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PLEASE READ ❤️ When I first started this account about Riley and my sewing projects, I had NO idea it would turn into something so fun and something so BIG. We love sharing our adventures in theme parks, my sewing creations, our fun cosplays and daily life, BUT we are a normal family. We work, go to school, play at our local park and above all try our hardest to protect and keep our kids safe. Especially with having such a HUGE Instagram platform. I don't mind staying public and sharing, I'm very careful about when and where and how I post and take on the responsibility of knowing people are following our daily lives. We love our followers and read every comment and tagged picture (even if we don't always comment back.) I monitor as best I can between being a mom of two, a wife and working. Though some things may slip through the cracks. Just today was the first time the thought has crossed my mind to go private. There has been a string of Instagram accounts impersonating my children and claiming them as their OWN. MY CHILDREN. This account has also created others impersonating my FRIEND'S children. I'm absolutely floored that someone would ever think that is ok. So I'm shooting this out to you followers... I can't catch everything that pops up in this social media world, but if you find another account impersonating Riley and Liam please notify them to me for safety reasons. It's so wrong and actually scary that anyone would think that is acceptable. If you would like to help and report and block this said account, they're in our Instagram Stories today. Remember we are a family of real people, not just pictures on your Instagram feed. So remember your comments to us, and others, truly provide a meaning. Stay kind and positive and know that the real person receiving unkind comments can actually be hurt. Thanks for everyone's support! You guys are the best ❤️ also, if you want to repost a picture of ours PLEASE DO! Just ask to post my children and credit @randomly_riley #socialmedia #bullying #family #love #positive #kindness #support #care #unite


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С такой замечательной компанией как у меня сегодня, ничего не страшно💪🏼 #schloss

It's important to #prioritize your time and efforts. That's why CJ Marketing manages your #socialmedia completely for your business. Don't worry about the posting or the comments section, we'll do the leg work if you promise to keep the operations in tact. #CJMarketing #marketing

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I'm back! I spent the last month researching and writing a few books in the nonfiction genre (writing & designing for social media, mostly), and finally got some done! Also, I've been having fun creating a brand new course on re-purposing your blog content so you can reach a wider audience and get more email subscribers. It's been a complete discovery process and one that I've enjoyed. But I'm happy to be back here on Instagram giving out some tips and tricks!⠀

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Just because the weekend is here don't stop working towards your goals. Make Sunday your prep day to kick off the new week!'

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