In questi giorni le associazioni dei consumatori hanno segnalato che per iniziare la scuola le famiglie dovranno impegnare tra i 980,00 e i 1177,00 euro per ogni ragazzo. .

Una cifra importante e impegnativa per molte famiglie o individui con difficoltà economiche. .

Tutto il materiale raccolto verrà consegnato all'Istituto Comprensivo di Calolziocorte

Sarà possibile consegnare il materiale presso: ♥ CAMILLO PARRUCCHIERE - Via F.lli Calvi;
♥ EDICOLA MANZONI - Via F.lli Calvi;
♥ Libreria il viaggiatore leggero - Via XXIV Maggio;
♥ Cip E Ciop - Viale Marconi;
♥ Circolo Arci Spazio Condiviso di Piazza Regazzoni.
♥ Lario Fior di Viale Marconi, ♥ Cartoleria Aurora Via Martiri della Libertà, ♥ Cartoleria edicola Rota Nodasi di Via Quarenghi, ♥ Fioreria Olivia Rondalli di Corso Dante, ♥ Cris Pasticceria di Corso Dante, ♥ Thelma e Louise Via Galli, ♥ Cartoleria Papini di Foppenico, ♥ Panificio Valsecchi Via Montello.

Se hai un esercizio commerciale e vuoi diventare un punto di raccolta, non esitare e contattaci in privato!

Campagna di solidarietà organizzata dal gruppo civico Cambia Calolzio, fino al 31 dicembre sarà sempre possibile (consultando gli orari degli esercizi commerciali che aderiranno) donare materiale scolastico.
Per maggiori informazioni : pagina Facebook Cambia Calolzio
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"Invitations to Love is an important work about a crucially significant topic: how changing notions of agency, literacy, and personal development inform new emphasis on romantic attachment and ideals of companionate marriage. Even as they are often compromised in practice, these ideals promote ideologies of marital freedom that influence practice in many world areas. Ahearn's study is pathbreaking in illustrating these issues through a rich and nuanced ethnography among Magars of Nepal. Effectively documented, Invitations to Love shows how major changes in marital practice draw on emergent notions of gendered modern agency while still ultimately leaving many inequalities between men and women unchanged. Her work challenges us to think in new and more sophisticated ways about theses important and increasingly widespread tendencies."
---Bruce M. Knauft
This book is from our used books section. You need to note that there is only one copy of this book in our bookstore.
Our store is open all the week from 11 am – 7 pm. ☎: 011-25709456. 💻:bookstoremayday@gmail.com .

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Speak even when your voice shakes. Alignment, Activation, Purpose + Passion. Giving birth to this soul tapping project has taken deep persistence, willingness, and earthing of my soul. Guidance and Empowerment for deep healing and social change. Friends go share some love @onevoicethemovement #change #socialchange #healing #fullmoon #purpose #passion

Your dreams were placed in your heart for a reason. No matter how insignificant you feel they are, you need to take them seriously. A dream that is not taken seriously will lose its power and potential.
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Speak even when your voice shakes. You matter, your story matters. #onevoicethemovement #sexualabuse #bethechange #socialchange

The glorious @iamsusanyoung talking about her experience of owning the word God as who she is, not something you attain. I could listen to Third Level Priestess Susan speak forever. I’m so grateful for her beautiful words and for her power and presence in this program. Thank you dear Sister.

Who said empty wine bottles are waste ? .
Waste hack:Turning waste into ART👉 Create your own flower bottle holders in 15 mins !!

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Kicking off in Bangkok, the Design for Social Change program will immerse you in Thailand’s social development sector 🌏 You will explore your project topic as you undertake site visits, community homestays and cultural activities.
You may be eligible for the New Colombo Plan Mobility Grant of $3,000 that goes towards your trip! See more and apply by 19 October 👉 http://bit.ly/UnboundThailand
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So, what about noplanBe? 🤔 It was born with the concept of being a collaborative channel, for people from many disciplines to find a space where to show their talent and co-create.✨The idea behind it lives on, but we just can’t keep up with everything and make it all happen right now. While waiting for the best conditions for it bloom, we’re going to focus on giving shape to what was the original idea...Slowly, but steadily 🐢😆 You can keep updated on noplanBe’s developments here 👉🏼 @noplanbe 👈🏼 the first content will be released these days! #noplanbe #bethechangeyouwanttosee

Kepak Slaughterhouse, Clonee

Sitting by at Rome airport waiting to board our flight to Hong Kong. Not all pilgrimages look the same. I did not know what this adventure would bring or how it would change things. I didn’t know much st all except this grand idea was calling and with @lauraelkaslassy it felt entirely possible to pack up our lives and head across the world! It was so much more in every way and so important to help me connect even more deeply to my mission. To gather with so many of the Third Level Priestesses in such a divine location and to move mountains was beyond my expectations. This time together forged relationships at even deeper levels and took the Institute to another level with the first ever Intuitive Intelligence Symposium. This community is truly global and we gathered from around the world, past, present and even future Priestesses to seed the revolution in intuition. This is what we born for and to meet one another in this way showed me that the vision in my heart is possible and together we will make it so. The vision is 5000 Priestesses all over the globe, guiding others to their innate spiritual superpower- intuition. If the path of the contemporary Priestess is calling you, interviews are now open for 2019. Applications close in a few weeks. Book your time now. Link in bio.

Recently our children were visited by the amazing team of @swechhaindia a Green NGO doing inspirational work for many years now.

@swechhaindia, with the support of National Geographic, plans to develop upcycled air detox installations across different institutions. @swechhaindia helped our children to plant a few air purifying plants in reused containers and made them pledge to maintain and take care of them. Our students delved deeper into how plants interact with each other and other deeper connections that we usually miss, but define the life of each plant.

Thank you @labhyafoundation for organizing this amazing workshop it was a great learning for the students!
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20th September 2018 : #Australia - #Indonesia Health Research Cluster Policy Translation Forum. Finally had a reunion with AIC #TransformHealth Delegates. I also presented the lived experiences of Indonesian youths' suicidal behavior and mental health issues

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Just a good looking dude 🚶‍♂️ hanging out in a magic location. Lombok dreaming ☁️🏖⠀


I have had the opportunity, whilst waiting for my visa, to spend time with my brothers Michael and Tito and follow them around as they visit schools where there are children that are sponsored by Chances Charity, and it has been so nice to see these guys at work and see how much they genuinely care about all people.
Michaels dream is to become a Child Support Officer and return home to South Sudan and mentor and support children that are affected by the war there. He even said to me today "Nick, I have no desire to move to your country, like alot of people in Africa do, I am happiest here in my homeland and I want to help my people". That is true love my friends and I am honoured to be learning from this guy and the beautiful people of Africa that I am with on a daily basis.

A few weeks ago, we privately shared this photo of Briana and the story behind it. To find out the story of this photo and why it’s so important - and about Apple’s in built Camera Switches, please visit the link in our profile! .
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Absolutely Disturbing! #GeorgeZimmerman

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