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finally summer - found this rope swing hidden on an island, stayed here till sunset🌞

Kind of super in love with this little guy. A lot. 📷: @taretarebinx 💄: @delarosalips

All smiles for @saltandstraw 's honey lavender and almond brittle ice cream! 🍦🍬 #sangtravels

Think outside the box!
Photo by @prestonhoffman_

Buffalo National River, my home away from home.

Zion National Park

Photo by @mblockk

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Treehouse by @lorefave #cabinvibes


Life is full of beautiful views and beautiful people right now...not much else I could ask for.


I love them ❤️
📷: @teresarenee_

You're just a few steps away from greatness.

stoked for summer adventures ☀️🌾

crap quality photos high quality view.

L.A. Vision 📸 #jamespaulancheta #SkyspaceLA

↞ Life is either a great adventure or nothing. ↠ - Helen Keller #AdventureAthletes

Photo by Adventure-Athlete Guada Melicor (@guada_)

follow me to where the sun is always shining

~ D A W G D A Y S ~

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Если однажды меня спросят: "Без чего ты не сможешь жить?". Я не сомневаясь отвечу: "Без красоты". И этой тёплой сибирской практически белой ночью, когда так хорошо гулять в сопровождении длинных теней от фонарей, вдыхая тонкий сладковатый аромат лип, слушая трели сверчков, отдающие эхом из моего южного детства, мечтая о прекрасном и высоком и желая этого так сильно, как будто я снова не видящий границ подросток, эта извечная жажда красоты в моей жизни вдруг становится удивительно остро, практически физически ощутима.

Exploring the neighborhood this evening! It's not too bad being out in the crazy heat once the sun settles.

I know we promised no sappy goodbyes but I can't help being sentimental. I enjoyed every minute you were here and wish you didn't have to go. I'll miss you so much, my kakampi in everything!!! ♥️

Sometimes, you just need a break, to a place you love, to get away from anything 🍃
Seriously, sangat amat butuh piknik 😢

Throwing Muses

Meet Ishmel! She's the best crag 🐶 I've met. @kaiy0te


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