers quickly, family members stay in contact over long distances and friends can share memories. On the flip side, miscommunication, rash judgement, and time wasting is feeding insecurities and creating paranoia. This level of overexposure and instant, constant access is not naturally available through other more traditional direct channels. False intimacy is fostered. Users become emboldened. They feel comfortable sending inappropriate messages or making horrible post comments. They feel justified in the random angry, rude, ignorant, or inconsiderate posts they make instead of resolving conflict directly.
The search for attention, validation and/or acceptance through daily/weekly passive aggressive memes, selfies or half naked posts is a fairly new phenomena. Worse still are people who are always on social media lurking, stalking, and trifling but not contributing content. If you don’t post anything, why you on it all the time 🤔🤔🤔 Hurt people hurt people. Insecure people seek friends and validation. Its been happening since the beginning of time. Noone is immune. Solve your disputes like a grown ass adult. If you think someone is mad, sad, or glad at you and its causing you stress, ASK!
Social media is the worst possible platform to create or maintain meaningful human connection.Life is about living. Write a letter by hand , phone a friend, say a prayer, share a meal or take a walk in your neighborhood. No keyboard necessary ❤️ #socialmediadetox #stop #useyourwords #bebusyhelpingothers #calmyourtots #8daysleft

My social media detox starts tomorrow. I’ll be enjoying nature, good summer time fruit 🍉 & real people living their real life ❤️ #socialmediadetox #nature #naturelovers

Gonna be closing up and logging out for a bit. I need a little break from social media thing. Ill probably be back on in a week or so. You kids behave yourself now.

Friends, long time no see! I’ve been on a hardcore social media detox. I stopped cold turkey a few months ago. I snapped 🤪 and needed a break. I felt like my phone, Instagram in particular, was running my life a bit more than I’d like. Maybe you know that feeling too?

I wrote about why I needed a break from social media and what happened when I stopped posting all together. Guess what, the world didn’t end! Shocking, I know. New on the blog. Link in profile. Go check it out.

Shutting her down✨🙋🏼‍♀️I’m finally doing a much needed mini social media cleanse for a few days and let me tell you... it feels liberating AF. Had you asked me months ago, my ego would have had a heart ❤️ attack.
Can’t wait to see what I discover living more and scrolling less. Keep shining 🦄 and I’ll see you lovely peeps in no time 😘 #drrenata #alchemytribe18

I’ll be back soon friends. I’m going on a little social media detox for a few weeks and unplugging from the digital world. “Me time” and self care is my priority right now. I’ll still be contactable via my phone number or my email address info@hellosorriso.com and my business Instagram account @hellosorriso will still be running as usual. Off to build my dreams. Be back soon. 💘😘 #selfcare #mindfulness #socialmediadetox #unplugging #unplugged #unpluggingnow

After removing Facebook from my world this week (downloaded all photos, deactivated, and flipped the switch) I have an unexplainable peace. It wasn't about giving up social media - I'm staying here with Instagram - it was about closing a chapter that no longer brought me joy, and even more than that it was a business decision. I'll have to gather all of my thoughts on it and share here at some point, maybe weeks or months down the line without it.

My phone has been ringing from people just wanting to know what made me finally pull the plug & I'm happy to share with anyone the very multi-pronged thinking that went into it .. I'm an ex-engineer, trust that it was analyzed from every angle for months! .. but what's most encouraging while at the same time completely concerning is that every single person who has reached out has told me that they want to do it too but they stay in thinking they need it because we're told we need it for x, y, z reasons. You may or you may not. For me, I've always been a less is more person, quality over quantity, creativity over persuasion, flying just beneath the radar. Facebook became none of that for me. And once that clicked, I flipped the page. Like I said, I'll share my full thinking behind the decision at some point, until then my new mornings are spent here, after coffee with my husband, I've traded scrolling through fb in favor of listening to the news or some sort of podcast. If this topic interests you any, check out @pandorasykes recent podcast on social media, I listened to it yesterday morn, ff to the 45min mark if you don't have time to listen to the whole thing. Apropos to the max.

Andddd, if you read this whole post to here, first of all I love you, and secondly you probably totally get where I'm coming from. 😊🖤

Whish you a nice evening, time for you and yours opposite, for conversations, for your family-...#hotelerika
#socialmediadetox #holiday #zeit #genuss #familie


New on the blog!😊] Self-worth, or lack thereof, has come up a lot in my coaching conversations these days. Women, and men, from all walks of life are struggling to sustain feelings of personal high-esteem and belonging. In a time where we're receiving more than 5000 messages every day [whether it be over social media, TV or advertising], no wonder we're so insecure. In this blog post I hope to empower you with practical, easy-to-apply coaching exercises for improved self-worth and self-esteem!

1. Focus on progress, not perfection.
Every Friday, review each small success from your week and start to notice how the success is found in the journey, not the destination!

2, Don’t start your day with social media.
Set up simple boundaries where you keep your cellphone on airplane mode until you've completed your morning routine or left the house. I believe there's nothing more toxic than scrolling through social media first thing in the morning, especially when it comes to comparing yourself to others on the other side of the screen. ... TO CONTINUE READING THIS BLOG POST, CLICK ON THE LINK IN MY BIO! IF YOU FIND IT HELPFUL, SHARE IT WITH YOUR LOVED ONES! 🤩💛 P.S. Have you seen my latest YouTube video Trailer??😎 Check out my previous post to see it! I'm so chuffed with it!👏🏻 #selfworth #selfesteem #blogpost #blogger

Time to unplug from social media! Just for the weekend #sanity #selfcare 🤯😇It’s easy to forget how much social media can affect our peace of mind and influence our emotions. Some weeks the noise, constant comparisons, and updates on negative world events from social media becomes too much for me, especially in the line of work I’m in. Plus I’m an empath and need regular quiet time to turn within and re-connect with my inner calm. So I’m going on a #socialmediadetox this weekend, want to join me? I think I might forget or get tempted so let’s help each other please 🙏🏻☺️ #wellness #peaceofmind #unplug #moresociallessmedia

Taking a break from social media.. stepping back and taking a deep breath .... 👌✨Back in 15 minutes .. well no probably not 15, but I’ll be back later •


Getting to Concan, watching the kids make s’mores, and catching Devin in the act of napping were just tidbits of a great vacation. #livinginthemoment #justsomepics #concantx #frioriver #riofrio #camping #likewithtents #iwasunplugged #socialmediadetox #noservice

Been inactive for a while now and damn, I forgot how easy life was. Now I spend my days doing other things I never had time to do in the last 2 and a half years. A big chunk of that is giving myself a rest. #socialmediadetox
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It’s time for a social media break. My spirit is drained and it’s imperative for my mental health right now. Please stay updated with new things I will add to my Etsy shop within the next few days by clicking on the link in my bio and favoriting my shop. There will be some pretty goodies added and some free gifts with the purchase. Please feel free to email me with any questions or concerns at support@jaykayaccessories. If it is in reference to any orders, please send me a message through my Etsy shop link. Much love to you all and remember to take care of yourselves. ✌🏽&💜 #mentalhealthmatters #socialmediadetox #takingabreakfromsocialmedia #reevaluatinglife

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