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Awesome 5 hour #twitchcreative stream today! I finished my massive flower skirt and I'm honestly so excited to create a top for it I think I'm gonna come back on stream for some late night crafting. I've been crafting a lot of nature inspired looks because all the time I've been spending exploring Los Angeles best parks and nature trails. I'm feel lucky every day to be in this amazing place ❤️ see you maybe online tonight! Twitch.tv/snugzmeow beautiful photo by the amazing @vangher and cosplay made by me! #snugzmeow#meowcraft

Kitty enjoying her new love 😻🍼💓👍🏼 #caturday #furbaby #bestcatever #squishy #snugzmeow

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @tuckerscott_la! Spending the day relaxing and hanging with kitty boy ❤️

En route to the craft store to get supplies for Spring projects :3 I'll be streaming again today around 4pm pst ✨📷by @mstrartist at #wondercon ✨Poison Ivy cosplay made by me!

Super busy/crazy/exciting day 😁I'm leaving tomorrow for my graduation trip! I'm a 5th year senior huehue, but I'm pretty happy to have gotten everything done after taking and entire year off. There were many points when I thought I'd never finish college, so if you find yourself in a similar state, don't give up! I'll be back to more regular stream content in June, while I figure out what comes next 😬📷and skirt made by me💕

Celebrated #Earthday by going to the @descansogardens 🌺🌹🌻🌼now to return home to my homework cave 😪I'll do a smol creative stream today though! 📷by @tucker_scott_alleborn

A cat and cat girl ✨ sharing some throwbacks from my Patreon content this month! This was from a shoot back in January of this year. Ser Pounce always jumps in for a few pics! Huge to do list today, send me your energy to get through it 😁📷 and cosplay by me!


So much sadness online today 😔here's a Merry Mudkip to brighten your night ✨full set now on Patreon.com/snugzmeow ✨📷 and cosplay by me!

Christmas came early, Patreon decided to NOT introduce new service fees this month which greatly pissed off the community 🙌 make sure to check out my page for so much Christmas fun this month! 🎅🏻🎄Four photo sets have already been sent out! Patreon.com/snugzmeow

Getting ready to come on stream! Yes actually during the day this time and not late night LUL come get in the holiday spirit while I craft! 🎄🎅🏻☃️ twitch.tv/snugzmeow

A cat and cat girl ✨ sharing some throwbacks from my Patreon content this month! This was from a shoot back in January of this year. Ser Pounce always jumps in for a few pics! Huge to do list today, send me your energy to get through it 😁📷 and cosplay by me!

I said I would be streaming at home, but surprise IRL karaoke stream with @karacorvus 😁 check out her channel for the stream! Twitch.tv/karacorvus ✨ Finally able to cosplay one of my favorite anime character thanks to the existence of clip on bangs LUL 💕Many more Chii cosplays to come, this was just a fun test look of the ears and hair pieces based off the anime.

Recently reactivated my WoW account after my longest break. Looking forward to seeing what Legion was all about and playing with my friends again 🙌 Black Mageweave cosplay and photo by me ❤️

Santa's little helper 🎅🏻so much holiday fun planned for this month! I have several handmade holiday cosplays, including this one, as well as some fun store bought costumes I'll be sharing! See everything on patreon.com/snugzmeow 🎄☃️

I got all my Murlocs and me ❤️📷 and Murloc cosplay by me ✨ streaming in the evening today, check Twitter for start time! Twitch.tv/snugzmeow

Busy cosplay photo shoot day! Today I'll be wearing 2 of my Blood Elf cosplays, Articuno, and Cat Woman lol! I've really been enjoying learning more about photography and slowly but surely taking current photos of my cosplay collection ✨📷 and Blood Elf cosplay by me

Christmas Present Snugz! The first of many holiday themed outfits I'm making for 2017 🎁🎁 I'm back in CA so I've spent the past couple days working on a ton of photo content! I will be streaming from home at some point tonight after I shoot two more cosplays! 📷 and outfit by me, headband from @daiso_usa 🎁🎁 (full Christmas Present set on patreon.com/snugzmeow)

Getting ready to go live with a Just Dance party for hitting our goal last night 🙌 come have fun twitch.tv/snugzmeow 📷 and Blood Elf cosplay by me ✨

The most handsome bois 🖤 #snugzmeow #brothers #oldfarts #proudcatmama #schmoo

Currently doing too much laundry for one small person, rip. I'm preparing for a trip home to Mass on Thursday so I had to get it done 😁not sure when I'll be streaming yet today, so check Snapchat + Twitter for start time @Snugzmeow 🌸 body suit and 📷 by me! 🌸

Busy cosplay day! I set up a Fall/Harvest scene in my living room to shoot some Fall versions of my Blood Elf cosplays and other fairies 🍁🍂 using natural light today so I'll be on stream around 6pm for an evening stream! 📷 and Red Card Katarina cosplay by me! More on patreon.com/snugzmeow

Went on a hike of the burnt out mountains in Burbank with @tucker_scott_alleborn, grabbing dinner and finishing Stranger Things tonight 😁so happy to be relaxing this weekend after 4 straight weeks of events!

Back to streaming today! I'm running to get a caffeine drink and then recording a bit for Patreon. Then I'll be on stream around 2pm PST 💕📷 and Black Canary cosplay by!

Live now crafting two different Fall fairy outfits 🎃🍁🍂 come chat and have fun! Twitch.tv/snugzmeow 📷 by me 💕

I’m not much of a gamer, so I spent most of my Twitch Con dancing and hanging with people I adore.
Me, @snugzmeow, and @gilphotography formed a Con Dance Crew. I attended a wonderful panel on mental health by my friend @dayebraham_lincoln and she did her AlpaCat thing😆. Rolled with @_alicefairchild_ , @girloftherealms and friends around the Twitch Con floor. So many other people I didn’t capture vids with😔. Some pretty crappy harassment stuff happened that was pretty upsetting. Twitch needs to fix this. Happy my friend overcame all that crap and made the best of it. Happy times! :
#twitchcon #twitch #dance #dancevideo #conlife #geek #overwatch #cosplay #Cosplayer #dvacosplay #cats #gamer #gamergirl #LACC #comikaze #photographer #tuesdayfun #twitchcon2017 #clarkKent #clarkkentcosplay #snugzmeow

#twitchcon may be over but LA Comic Con and Blizzcon are next up 🙌 I barely have a voice after Twitchcon so I haven't been on stream yet because I definitely need a little vocal rest. Twitchcon turned out to be a really amazing experience for me! I'm really proud of how much I was able to enjoy the con, despite anxieties I had before attending. I hope they'll consider doing @twitchcon in SoCal again because it's so awesome to attend with IRL and internet friends ❤️📷 by @gilphotography

The #Twitchcon squad assembled 🙌 today was amazing! I had a really good time at Twitchcon despite short comings of the LBCC 😆some how the Spirit Network performed miracles and I was actually able to IRL stream several times, including the cosplay contest 😁it was amazing to meet my Twitch friendos. Today was extra special because I hung with my LA crew ❤️ here's to hoping it happens in LA again, but at a better con center!

Twitchcon hype 🙌I'm chilling at the Kappa Cabana! Come say hiii and get some candy 🍭(shout out to Deyvid for the 📷) #twitchcon

No links in chat Kappa 📷by @gilphotography 🙌 it's almost time for #Twitchcon, can't wait to see some of you guys and hang out with the Internet people irl! Who am I going to see there?

It may be Halloweeny time, but we've got beach weather for @twitchcon 🎃🌞so hyped to meet so many friendos this weekend! 📷 by @gilphotography who will be shooting free mini portrait sessions all weekend at #Twitchcon!

Tis the week of @twitchcon and I am excite 🙌 @gilphotography and I did an awesome Twitch gear photo shoot at the con center today! He will be doing free mini portrait sessions for all the streamers :3 get you a fancy new profile pic! 📷by @gilphotography (you can also book him for private shoots this con!)

It my birthday 🎉 people on stream believed it was my 21st Kappa 😏onward to #halloweenhorrornights with @tucker_scott_alleborn let's get spooked 👻

Debut of my Mermaid outfit + shell top 🐚 throughout this summer I created an original design mermaid cosplay with several tops, crowns and a matching bikini bottom. Pretty happy it's still 80 degrees in LA so I can be a mermaid all Fall lol! Everything pictured designed and created by me ✨

Catsuit meow 🐱📷 by me, much more on patreon.com/snugzmeow this month for Halloweeny 🎃👻☠️ been working on photos and videos so I haven't made it on stream yet, but I will be on later this evening to craft!

Tis the season for basic girl Devil costume 😈📷 by me ✨ We're 30 followers away from 44k on Twitch and a cosplay Just Dance party! Streaming today at 3pm pst, come help us meet our follower goal 🙌 twitch.tv/snugzmeow

Going to hike in the recently burnt area of Burbank, so Moltres cosplay pic seemed appropriate to share 🔥🔥📷by @nick_nacks_photo

It's the season for big pumpkins! Happy October first 🎃🎃🎃This is my favorite month because Halloweeny and my birthday on the 15th! To celebrate I will be cosplaying during every stream day this month 🎉 twitch.tv/snugzmeow 📷 by @tucker_scott_alleborn at #booatthezoo

Debut of my original design Mermaid cosplay that I made on Twitch during the summer! I'm hoping to shoot this with some water next month 💦the scales are individually cut fabric petals✨cosplay and 📷by me!

Going live for crafting with a Just Dance goal for new subs! Come have fun and chat twitch.tv/snugzmeow ✨📷 and Moltres cosplay by me!

Just another Mudkip Monday ✨thanks so much for a fun, extra long stream today! Chilling hard after Just Dancing and yoga earlier in the day. Cosplay and 📷 by me! Tons more Mudkip fun on Patreon this month patreon.com/snugzmeow 💕

Friday cosplay stream going live at 3pm PST! I'll be wearing my #patrioticpikachu cosplay 🇺🇸🎉 come have fun! Twitch.tv/snugzmeow 📷 by @nick_nacks_photo

New cosplay debut! Moltres 🔥🔥🔥I actually made this cosplay like 6 months ago and recently found all of it again when I was organizing my cosplays 😜 Now I just have to make a Zapdos cosplay and I'll have all three of the OG legendaries done. Cosplay and 📷 by me✨

Streaming on Twitch at 3pm today from home! Thanks for hanging last night while I edited photos from this Mew babydoll/lingerie version shoot💕Cosplay and 📷 by me! more on #patreon this month patreon.com/snugzmeow

mrglmrglmrglmrgl ✨Murloc cosplay and 📷by me! Going grocery shopping and then I'll be on stream working on something new to wear to @tfti_la this Friday! Come chat 😊twitch.tv/snugzmeow

Walking around Little Tokyo a bit before an event tonight! Possibly a late night stream later on. Sorry I didn't make it on yesterday but I was feeling a bit under the weather. Mostly better today though! 📷by @happytriggerla Baby Doll cosplay by me ✨

I don't need to know right now, all I know is I believe✨fairy wear designed and made by me! I'll be on Twitch today starting around 5pm pst, come say hi 😊twitch.tv/snugzmeow

Coming on for a late night crafting stream in a bit! Working on a new original design character, called the Midnight Fairy, so I thought a late night stream was in order 😁see you in chat! Twitch.tv/snugzmeow 📷by @tucker_scott_alleborn at @lacma

Catgirl level = 💯📷by @gilphotography at @tfti_la ✨cat face mask made by me!

Today was spent celebrating @tucker_scott_alleborn's birthday! 🎂🎉🎁🎈we finished the day by watching the #GameofThrones finale... I'll give my thoughts on it tomorrow on stream!

Somewhere between creepy and cute 😜📷by @happytriggerla at @tfti_la last night! ✨cat mask made by me✨On my way to continue the day of IRL streams at a new esports bar with @gilphotography and @bbrrrrraaapp! Come hang out if you're local (and not creepy 😆)

It Friday yay! About to go live with an IRL stream in Little Tokyo. Later planning for another irl stream with @gilphotography to open your snapchats! Send us weird stuff, my snap is public and the username is Snugzmeow✨📷and Freljord Ashe cosplay by me💕

midnight alley cat 🐱✨📷by @happytriggerla at @tfti_la tonite! Cat mask made by me on stream yesterday! Some of you asked, and yes I will do these for commission 😁also they will surprise/scare your cat lol... you have been warned!

This smol plastic pumpkin tastes good 🐱#serpounceofkhat

New original design fairy wear ✨Pink Petal body suit + Dragon fly inspired wings ✨I made all this live on Twitch! Tune in for some more crafting later on today before @tfti_la tonight!

Shooting some of my older cosplays for Patreon, last night was Freljord Ashe. I made this cosplay in early 2014, it's not complete (no weapon) so I don't ever wear it really! #snugzmeowcraft

Pokesquad before @clubcomiccon ✨super fun night with so many friendos! The club was really cool and the dance performance was so good. Follow these pokegirls 💕@brooklynpwns @bbrrrrraaapp @stony_bologna @azntwerkteam @thebombshellcosplay

School girl variation of Black Canary at @tfti_la 📷by @happytriggerla

Shot my new Black Canary cosplay last night at @tfti_la 📷by @happytriggerla ✨I feel much more badass than I am in these pics 😎

donut face 🍩✨so many things planned today! First Little Tokyo with @batinx + @mnorton1235, then were going to be in the studio audience for @familyfeud LUL Steve Harvey hype. Then later tonight is @tfti_la! Come hang ✨🍦bralette made by me

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