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This is heaven for Anthony. An open meadow to play in at the end of a hike. #IWasBornWild | πŸ“Έ: @lukas_outdoors

Uphill access at A Bae: Just one solution to a blacked out pass... Dirtbags @halinanorth and @gmeliellis πŸ“Έ @randomconfusedjerry

The green of spring is starting to pop! πŸ“· @octave


Boys will be boys... I stopped to watch a group of about 25 young big horn sheep rams trying to prove themselves for about an hour yesterday. If I took a hit like this I would probably be in the hospital, you can see the hair flying! Nature never fails to dissapoint, what's your favourite animal to watch?

Dawn patrol at lowers today. Stoked on my @tillakgoods dry bag to keep my wetsuit contained and away from my towel and other surf goodies πŸ„ #soakuptheoutdoors #tillakgoods #surf #dawnpatrol @apxsportdrink @bikereligion #trestles

Only in Japan 😸


What is done with LOVE is done WELL

The first warm rays of sunshine are always the best. (Love this pic because the nutty red ring on the edges!)

β‘‘β“ͺβ“ͺth post 🍻

This is heaven for Anthony. An open meadow to play in at the end of a hike. #IWasBornWild | πŸ“Έ: @lukas_outdoors

Rise & Grind

"Whatever gives you goosebumps...find a way to get more of it." #IWasBornWild

Surround yourself with people who push you to be your best self

You own the sky's and you still want my heart

Just got back from a last minute camping trip which resulted in 24 hours with no cell service, gorgeous hiking, and natural hot springs. Looking forward to more of these kinds of adventures!

One quick pic before we lose cell phone reception and drop off the grid for about a week.... Lake Louise coming out of the fog yesterday morning. Banff was a grand adventure and we are excited to explore the AlCan and northern Canada before making it to our new house in Alaska! Keep exploring! Until we reappear on the northern side! β€’
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Adventuring is hard work. It doesn't come easily. It means that you have to get off your couch and do something. But it is so worth it and it eventually just becomes your way of life. I love watching the kids explore and I love the simple joy they get out of finding little waterfalls running off of wet rocks.... J1 stood here for probably 10 minutes just catching water in his hands and laughing quietly to himself. Makes everything worth it.

On a side note, I've officially decided the majority of our transcontinental trip sharing pictures and stories will have to come after we are settled In the new house. It's become clear that internet and data is unreliable, and I'm not keeping up with picture editing because...well, I'm taking more pictures and adventuring. Lol. As we get a chance, I'll update our Instagram stories for our latest explorations (like I did today). But suffice it to say, we had an EPIC time in South Dakota and are thrilled to now be in Alberta, Canada!

This place makes me feel so small.

Hiking around our campsite during #goldenhour.

Take me back to winter #coloradolive

My first day on the island was a success!! 😍

Spent some time exploring and was pretty pumped to find Fan Tan Alley!! Which is actually the Narrowest street in Canada!! _____________

Loving the vibes in Victoria and safe to say, I think I'll fit right in over here! ✌️

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