Early Sunday workouts are my favorite🤙🏽

Consistent touches on the ball builds confidence in dribbling

Confident dribblers are able to focus on making good decisions

My goal is to gather as much info by checking my space

The highest quality players make better decisions 🚧⚽️🤙🏽🧠🚧

Who was the better midfielder in their prime? Comment below! 👇
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If you feel good doing what you like most, keep improving 🔝

My favorite ⚽️ 👦🏼player calls me mom! 🤗❤️ #soccerlife #Abraham #Mezaboy #7 #soccermom #proudmom #teammom 💁🏻‍♀️

Nutmegs or goals?🤔
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Mmm @theeldertree tailgate. 👍


Ending a long HOT day of soccer with some much earned Kona Ice. #soccerkids #waytohot #proudmom #konaice #soccerlife

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