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Q4. Tunnel vision. #SocialMediaBlackout Agent Heath has been activated.

Happy New Year to you all! I hope you all have an amazing 2017!! I'm limiting my social media presence this year and that means dropping IG off of my phone. Facebook is getting cut big time too. Coming off my phone, but will see it on my laptop. I will be keeping my twitter active. I'm putting my email in my profile and if you're interested in keeping in touch, drop me a line. Time for real relationships and time well spent! Thank you all! It's been fun! #socialmediablackout #tampa #florida #itsnotyouitsme

Hey there! Did you know that when you're at work or in class, your phone will go off and you'll check it? Well, when you're done with it, you'll return back to whatever it is you're doing, your mind will be distracted. The time it takes to get back to a productive state is twenty minutes. That's a long time.
Frontrunners have been discussing this and we've decided that we'll be putting our phones aside. This means from tomorrow, Monday to Friday, five days in total, we won't have any access to our social media network. No Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat. This also includes text messaging and Whatsapp. A total blackout. Why are we doing this? We hope this will make us have more conversations, come up with creative ideas and have engaging conversations. Technology has a massive influence on us, and we're trying to rein that in and appreciate human contact more. So, if you're wondering where I've disappeared to, now you know. See you on Friday! Bye! #socialmediablackout

Also, happy #internationalwomensday! We ❤ you!!! Who is participating in #adaywithoutawoman tomorrow? There is a handy letter-to-employers-template at the @womensmarch site. If you feel like supporting a #womanrunbusiness, check out our online shop (link in bio). Otherwise, see ya Thursday #wearred #socialmediablackout ✌🏻✌🏼✌🏽✌🏾✌🏿

Coming up next ! Self imposed #SocialMediaBlackOut

We all have different means of motivation. Some are inspirational to others, while some are more materialistic. Neither one is better than the other, as both are a means to your overall goal. So today, as I complete 1000 burpees to make up for not being able to attempt an earlier goal, my motivation is quite frankly to devour my cookie monster cupcake after obtaining that 1000 burpee objective today. (spoiler alert, I already ate that apple)... So get out there and #GetBackToGreatness

Biggest two weeks of my hoop career. Time to focus. Hit up my iCloud. #blackout #socialmediablackout

me and my friend peter. we're just a couple of goofs! #socialmediablackout


I've been missing a bit the past two days as my focus game had to be upleveled, but also mainly the internet in china had been incredibly slow and painful to use. Being among thousands of people at the hotel and #CantonFair made #wifi extremely limited. #socialmediablackout was inevitable! It's probably more accurate to say it was a very dim light... 🤔
Anyway! Our first time at the Canton Fair Phase 1 2017! The biggest trade show in the world. Heaps of products and business people everywhere. Extremely tired by the end of each day. Super grateful for our comfy bed and free shuttle to and from the fair!

ok everyone, got a new phone. My social media blackout is over. Looks like I can get back to my #SoCal vacation. oh and fuck you phone thieves out there 🖕🏼. #StolenPhone #Vacation #SocialMediaBlackout #ShitHappens #FuckingThieves #Iphone #Stolen #BackToVacation #SocialMedia #Internet #PhoneThieves #BackToChillin #wtf #grr #ThatsMessedUp #CrazyStuff

Biggest two weeks of my hoop career. Time to focus. Hit up my iCloud. #blackout #socialmediablackout

New camera is shit. I can barely insta.
Happy zombie Jesus day.

#socialmediablackout #historyofthelongestlagever

👋🏻 urban running scene featuring garbage, traffic and sunshine! I took a social media/Strava/garmin/whatever/everything break because...well....I wrote a big long thing explaining why but it doesn't matter. In short: Burnt out, NYC half was a bust (kinda). I've been mixing it up with cycling, kettle bells and NO DATA OR SOCIAL MEDIA WHEN RUNNING. 😱 now im back. Heres me at mile 9.95 of my 10 miler today. 👋🏻
#heyeveryone #weirdhand #socialmediablackout #springtime #brooklynrunning #committosomething #betterforit #nycrunning #runforlife #running #instarunners #runhappy #fitness #training #seenonmyrun #womensrunningcommunity #runnersrepost #inspiringwomenrunners #womensrunning #mileschangeyou

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