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When you stay sober from the depressant that we use for "fun" you shine brighter and smile bigger! #shopsober and check out @myprojectrehab created by @missmykie
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Right on @odaatclub I didn't get sober to just stop drinking and using drugs.

I got sober so that I could build the hell out of my life.

Drugs and alcohol led me to making poor life decisions therefore I had to eliminate the root cause.

The day I chose to go to treatment, I understood that drugs and alcohol were no longer an option and decided to figure out how to enjoy life from there on out.

I worked rigorously to change ALL of my habits and challenge ALL of my beliefs, no questions asked.

If I was not willing to change everything, I was not going to change anything.

The reason why I don't struggle with my sobriety is because drugs and alcohol serve no purpose in my life.
What the hell is the point of drinking when it will take me back down again? It will delay my progress on life...it's pointless for me so why waste even a split second thinking about it?

Instead of drinking on a Friday night I could be spending my time on personal development, exercise, business creating, inventing, living, caring, making a difference!

Instead of dwelling on my past, I can be building my future.

This mindset was all created by consistently creating new habits.
People who lived with the mindset I wanted to have told me to read, exercise, eat healthy, challenge my beliefs, change my routines, meet new people, reach out of my comfort zone and take risks daily.

They told me that if I decided to only pick the things that I liked out of that list, I was going to fail.

I've experienced complacency in some of those areas and it became obvious that they were right!

I am far from where I want to be in life, but I am so far from the person I used to be.
I am happy.
I am grateful.

I am ready to rock this day, week, month, year, life!

Felt like getting out of bed. (After a two hour nap). Felt like showering. Felt like getting ready for the day. And BOOM it happened. Sometimes you just need to be feeling yourself... I know my depression is temporary. It always fades. But when I'm in it, it feels like it's going to last forever! I hit the gym today, and a meeting. I feel a change coming... and it feels good!! #depression #depressedaf #anxietygirl #napsarelife #feelingmyself #judgeme #sober #soberaf #9monthssober

"Just in case you forgot, you’re precious. You’re whip smart. You’re super creative. Your heart is planet-sized. You’re adorable. The angels dance when you walk by. And damn, you’re sexy. "
- The Daily Flame
I just got this message from my Inner Pilot Light.

Sometimes fear will creep into my heart & say, people won't like you. They will think you are a pretender & then I remember truth & say, "wait. I am not a pretender. At all." F you Fear. Why do you lie to me? This happens when I am going to enter big rooms with busy people & I become overwhelmed with thoughts of how to perform & who to be. And then, I think "wait, I am not a performer." All of these fears are old ideas & beliefs that used to define everything & all I did, but that's not me anymore. I am here, as me. And nothing else. Not a pretender or a performer. Just a human living in authentic truth & love.
I wear my @she_recovers mala often, because it gives me something to do with my hands & it soothes me & I hold the rocks in my hand & I smell the oils I have implanted into its depths & I recall all of humanity, connection. I forget to remember the fear & I just hear God speaking to me, soothing me. Telling me I can do hard things. Telling me to "be messy and afraid and show up anyway." - @glennondoyle

Local DIS family dealing hope all the time! My friend Nick is a wonderful example all encouraging and helping others! Much love and thanks for supporting with our tank! 👊 #sonofabitcheverythingsreal #tank doingitsober.com #hope #serenity #brand #tanktops #clothing #tees #tshirts #odaat #soberissexy #medallions #hoodies #hellasober #soberaf #positive #jewelry #love #recovery #soberliving #SoberLife #sober #journey #sobermovement #aa #na #clean #justfortoday

To those it may concern: I've noticed messages on sober life and other forms of social media inquiring about the well being of Mayra and I. We are both alive and sober. No one has relapsed or anything worse. It's a difficult time for her and I. We broke it off, not out of lack of love, but lack of circumstances tilted in our favor. Many of you know that I'm a devoted Dad to two little boys I've been raising since their birth. I have a shared parenting agreement with their mother and am the residential parent deemed in the courts in Columbus, Ohio. I've exhaustively attempted every measure to make it work as the primary custodial parent of my sons, and make a long distance relationship work with someone I love. I've literally gave it my all. I've been going through emotional torture with the back and forth and being separated from my sons one minute, or Mayra the next minute. Mayra needs more, and my sons need me. She's been put through a lot of turmoil and anxiety with our relationship and the distance and dealing with my sons mother. It's too much for her and she just needs time to heal and work on herself. She is alive, well, sober, and just trying to piece her life back together and get away from social media. I'm sure she will be back Inspiring all of you that love her and support her, as I will be back confusing, overthinking, and providing smiles on @thesoberlife . It's a difficult time for both of us, and break-ups are always harder in sobriety. There's no get aways or escapes from the pain and feeling of loss. I know many of you are concerned and were very close and social with Mayra, but I assure you she's ok. I don't have many friends and don't keep many acquaintances, just a few that I'd ride or die for, but Mayra was friends with everybody and I wanted to address those showing concern out there. We're both alive and sober, and at the end of the day, that's always the best day for people like us, no matter what kind of pain we may be dealing with in the moment. Much Love, Joey 👽❤ #thesoberife #sober #drugfree #sobriety #clean #soberlife #soberaf #odaat #recovery

Serious sober babe fest in celebration of @zambam 'a one year milestone. These girls are some serious forces in my life- so grateful to know and love each one of them ❤️ #gratitude #soberlife #partysober #soberaf

You want the solution to addiction? This is my opinion! #wedorecover


Day 324... the next step!! So whilst my job is to do this on the Daily to people who I have faith in but know that can do better, but all often choose not too!! All the forms have been completed and will be e-mailed across to help people who have real daily struggles and I want to be that person that shows them it can be done, whilst maintaining my own recovery and keeping my feet firmly on terra firma... I am so excited to get involved with the recovery service and support those going through the hell that can be recovery/addiction #inspire #inspired #inspiration #rolemodel #support #volunteer #inclusion #sober #soberaf #sobriety #sobrieta #soberlife #soberaf #sobriety #sobrietà #alcoholfree #drugfree #recovery #recoverycommunity #recoverycommunitees #abstinence #abstinent #abstain #clean #dry #positive

Une photo pour vous. J'ai capturé cette image sur mon ascension vers le haut de la montagne. C'était une belle journée et je suis reconnaissant pour cette vie.

Wibbly wobbly #watermelon and #vodka #jelly for the young tonight. Very tempting to try it but I know where just a small taste can take me back to... and I DEFINITELY don't want that!! #cookingthroughrecovery #food #foodporn #foodstagram #instafood #fruit #homemade #chef #cheflife #privatechef #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealth #depression #addictions #addictionrecovery #sobriety #sober #soberaf

There ARE good things inside all of us...even if we forget sometimes!
I love this art piece because it's super cute and because it aligns with my anniversary on a literal level. Yesterday marked 18 months since my transplant! There is a gift of life inside of me 😊
It felt like it took sooo long to reach the 1 year mark, though the last 6 months has flown by! So many incredible things have happened in my second life, it's mind blowing to reflect on the early days as they seem so long ago!

Every single day is a precious blessing and I am feeling more inspired than ever in honouring my donor through my daily actions, ripples and successes. My whole soul bows down in gratitude to the selfless being who chose to donate so that I could live. I am honoured and humbled.
I hope you are valuing your precious life! If you're finding it hard today or having a flat day, thats is ok too! Breathe through it, nurture your beautiful self and remember, there are good things inside of you! 😉❤ Thank you for sharing your sweet art @helloimgypsyingie 😍❤🌷
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The day I took my life back.

One year sober 💜

#sober #wedorecover #soberaf #recovery

Hey, gorgeous. ✌🏼

Good times 👌#vegas #soberaf lol

Apparently evening hikes are the best hikes. 🌄

• r e f l e c t i o n •

Much better;)

As I've been enjoying my summer "off", I wanted to re-share the first entry I wrote for this rag. In part, because there may now be a wider reach now than there was one year ago today. And, also, in part because it is timely for me.
So, if you haven't read it, please feel free... and please always remember, that when you're struggling in the depths of grief and alcoholism, you are never alone in your struggle.

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