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CHARLOTTE. TOMORROW. We’re marching. Women & allies. Why? Link in bio. ✊🏾✊🏽✊🏻✊🏿✊🏼(Story: @aliciarthomas)

Last night at @intoactionus was so inspiring. If you’re near LA, please visit before it closes. Great work by @sadiebarnette @patrick_martinez_studio @nisha.k.sethi @kalakaricrew @johncarlos1968 @etanthomas36 @revolveimpact and many more fine artists. .
#art #activism #atheletes #socialjustice #community

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning. Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made. In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. - John 1:1-5

Take part in this years Womans March with the Social Justice Committee only at #thebash #socialjustice #womansmarch

Posting this again because it is important and because IG loves to hide anything I tag Desiree Adaway in. Yesterday Desiree (find her handle in the comments) held a teach-in on white supremacy / dominant culture norms on Facebook as part of her protest of the unjust and racist ban placed on Layla Saad's account (her handle in comments). Below are the characteristics of dominant culture Desiree shared. These are remarkably important for white people to learn, name, and actively work against. To support Layla read her last several posts in full and follow her work through her site or Patreon. ○○○○ ○○○ DOMINANT CULTURE:

Loves either/or thinking. (Notice when people are simplifying complex issues, particularly when the stakes seem high or an urgent decision needs to be made.) Sees criticism of those with power is viewed as threatening and inappropriate (or rude)

Is closely linked to perfectionism in making it difficult to learn from mistakes or accommodate conflict

No sense that things can be both/and or that identities are complex and dynamic

Results in trying to simplify complex things, for example believing that poverty is simply a result of lack of education

People respond to new or challenging ideas with defensiveness, making it very difficult to raise these ideas

The dominant culture:

Is unconscious of their privilege and how it is structured into the various norms and institutions of society

Do not know much about nondominant culture nor spend a lot of time thinking about it

Do not think of themselves as oppressors

If the relationship with is particularly oppressive, may resort to overt force and violence to keep nondominant communities ‘in their place.

Everybody has a worldview and that everybody's worldview affects the way they understand things; realize this means you too; push yourself to sit with discomfort when people are expressing themselves in ways which are not familiar to you; assume that everybody has a valid point and your job is to understand what that point is not correct it, dissect it or even speak on it unless asked.

#liberation #intersectionalfeminism #socialjustice #dominantculture #privilege

This is a central question. Please fill out the @cannabisequity survey - link in their bio - and help us in this work.
Repost from @cannabisequity using @RepostRegramApp - Our current survey (link in bio) attempts to capture companies/organizations that support racial and economic equity in cannabis, and they are mostly organizations that do not work directly with the cannabis plant, however, we also want to assist in supporting people of color owned cannabis licensed businesses (cultivators, distributors and manufacturers) but how can we achieve this without placing them at risk? People who want to support poc businesses often ask for a list, but we know the dangers of that, specially if such list ends up in the wrong hands! Write your thoughts in the comments and let us know your opinion! #repostplease #questionoftheyear #equitablecannabispolicy #pocincannabis #equityfirst #minoritiesincannabis #cannabisequity #cannabiscommunity #cannabis #equity #endthedrugwar #socialjustice #economicempowerment #racialequity #economicequity #endmassincarceration #reparations #diversity #warondrugs

Regardless of who you voted for, we're all Americans and deserve to know the truth. I read an article that stated Republicans are the ones pushing to #releasethememo. Why is it only Republicans? If Obama did nothing wrong, why be afraid of it? If Obama is a criminal, why cover up for him? I'd say the exact same thing if some document emerged incriminating Trump, although to be honest, I'd be a lot more skeptical about it. Not because of my own bias but because of the negative bias mainstream media has against Trump. They've been caught making up serious shit about him before, and his media coverage is statistically and abundantly more negative than any president in recent history.
SUBSCRIBE to the podcast for more fake news. #triggered #antifeminism #feminist #feminism #feminismiscancer #socialjustice #specialsnowflake #whitehouse #leftist #sjw #thereareonly2genders #blacklivesmatter #racism #trump #protest #berkeley #liberals #liberal #california #makeamericagreatagain #fakenews #milo #benshapiro

My colleagues and I are bringing @shaunking to Northeastern University on Feb 9 at 11:30am. If you're in Boston then and want to hear one of today's important social justice voices, register soon to attend: northeastern.edu/crossing
#Boston #socialjustice #blm #blacklivesmatter

We’re looking forward to singing our hearts out this weekend! Hope to see you tomorrow at the Lincoln Memorial for the #powertothepolls DC sister march (11am-3pm) and/or at Sixth & I for #empowhered An Evening of Arts & Activism (7pm) ✊🏾✊🏼✊🏿✊🏻🎶 #womensmarch #marchtothepolls #womensmarchdc #weekendofwomen #marchon

March and Demonstration
12pm, Saturday 3 February
Assemble Gower Street Central London WC1

Health Campaigns Together & The People’s Assembly have called for a Day of Protest on Saturday 3 February in response to the worsening Winter Crisis. Our NHS is in a serious crisis. Ambulances queuing for hours to hand over seriously ill patients, patients left in corridors waiting for beds, operations postponed, and mental health patients taken hundreds of miles to find a bed.

Theresa May & Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt issued a hollow apology and deny any crisis! But the problem comes from deliberate government policy of cuts, bed closures, pay restraint and privatisation. Our NHS has been starved of funding with inadequate investment in staff and resources. 8,000 front line beds and 20% of mental health beds have closed. Eight years of below inflation pay settlements have contributed to 100,000 vacant posts for health professionals – leaving no spare capacity for peaks of demand & increasing the pressure on the dedicated staff who remain.

We don’t want apologies, we demand change. On 3 February we are organising a national day of action – an emergency demonstration in London and nationwide protests to demand:

End the winter crisis with a cash injection to restore the NHS budget

Commit to increased funding each year

End the cap on NHS pay

No cuts, no closures, no privatisation
Emergency Demonstration – London

Assemble: 12noon, Gower Street, London WC1E (near UCL Hospital)
Rally: Trafalgar Sq or Whitehall (to be confirmed)
Please head to The People’s Assembly website for transport details.

Regional protests

There will be local and regional events as part of the day of protest around the country.
More details soon from HCT, The People’s Assembly and KONP websites---- Please DM me if you know of any protests going on in the UK soon!!

#fbf to the amazing talk I attended with Ta-Nehisi Coates:
Me: “I’m an elementary teacher here in LA. What would you say to parents, educators, admin, or anyone who thinks that education shouldn’t be politicized, and that issues like race are divisive, and don’t belong in the classroom?”
T-NC: “I would say that issues like race are always present in the classroom, no matter what. The absence of teaching things like race and gender make them present, because leaving them out of textbooks is a political decision. I don’t think there is any such thing as an apolitical education. Either choose to speak the truth, or don’t.” I’ve been following a number of teacher stories  recently (shout out to @thedesignerteacher in particular), and it frustrates and infuriates me to see so many receive messages such as, “I’m unfollowing you because your posts are too political,” or “I don’t think topics like race are appropriate for kids.” Hold up. As educators, are we not supposed to encourage our students to listen to and respect different perspectives and points of view? How are you setting an example for your students if you’re so easily willing to blow off someone on Instagram? Textbooks that omit the colonization of indigenous peoples, ignore the contributions of minorities, and paint our Founding Fathers are idols have all been written with political bias. Choosing to ignore these issues IS political, so your role as an educator is political, no matter if you engage or disengage. If you KNOW the truth about the racism and bigotry that are plaguing our country, SPEAK AND TEACH THE TRUTH.


On Saturday, January 20th, we march for women’s rights in #houston! Join @ihwsh_tx wearing all black: 👉Meet at 9:15 at the Buffalo Bayou Waterworks Building (105 Sabine) 👉 at 10am we start marching towards City Hall 👉at 10:45 gather with us at the rally in front of City Hall
#houstonwomensmarch #womensmarch2018
#womensrights #womenshealthrights #socialjustice #unity #equality #notinmykitchen #timesup #marchwithus #marchforus

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It’s goin’ down in Mad-Town ✌🏾😁❄️🧀🐮!
@soul_sunflower and I are leading our first @breathe4change training together, and we are so ready to bring a lot of love and well-being to our educators; LETS GET IT🙌🏾😆🧘🏾‍♂️🧘🏼‍♀️✨❤️💯! #readytogo #yogalove #PIC #trainingdays #duo

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