woke up today in casts of blue

Kanken in the wild 🛤 #latergram

The original Smithsonian Museum in Washington. #washington #smithsonian #nationalmall

mini date with my love while baby is supposed to be sleeping, but definitely not sleeping 😴 I guess it's okay, because we still got to enjoy this very yummy v/gf cherry crisp 🍒 + some quality time.
Some people ask me if I ever get sad because I have to eat a certain way, or if I miss certain foods. and yeah, sometimes I miss doughnuts, or my moms cinnamon rolls, but honestly- I'm okay. I feel a million times better, my body has adjusted and I'm okay with where I'm at. It's not so hard anymore, and it all comes down to a mindset. My health is more important to me than a very temporary happiness of indulging in things my body can't handle. Just like anything, my lifestyle change has become habit. It's normal now. I've also come a long way and can actually have cherries and avocados 🥑 again so I'm a happy camper.

По душе погода 😻
#?? #dobranoc #socality #hot #noel #hanoi

Idyllic camp spot. Tag a friend that needs to camp here.

Half dome 🗻*this photo can’t do justice*

a queen 👑✨

If you are wondering if we live anywhere that has water the answer is yes😂 swimming suits is all we wear in the summer & I am 100% okay with that!

Been married to this guy for seven years today. He’s the breath beneath my wings and the light of my life. Grateful for everyday we get to wake up and figure out this rocky road together.

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