I am just getting over a respiratory infection (WOOH!). I somehow managed to sprain my ankle and bruised a bone in my foot (THRIVING!!). I have over 6 classes this semester plus sorority recruitment last weekend and this upcoming weekend (RIP). I have been trying to find more information on my biological mother and have been at a dead end for weeks now. And finally I have been working on the final details of the Cleveland NEDA Walk and trying to get everything ready and put together (LOW-KEY/HIGH-KEY STRESSED)

You usually can’t tell most of this from a social media post though. You wouldn’t know about the panic attack I had on Friday night because of a flashback. You wouldn’t know that I am up till almost 4 am every night working on homework and other work. You wouldn’t know I am struggling with body image and wear baggy clothes almost all the time right now because I am so uncomfortable with my body. You wouldn’t be able to tell this from a photo

But that’s what a lot of people don’t share on Instagram. I know that’s what I do sometimes. We post pictures that show the good in our life; the adventures and accomplishments. We don’t want people to see how stressful or hectic our lives our

Social media can be so consuming and make us envy others and wish our lives were like there’s. Do we really see everything? Do we see their bad days or the stress they are going through? Not really. Not unless they are willing to share the ups and downs of their journey. I know I can get wrapped up with what others post. All the exciting things happening for them and, I won’t lie, I get jealous. I wish that I was getting the same opportunities as other people. I wish I was able to do the same things

I sometimes have to take a break from social media because of the envy and the way I start to feel. I am so excited for all the good happening to the people I follow, but I still fall down the rabbit hole. If you ever feel less because of social media, you’re not alone. We are all in different places in life and have had different things happen to us, but that doesn’t make anyone less than anyone else. You’re valid. You’re important. You’ve got this

144 .
Days of sobriety 🌻
My higher power is everywhere i go i see him in blue sunny skies and in the earth to the flowers i bring into my home. Literally one day at time and remember that if you're feeling sad , angry or depressed it's temporary and most of all remember to be kind to yourself ❤

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Intelligent people swear more...do not get it twisted for being uneducated B$#&;* #solodolo #dreamchasing #healing #soberity #onone

We’ve all got a “dark artist”. My best friend @junkisland got me this super badass shirt. Her and I have the same sobriety date, Friday was 90 days!! Not even realizing it we started this difficult/awesome journey together. She was telling me about these awesome Podcast that she just couldn’t get enough of and after 1 episode I was hooked. Through this roller coaster of recovery @theovon has been there to lift me up on my darkest day, just as Dana has! Listening to him each week makes me laugh till I cry! Dana called the hotline on our 90 days hoping we’d make it on the air! We like to call you Thaddy Daddy cus you so fine! You could say we’ve developed a healthy obsession with your spirit and mullet! Keep doing you Theo! You give people like us hope! GANG GANG🖤 #darkartist #theovon #ganggang #thispastweekend #recovery #soberity #soberissexy #soberaf #selflove #selfcare #recoveryisworthit

Sooo the past 6 months or so have been pretty crazy... I spent the first couple of them this year on the road filming and have spent the last couple of them editing... At the end of last year, the non profit @sober_and_stoked came to me wondering if I'd be up for filming a documentary with them that features athletes who've overcome their battle with addiction and now are living life to the fullest everyday while staying clean. I can now say the movie is completely done and there's a ton of different things running through my head. All good things though... Anyways, the movie will be playing at select venues throughout the country in the upcoming months and will be available for digital download & renting sometime very soon. I can't give enough thanks to Eugene and Scott for trusting me with a project this big that has the potential to change so many lives. Things are just getting started, but I can't wait to see what happens after this thing goes live. P.S. This isn't by any means the official trailer, but just a little something I threw together for social media. To see the full trailer, click the link in my bio!

Everyone needs a comfy place to relax during breaks sometimes! Here’s one of the sofas outside the main group room at our new IOP!! #break #iop #sofa #daylightsocal #sober #addiction #soberity #relax #comfy #selfcare #youcandoit #wecanhelp

This right here though ! What are your thoughts ? To me it’s true on both sides I’ve traveled on no money ( maybe not exactly the way I would want to ) and still had an amazing time making unforgettable memories and I’ve traveled with money and been able to do the same thing ! To me the struggle of traveling on a budget or with low funds makes the journey more organic and less tourists feeling by forcing me to become a part of the local community that I’m in !

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