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Take a step back from social media for a bit. Only social media I am going to be on is business accounts. #socialmediablackout #socialbreak #seeyoulater

Hey there! Did you know that when you're at work or in class, your phone will go off and you'll check it? Well, when you're done with it, you'll return back to whatever it is you're doing, your mind will be distracted. The time it takes to get back to a productive state is twenty minutes. That's a long time.
Frontrunners have been discussing this and we've decided that we'll be putting our phones aside. This means from tomorrow, Monday to Friday, five days in total, we won't have any access to our social media network. No Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat. This also includes text messaging and Whatsapp. A total blackout. Why are we doing this? We hope this will make us have more conversations, come up with creative ideas and have engaging conversations. Technology has a massive influence on us, and we're trying to rein that in and appreciate human contact more. So, if you're wondering where I've disappeared to, now you know. See you on Friday! Bye! #socialmediablackout

BRB, 2 months later and I'm back! #socialmediablackout | It was time to hit the "pause" button and have a complete detox for social media. Sounds a bit silly? Keep posted for my reasons why 🙃🌸

We aren't gonna get any likes today coz South Africa is on a #socialmediablackout 😰 Stressed 😀

Biggest two weeks of my hoop career. Time to focus. Hit up my iCloud. #blackout #socialmediablackout

Green spill may be a problem. Working but can't say on what. #socialmediablackout

Life is a constant wave...feeling refreshed after my long overdue #socialmediablackout


Take a step back from social media for a bit. Only social media I am going to be on is business accounts. #socialmediablackout #socialbreak #seeyoulater

-Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind, this is the greatest commandment. And the second is like it, love your neighbor as yourself- Matthew 22:37-39

I have been inwardly and outwardly convicted to do better. To love and honor the Lord more, and to love and Honor my future husband more. These things and a constant obsession with social media CANNOT live together. I cannot serve two masters. For me recently, I have allowed social media to highlight my insecurities and in turn become more judgemental, more negative, more critical-traits the Lord did not bestow on me. I challenge you to reevaluate your #PURPOSEBEHINDTHEPOST and see if it's time for you to take a #SOCIALMEDIABLACKOUT

It's time for me to #BEBETTER. Who am I to ignore the command of the Lord?

Ignorant shit. Why can't someone be pretty without all of the ifs and buts??? You are pretty no matter what!!! Never let anyone tell you that goofy shit. This has prompted me to try a little something...stay tuned. #unpretty #unhandsome #peoplearefuckedup #testingbegins #socialmediablackout

So my #ocr race season has come to a premature end sadly. A head injury means i'll miss Reaper this weekend #gutted but it has been an incredible year. #5lapsdan #spartandan and #halfpipehopkins will be back next year but for now it is time to #traintraintrain
#illbeback #socialmediablackout #dontforgetme #anewdaniscoming #mud #muddyfockers #elements #elementselite

Shadows of the rigging on a set wall. Can't mention the reboot. #socialmediablackout .
#clue #cbsradford #sitcomfamily #socal #studiocity #livingthedream #local728 #iatse728 #thisshitisheavy

I HAVE SOME NEWS TO BREAK.... I'm going in to the non-social media wilderness for the rest of the week for an experiment....to see if I have an addiction and what's really going on around me. Something many of us become oblivious to, being so consumed with social media, be it for personal or business reasons.
A chance to stop and really listen to hubby and Miss Ollie.
Tune into my inner thoughts and imagination....all of which are drowned out by the constant noise and chatter of our phones and other digital devices.
And find out if we really do need to have our phones surgically attached, or (hopefully) removed.
Don't panic, it won't be for too long - got to return to meet a deadline in which I'll be reporting on the experience and if we've lost the ability to effectively connect and communicate...watch this space.

Want to join me and share your experience? Let's touch base on our return at the weekend.
PS: For business reasons, I'll be checking emails at limited times during the day. Best to catch me there nickymcmillan@whatsmystyle.com.au

Look forward to catching up when I return - be good....or don't! xx

#socialmediablackout #iwillbebacksoonipromise #hanginthereistillloveyou #communication #havewelostourabilitytocommunicate

React only with #kindness getting those feels over here in Sweden ❤ home bound tomorrow and ready to start my training journey. 6 months of hard training, strict dieting before my next #ocr and a #socialmediablackout just remember #anewdaniscoming

Bye for a little while ✌🏼#socialmediablackout #postproduction

Today. This will be the last Instagram or social media picture in general I post for who knows how long. Just a nice early #throwback of my #seniorprom year of #2012
#goodbyeinstagram #instagram #goodbye #senior #highschool #prom #dress #friends #bowlingally #amf #dope #interracial #socialmediablackout #socialmedia

My summer of no social media was fun. Lost some friends, made some new ones, fell in love, wrote some songs about it all. #thefolkloreshroud #socialmediablackout #friends #deathanddying #thepassageoftime #theriver #love #songs

#funday today but #socialmediablackout How will I ever #getthroughtheday 🤔🤣😁 those who know what I'm up to...#zipyourlip 😘😁

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