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Life is a constant wave...feeling refreshed after my long overdue #socialmediablackout

See you in the fall #socialmediablackout

Hey there! Did you know that when you're at work or in class, your phone will go off and you'll check it? Well, when you're done with it, you'll return back to whatever it is you're doing, your mind will be distracted. The time it takes to get back to a productive state is twenty minutes. That's a long time.
Frontrunners have been discussing this and we've decided that we'll be putting our phones aside. This means from tomorrow, Monday to Friday, five days in total, we won't have any access to our social media network. No Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat. This also includes text messaging and Whatsapp. A total blackout. Why are we doing this? We hope this will make us have more conversations, come up with creative ideas and have engaging conversations. Technology has a massive influence on us, and we're trying to rein that in and appreciate human contact more. So, if you're wondering where I've disappeared to, now you know. See you on Friday! Bye! #socialmediablackout

Green spill may be a problem. Working but can't say on what. #socialmediablackout

I am so excited to give up my phone for 4 days to attend @theuniquecamp #socialmediablackout #bye #yay #detox

Q4. Tunnel vision. #SocialMediaBlackout Agent Heath has been activated.

We aren't gonna get any likes today coz South Africa is on a #socialmediablackout 😰 Stressed 😀

Biggest two weeks of my hoop career. Time to focus. Hit up my iCloud. #blackout #socialmediablackout


See you in the fall #socialmediablackout

Tomorrow is #GOT day. I am going cold turkey on social media as of 6.30am tomorrow so none of u fuckers spoil it!! 😂😂 #gameofthrones #got7 #socialmediablackout


Citizens in South Africa are boycotting social media every Wednesday until data costs go down.

The high cost of mobile data relative to average incomes in South Africa is currently keeping many people from being able to access information, social media sites and the digital economy. The social media blackout, including Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp, is meant to give a voice to ordinary people, demonstrating solidarity not in the physical space with demonstrations, but the digital silence, putting the squeeze on telecommunications companies. An ambassador of Blackout Wednesday, DJ Thabo Molefe, said, “data is as essential as food, shelter and clothing” and the modern tech ecosystem he might be right.

Despite the movement, #SocialMediaBlackout has been trending every Wednesday during the protest. Nevertheless, data is beginning to be seen as a basic resource and what’s more, a human right. (Sondem/Fotolia/AP Photo)

#Hacktivism2.0Backslash #StealthModeBackslash


We are here, AGAIN. Service providers can't even bribe us, we want affordable data.

It's become so dull, loud and crowded inside my head, mixed with the everyday annoyances outside... I need time to myself. #tuesdaythoughts #socialmediablackout #goingdark #metime #walkaway #peaceandquiet

You want to see an #Irishman on edge? Sit next to one who is watching a tied series, tied score game that is only played every 12 years.... #rugby #saturdaymorning #PFR #allblacks #lions #socialmediablackout (because this is a replay)

#yesterday ❤. Delayed because of #socialmediablackout every Wednesday.

Going dark for 30 days. Time to cleanse myself and be a dumb hipster

#socialmediablackout #change

SOCIAL MEDIA: We keep your social media running smoothly no matter what.

#SocialMediaBlackOut #SocialMediaShutDown #SocialMedia

Hey guys! I'm putting my hand up and saying I'm addicted to checking social media too often and for way too long now. I keep my phone away from conversation when I'm with someone in person because the person I am with is much more important than a virtual world that can definitely wait. Even for calls and messages, I won't look at my phone until I have a moment alone or taking a photo etc.
Unfortunately social media is still the first thing I think about waking up and going to bed. It's an addiction and a habit, and I'm taking control of my wake up call right now with deleting Facebook and Instagram off of my phone this week. I doubt it will make much of a difference to you reading this, but I'm hoping it will make a big impact on myself which will in turn show you how powerful we really are when we take that power back. Also sharing for friends and family and anyone who needs to contact me this week to do so via private Facebook messenger or an app called wire which is a completely private Swiss based company where all of our conversations and info is kept private and safe. You can look me up on wire @ jess90 . (I would love to personally get to know you, so please do get in touch with me privately if you'd like to stay in touch) #socialmediablackout

Too bad the #socialmediablackout wasn't taken seriously. Some of y'all need this data to be taken away or used less 😂😂😂 ‬#InstaHumour #OnlyInSA

#socialmediablackout Hey all. Today's the day I delete my social media apps. Deciding to keep #twitter as a #wordcount tracker. But I'm only allowing myself to go there at the end of the day.
See you in a month or two!

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