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Another door for my spring collection 🌸

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we have a zip lining, horse riding and waterfall excursion planned for today. definitely needed all of the coffee this morning. hope you're all enjoying your weekend! ☕️| #coffeefliicks #onthetable

This is a picture from our trip to Holland. However, yesterday we found a lot of tulip fields in Germany! A blooming field is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen! More in stories 🌟🌟🌟
Некий Картер договорился с сетью ресторанов быстрого питания, что будет всю жизнь бесплатно есть их чикен-нагетсы , если его пост наберёт 80 миллионов репостов в Твитере.
"Ну и дурак этот Картер" возмущается Джон, 33 года, пользователь социальной сети. "Невозможно набрать 80 миллионов репостов. Ведь в мире живёт всего 8 миллионов человек!"
Но не будем осуждать Джона. Возможно, он недавно побывал на поле тюльпанов и, как я, потерял разум от красоты.
Поля обнаружились возле дома моих свекров в окрестностях Дюссельдорфа. И даже не пришлось ехать в Голландию. Фотография, правда, из Голландии. Зато в сториз много фото немецких полей

@om_nom_kitchen is what dreams are made of.

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Strolling around Paris ✨

spring has sprung and it's super beautiful


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[ haus ? iya haus, haus sambel :) ]

Pancakes so fluffy that I could sleep on it. 🥞☁️ @barotoronto

my takaw B

Amber is over smiling, making everyone else smile too. That's the best thing! #comeonjoy

Just watched the video of our trip to Israel and bawled. Will always go down as one of the greatest trips I have taken. Still so thankful @scottyvolk @bethvolk 💕The link for the video is in my bio.

Midlake - In The Ground
(An ve şarkının verdiği hissi birbirine eşleyebiliyor muyuz?)

My presence will go with you, and I will give you rest. Exodus 33:14 ▫▫▫ For other inspiration, visit our blog at www.simplifiedandstable.com or go to the link in our profile.

When Louisville just straight shows off ☀️✈️
Sneaking away to Thunder was the best idea. Shutting off the data, computers and text messages and just taking it in. Today's back to work for us, but here's this photo to drool at 👊

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