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We'd like to extend our sincerest thanks to all of our sponsors, vendors, and supporters. We've grown exponentially in the last 3 years and quite honestly, more than we expected.

Cheers to our CA 2A family! 🍻

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@imaginarylou testing out his custom Slayer @hexmag with @bearont's rifle at @socalgunclub on Sunday

#shooterzoo #bearont #socalgunclub #ar15 #hexmag

Making the rounds for @socalgunclub food and clothing drive! Big thanks to the gentlemen of @truezeroent ! Not only do they take care of me ... they pay it forward too! You guys make my heart melt 💞 #socalgunclub #truezeroent #rockthelove

@havoc_actual presents: All the way up. Footage from this weekends toys for tots event in socal. ・・・
This years stats: 14 boxes of toys donated, $1400 raised in monetary contributions, over 200 participants and 0 injuries. Please take the time to support and follow all of the people who contributed their time and sponsorship to make this possible.
@havoc_actual @x_medina @rubberdummies @socalgunclub
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This guy .... this guy right here....on the left...has a birthday today. Happy birthday @marcelo.stephen. Thank you for introducing me to the awesome #2a community for the sole reason to somewhat look like a 1/1000th of a percent version of #johnwick. Oh and to keep @khoo7 at bay..

Oh hey I have two of @nico_detour in this picture lol! @usopticsacademy reppin at 101 days of summer SoCal Shoot and it's hot as heck. #socalgunclub #breakthroughclean #tarantactical #contigencyx

This was a fun gun to shoot... I didn't get your name but THANK YOU for letting me shoot this one. 😁 #toysfortots #socalgunclub #goshoot #pewpew #ishootgoofy

Had a great time at the #socalgunclub shoot yesterday, even met up with my Z.E.R.T brotha @tusk909!
#Repost @tusk909
Thought I was running solo today, until a fellow Z brother showed up👍🤓🇺🇸 thanks for the patch!!! @theoutdoorsnewbie #thepewpewlife


Rainy CA mag dumps from last years @socalgunclub range day
📹 ➡️ @millio13
#ar15 ##arpistol #socalgunclub #throwbackthursday

Fuck I need to go back out to the range. AGH!

First clip was from awhile ago, a nice warm up drill I like to use. Second clip was about being distracted and never knowing when the buzzer was going to go off, and engaging the threat while getting off the X. So many things to do, every single time. 🤗

Make em dance. @sheepdogtargets for the win.

Just some more shit from today. We PUNISHED the reactive target and silhouette from @sheepdogtargets and still, she stood. Absolutely love it. Nothing is more addicting than making that sucker flip!

Holy SHIT! This morning was so much fun. Got to combine gross motor skills with fine motor skills today, and I was fortunate to do it with my friends @olympiclifterkgar and @ron_the_mick. We did about 4-5 different types of drills, repeating a couple because we liked them. This was one of my favorites. 2 by 2. 2 burpee to overhead, 2 shots on target. One of many drills. So happy to have a good circle to train with. Looking for a few more! Stoked to have this @bruteforcesandbags to make everything that much more intense!

Ambition, motivation, and determination. All you need to meet your goals. 💯 @oneshotindustries

INVITE FOR EXPERIENCED SHOOTERS! Tomorrow morning: 7:50am at Rahaauge's Sports Park! Going to get a steel bay with 2 steel targets, 2 paper targets, and one brute force Sandbag. I plan on spending a couple hours there. If you're interested, DM me to confirm you coming with! I've got one deputy who's going to go, but others are welcome!Things we'll be doing will include: drawing from the holster, forced reloads, carrying the Sandbag, clean and presses with the Sandbag, shooting on the move, shooting on the move with the Sandbag, shooting from cover, etc. Let me know!

Happy Fucking Father's Day! If this doesn't fire you up, I don't know that anything will. Shoot accurately, move blindingly, and communicate clearly. All this shit matters. Over there, back here, anywhere. Cheers to this team to rescue that little girl.

#tbt to when @dynamicweaponsolutions was getting started and so was my beard 🤣🤣🤘🤘🙌 #dynamicweaponsolutions #tacticalnerd #socalgunclub #guns #glocks #friends #squadgoals

Lying in bed, reviewing old training, itchy to shoot again. Got new steel I need to break in. 😈

So someone in a political position spews bullshit in order to promote his bullshit (which is complete ignorance, by the way), then we apparently have a professional in video 2 about what semi-automatic means and how it works. I don't know what's worse, the people spewing the bullshit, or the majority of you eating it up. 👏🏽

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