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Agera in a snow storm 😱
Would you do this to your Agera?

Crazy Snow Storm Takeoff😍
Volume Up🔊
Video By: YT: TheFejf
Partner @jfkspotting

Do you wanna build a Martian snowman?
The full article on this topic is available on Curiosity.com and in the Curiosity app! #Mars #martian #snow #snowman #snowing #snowstorm #space #planets #science #weather #curiosity

Under a #SunStorm I think about a #SnowStorm and what about you... Are you stocked in your AC ? Here, one of the warrior I followed few k’s during his work last winter Olivier Bastenier (@downtownhillbilly)

After two weeks of training, we were ready for our final adventure in @chamonixmontblanc - a three day hut trip from France to Switzerland. @photographerlinusmeyer came to round out our team. We found some fun ways to entertain ourselves while we waited for the weather to settle. 👯⛄️ Photo: @nat_segal

Neve é para os fracos, quero ver dirigir na 'avalanche zone'!! A cara da maturidade da criança 😁❄️ #roadtrip #newzealand #southisland #snowstorm #earthquake #nofilter #viva

I always have wanted to go backpacking and finally completed my first trip this past weekend for @sotg_d_easterling 30th birthday along with a couple other @pfmma brothers @jeffreyanthony and @patsodiabolical We have decided we will be celebrating Derrick's birthday in July if he wants to go backpacking again next year🤣. Mother Nature surprised us with a snow storm 🌨💨❄️⛅️☀️and I couldn't have thought of a better group of guys to be stuck in the snow with making sure we made it out alive. Martial Arts and Fitness truly prepare you for life! I know for a fact that without our individual mind-body practices we would not have been able to complete the 20 miles of partially snow-covered trail in what was an expert level trail. We reached nearly 9000 feet at the highest elevation and below 20° temperatures on the coldest night. All in all I can't wait to do it again. ✌🏾😁👍🏾
Big thanks to @virusintl for the amazing gear that works in below freezing temps and @onnit for the Shroom Tech Sport that helped fuel me along the way.
#pfmma #tlgmma #sotg #onnit #virusintl #getonnit #desolationwilderness #backpacking #hiking #camping #snowstorm #snow #brothers #glamping #ambassador #sponsored #rei #california

Married my best friend yesterday and couldn't be happier!! #goinggreene #aspen #snowstorm #itsamiracle #meghangreene

Featured artist: @larajoyphoto
Wild Horse Photography Collective advocates wild horses through beautiful photography.
To be featured tag #wildhorsepc and follow @larajoyphoto and @pjkaszas.

90 degrees in Buffalo!!! Where is my snow ❄️

This picture changes everything you know about where your wool comes from. This sheep herder in Montana is with the sheep 365 days a year in extreme weather conditions, within the greater Yellowstone ecosystem. At Duckworth we don't source wool from far away lands, make clothes 10,000 miles from the end users and ship it across the globe a few times. We grow it ourselves here in Montana. Even when there is 2 feet of snow in September.
#snowstorm #ranchlife #wool #sheeptoshelf #montana #madeinusa #winteriscoming #sustainablefashion #americanwool

Made another edit and gonna post the humoristic one on my other account @multiverseofmillas, I realized I don't wanna mess up my theme in these rows so 💕 I made this Snowbert edit instead, they're at least a big ship of mine even if they might not be otp cause I feel Caitlin's feelings might wasn't as strong as his 😭
And these actors almost share birthday, she had hers this week and today happy birthday @t22felton 💖🎉

Top Shot: Caught in the Snowstorm | Photograph by Sonalini Khetrapal
“I wanted to photograph the rare blue morph species of arctic foxes in their harsh winter environment. To photograph these miraculously tough animals, I went to the uninhabited Hornstrandir Nature Reserve in northern Iceland,” writes Your Shot photographer Sonalini Khetrapal. “Staying in a remote cabin for multipole days, through really tough winter conditions, I was able to photograph them during a blizzard. I captured my dream image as she stared straight at me, making fleeting eye contract while we both braced ourselves against the roaring winds.”
Top Shot features the photo with the most votes from the previous day’s Daily Dozen, 12 photos chosen by the Your Shot editors from thousands of recent uploads. Our community votes for their favorite photo from the selection, and the Top Shot is showcased on the @natgeoyourshot Instagram account.
This photo was submitted to the 2017 Nature Photographer of the Year photo contest. The grand prize winner will receive $7500; their winning image will be published in an upcoming issue of National Geographic magazine, and featured on the @natgeo Instagram account. To enter, go to the link in our profile. Good luck #YourShotPhotographer

enjoy these aesthetically pleasing pictures of young jake while i try to finish my 3000 word essay
📸| © lolly
event| "the day after tomorrow" premiere 📍london, uk [may 26th, 2004]

Snow geese on my mind | @heartlandwaterfowl |

#snowstorm 😍❤

Se viene la gran nevada #lasleñas #snowstorm #snowboard #ski

#Christmas comes early when you live at 6300 ft elevation .....Sept 24 #snowstorm #mountainlife #utah

I'd say winter is upon us ❄️ #parkcity #utah #skiing #winter #snowstorm

ATHABASCA GLACIER // ''To know what life is worth you have to risk it once in awhile.
On this adventure I went beyond my limits and risked my life for this experience. It was my first time experiencing a whole new element. Was it worth it? Absolutely! The Glaciers are closed for the winter due to unpredictable weather. But for me a locked gate was an invitation.
I don't recommend this hike to anyone without a guide. It was a thrilling yet terrifying experience. Each step felt like I was near death. I fell twice on black ice and ended up near a sinkhole. The snow was deceiving as it seemed like it was just snow later we realized we were standing on top of a thin layer of frozen river. You can hear the river roaring right underneath us. My heart was pounding, I was imagining the worse.
At this point my feet and hands were beyond frozen I was doubting my movement but we carefully made our way out of this situation and continued hiking towards the glaciers. The wind felt like tiny sharp knives stabbing our face at 100mph. We couldn't see 5 feet in front of us. We eventually made our way through the storm. Finally, we climbed the side of the glacier and entered through a small hole.
I couldn't believe what I was standing in front of. It felt unreal. There was a moment where I felt no pain and just stood in awe. It was exactly what I had imagined it to be. I'm glad I get to live another day to tell this story, another day to explore this beautiful world. As exciting as this was never attempt to walk on the glaciers yourself. Several deaths have occurred from people falling through hidden crevices and sinkholes that are covered by thin layer of snow.'' Image and words by Catarina @wherescatarina, a woman who is beautiful both inside and out! Follow her for adventurous travels, inspiration and wanderlust! ✈️
#JasperNationalPark #Canada #Glaciers #Icefield #Winter #Adventures #AthabascaGlacier #IceAge #SupermansFortress #GetOutside #ExploreCanada #Frozen #Danger #TravelGram #Instagram #TheOutbound #TheGreatOutdoors #SnowStorm #WonderfulPlaces #beautifuldestinations #beautifulmatters #wearetravelgirls

#snowstorm 🏂❄️🌨☃️🤙 #doctorseren

one of the best jonerys fanvids of all the time. ➡ jon & daenerys | hurricane (+7x07) •• part iii •• credit: 2words12letters on yt ••••• song: hurricane by fleurie.
#jonerys #gameofthrones #daenerystargaryen #jonsnow #emiliaclarke #kitharington #got #hbo #snowstorm #fleurie #hurricane #fanmade #gots7

Closing our eyes and putting ourselves here today. #hotseptember
(Photo @whalebonecreative)

What it sounds like when the sun comes out to play after the first #snowstorm of the season.

Last week I promised glowing, golden Aspens. I didn’t think they’d be covered in white. #fallcolors #fall #winter #september #snowstorm
. . . #Repost from @westonshirey who got the shot. I was home by the fire.

First official snowball of winter 2017-18! I win!!! 😬😬😬😬😬😬❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️#snow #snowstorm #septembersnow #broccoli

It's a hot one! Maybe this will cool you off!...or maybe make you even hotter with the thought of snow. Some people hate it! Not me lol. In this video the City Of Hamilton Roads department are having a hard time keeping the Claremont Access open. Aside from the 403 Ancaster Hill (provincial road) the Claremont Access is the largest, busiest and most important access there is here in Hammertown! These 3 trucks would of spent the whole night running up and down this hill and the ramp to West 5th. The trucks in the clip are 2 Freightliner M2106Vs and a Sterling LT9500. All trucks are owned and operated by the City of Hamilton. All trucks are equipped with 14yard Viking Civies Pro Line salter bodies and 2way front blades. Interestingly the city opts to not use wing blades on this route even though the trucks are equipped with harness and wing tower. I was told it is because the couple block route through downtown to get back up the hill is to tight...#freightliner #freightlinertrucks #m2106 #m2106v #sterling #sterlingtrucks #lt9500 #9500 #viking #vikingcivies #salter #sander #saltertruck #plowtrucks #snowplow #dumptruck #truck #heavytrucks #plowlife #snowstorm #heavyequipment #heavymachinery #equipmentporn #heavyequipmentlife #publicworks #cityofhamilton #heavyequipment905

Alamak dah rindu lah! Haha... #snowfall feels like #snowstorm 😂tubing and toboggan-ing were one of the highlights of our trip. ❤️ #megatamalnewzealand2017 #theaminsnztrip #snowfarm

It's crazy because I don't even know when you become so important to me.
It's like watching a snowstorm. You see the flakes falling, but you don't realize how they're adding up. And suddenly, your whole lawn is covered, all these little things have added up, and you are my #snowstorm ❄️ @leedonghae

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