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@lion_king25: Waves kinda suck, still gonna get rowdy! 🎥 by @daddyzhora

In a short period of time, I became really close to these two. Despite our age differences (lol), we made instant connection. We text/call/FaceTime each other almost everyday, go to cafeteria and eat together, and excessively drink caffeine to survive school. Thank you for literally sharing your knowledge, notes, food, and clothes (lol again) with me. Cheers to my first and OG nursing sisters/buddies.

P.S. they are within the photo area

OTTAWA TOMORROW NIGHT 😱 Comment if you're coming so I can make sure to say Hi after the show 👋🏼 Hitting the stage @ 7pm 😁

Britain has been hit by a frosty start to spring, with parts of the UK covered in up to four inches of snow. Just a week after most of the UK basked in unseasonably warm temperatures, people woke on Wednesday to a blanket of the white stuff. The Met Office has issued a severe weather warning for the north of England, including Cumbria, Northumberland and parts of Yorkshire. Meteorologists warned that up to ten hours of snowfall would cause problems for commuters heading to work over the Pennines on the third day of spring, which officially began on Monday.
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Art created on a pool cover #nature #snowfall #eh

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