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Today was the day. Homecoming. Caitlin was overly excited for tonight. She couldn't wait to see Barry. She has been waiting for this day for the past few weeks and it had finally come. Caitlin jumped out of bed and brushed her teeth. She wasn't going to let anything bring her down today. As she walked out of the bathroom, she saw her dress laying on the chair. She was very excited to wear it later on in the day.

Caitlin went to her closet to get dressed. She had a lot of things to do today to prepare herself for the dance. She picked out a simple floral shirt and paired it with high-waisted jeans, along with some black converse. She quickly did her makeup. Simply just mascara, concealer, and lip gloss. Then, she brushed her hair and was ready for the day.
Caitlin unplugged her phone from the charger and texted her friends Kara and Felicity. They had made plans to get mani-pedis for the dance tonight. They also were coming over to do each other's hair and makeup and get dressed for the dance.

Caitlin: Hey guys! Are you almost ready to come over to go get mani-pedis?

Felicity: Yah, I'll be there in about 30 minutes :) Kara: Same here. See you soon!

Caitlin: Ok. Can't wait! :D

She then put her phone in her purse and went downstairs to eat breakfast. She pulled out a packet of oatmeal from the pantry and cooked in the microwave. It was a quick and simple breakfast. She didn't have to spend that much time cooking it. After she finished eating, she cleaned the kitchen to make sure her house wasn't that messy when her friends came over. Caitlin then went to her room to make her bed and straighten up a little bit. By the time she was finished she heard the doorbell ring. "Coming!" she yelled.
Caitlin then rushed down the stairs to open the door. She looked through the window to make sure it was her friends and of course it was. Coincidentally, Kara and Felicity had arrived at the same time. They had brought over some various makeup supplies for later on and some hair accessories. Along with the dresses they bought from dress shopping. "Hey guys! You can come and put your stuff in my room" Caitlin said gesturing for them to come inside.

Homecoming was in a week and since Caitlin was going to the dance with Barry she decided she would go dress shopping with her best friends Felicity and Kara. It was Saturday and Felicity arrived at Caitlin's house to pick her up. Kara was already in the car with her. Felicity honked the horn to let Caitlin know she was here.

Caitlin was just finishing up eating breakfast when she heard a honk outside her home and realized that it was Felicity and Kara. "Bye Mom! I'm going dress shopping with Felicity and Kara! I'll be home by 3pm!" Caitlin yelled up to her mom who was upstairs getting ready for work. Her dad was already gone to work. "Okay sweetie!" Her mom yelled back to her as she was doing her makeup.

Caitlin grabbed her purse and phone then went outside and hopped in the car with her two best friends. "Hey girls!" Caitlin said with enthusiasm. "Hey!" Both Kara and Felicity said in unison. "I can't wait to go dress shopping!" Caitlin said excitedly. "Well lets go!" Kara said with a huge smile on her face. "On it!" Felicity said as she then pulled away from the house. All three of the girls were beaming with excitement for the day ahead of them ...time skip... The girls decided to go to Dillards since there was a sale going on and they have pretty good dresses. They were looking through the countless of racks when Caitlin saw one she liked. 'This is pretty' she thought as she held the dress against her body. It stopped just above her knees. The bottom half of the dress was navy blue and the upper half was long sleeved, floral print with a white background. It looked gorgeous. It was perfect for the homecoming dance She tried it on and the dress looked perfect.

Caitlin looked stunning in it. She walked out of the dressing room to show her friends. "How do I look?" Caitlin asked. "Stunning." Felicity said smiling. "Beautiful." said Kara. "I think I'm going to get this. Wait, I am going to get this!" Caitlin said with confidence in her self. She then walked back into the changing room to get the dress off.

After about an hour or so Kara and Felicity found a dress that they both liked. The girls then went up to checkout.

It was mid October. Earlier in the month it had been announced that there will be a homecoming dance towards the end of the month on a Saturday. Barry wanted to go with Caitlin. He had known her for a couple of months and over the course of that time they had grown really close. A month ago at Jitters he had told her what had happened to his parents. That moment was a key moment of their friendship. They would hang out with each other almost every day. Barry had slowly grown feelings for her and Caitlin for him. They were too scared to admit their feelings to the other in fear of jeopardizing their friendship. Sure they had only known each other for a couple of months, but it feels like they had known each other their entire lives.
Barry was going to take a risk and ask Caitlin to the dance. He just needed to find the right way to do it. He didn't want it to be too simple like just going up to her and asking her to the dance, but not very extravagant. He wanted something that she can tell he put some thought into it. He googled ways to ask out a girl to homecoming. While he was scrolling through them he came across one that struck his eye. It seemed perfect. Now all he had to do was execute the plan and hopefully she says yes. It seemed simple enough.

He went to a supermarket and purchased a teddy bear, poster board, and flowers. He spent that night writing the message on the poster board. He made sure it was written very neat so it would look nice. He will ask her to homecoming tomorrow at school. ~time skip~

Barry got out of his car with the flowers, poster board, and teddy bear in hand. As he was walking down the hall and into the commons area other students would look at him and say "hope she says yes" and "good luck". He was nervous to ask her. What if she said no? Would this ruin their friendship? He was just going to have to take that chance.

As he walked into the commons area he saw Caitlin in the usual spot they go to, hanging out with her friends Kara and Felicity. She didn't see him yet. He walked over to her with the teddy bear and poster in one hand and flowers in the other. He had a smile on his face. Continued in comments...

Caitlin snow and Barry Allen #snowbarry
How wen i started this series contemplated them as a couple ๐Ÿ˜

I never like the chemistry between barry and iris ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿผ #theFlash #barryallen #caitlinsnow #iriswest #snowbarryfanfic #snowbarryfan ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ˜โค๏ธ

"Admiring from a distance" ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ‘Œ
Credit- @flash.frost

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Caitlin's POV:

It has been a month since I broke up with Ronnie. Thankfully, I havn't seen him since. Barry and I have grown closer as friends. I introduced him to Felicity and Kara. Who knew that Barry and Felicity already knew each other! It turns out that they met over the summer at Oliver's. Barry is a good friend of Oliver so that is how they knew each other.

Anyways..... I am meeting Barry for lunch at Jitter's today. It is a Saturday so I don't have school. I can't wait to see him. He has been really supportive of me since the breakup. I don't know what I would do without him.

I just pulled into Jitter's parking lot. I got out of the car and locked it behind me. As I am walking in to Jitter's I see Barry sitting at a table. He sees me and waves and I smile and wave back. I walk over there and sit at the table. "Hey Barry." I say with a bright smile on my face. "Hey Caitlin." Barry says with a smile that can just light up the whole room. I love it when he smiles, it just makes my mood a whole lot better. "I'm going to go get some coffee, what would you like?" He asked me as he stood up. "Iced coffee please." I smiled at him and then he walked off.

Barry came back with the coffees and he took a seat. "Here you go miss." He said smiling again. "Thank you Barry." I smiled looking down at my coffee and taking a sip.
Barry's POV:

She is so pretty. The past month Caitlin and I have gotten closer as friends. I could definitely say I have a crush on Caitlin, but I am not going to push it just yet. I mean she just got out of a relationship a month ago and I don't think she is looking for a boyfriend just yet.

We talked about school and our favorite TV shows when I brought up the subject I wanted to talk to her about. It was one of the reasons I asked her to jitters. "Hey Caitlin, there is something I need to tell you." I quite nervously. "You can say anything Barry." She then placed her hand on top of mine in conformation. "Ok. It is about the reason I moved away from Central City in the first place." I told her not sounding as nervous as before. "Yah you said you moved away when you were little." She said a little confused.
Continued in comments

Awwweee ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜
Honestly guys I loved the drunk karoke scene so much! ๐Ÿ˜ It was a super fun episode and it was so cute ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜ My singing sounds worse than Caits tho ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Credit to @snowbarry_cw โคโค
Love that gurl! Go check her out! ๐Ÿ˜‰
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Here is Chapter 5!!! Sorry it took so long I've been really busy. Anyway I hope you enjoy!!! Chapter 5
After a moment of silence, my father replied "You love me?"
My Aunt Iris replied, "Yes." Angrily, my father shouted, "I waited for you for years and then you decide to tell me that you love me now that I'm with Caitlin!" He paused for a moment and then said "Youโ€™re too late, Iris. I'm with Caitlin and I love Caitlin and I'm moving in with Caitlin." "Okay. I just felt you should know even though my timing is terrible." Aunt Iris replied.
After a few moments my father quietly said, "I have to get back to packing. I'll see you tomorrow," he said, then he closed the door.
My father went sat down and thought about what had just happened for a bit, before he fell asleep.
The next morning my mother came to my fatherโ€™s apartment early in the morning to see if he needed any more help packing. As my mother walked in, my father had just finished taping the last box. They sat down, had some coffee, and talked about their mornings and their hopes for living together. Then my father told her about Irisโ€™ visit the night before.
My mother wasnโ€™t very surprised by Irisโ€™s outburst of affection but she did ask him โ€œDo you love her?โ€ My father answered โ€œI love her like a sister and that is all. My romantic feelings for Iris are gone.โ€ After my fatherโ€™s response, they heard the doorbell and someone calling โ€œCentral City Moving Company.โ€ โ€œI believe you, Barry. Now itโ€™s time to be happy in one home together,โ€ my mother said as they got up to open the door.
End of Chapter 5
What did you think?
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A/N *WARNING* This chapter does contain strong language and acts of violence.

Barry and Caitlin didn't talk at all for the rest of the school day. Caitlin felt bad for raising her voice at him and Barry, well he wishes he can do something about it. He cares for Caitlin. He just doesn't know how much though.

Caitlin's POV:

As I got home I got a text from Ronnie. I mentally sigh and roll my eyes as I pick up the phone. It read, "I'm coming over. See you in five minutes." I texted back with an "Ok." Honestly I don't want Ronnie over after he left that bruise on my arm.

What I did next surprised me. I picked up my phone and texted Barry. He and I exchanged numbers earlier today. Well, before we had that argument. I texted him: "Hey, I'm sorry for yelling at you earlier. I know you mean well." -Caitlin "It's Ok. I'm just concerned for your safety thats it." -Barry "Well, I'm fine." -Caitlin "Ok." -Barry "Do you think we can still be friends?" -Barry "Of course! :)" -Caitlin

Ronnie then knocked on the front door of my house. "Coming!" I quickly texted Barry again before I went to get the door for Ronnie. "ttyl (:" -Caitlin

I put my phone face down on my bed. I jogged down stairs to open the door for Ronnie. "Hey." I said to Ronnie while opening the door. "Hey babe." He said while walking through the door. He kissed me on my lips. I didn't kiss back. "What. Your still mad at me for earlier." He said with a slightly angry tone. "No of course not." I quickly pecked him on the lips to reassure him. Truth is. I am scared of him. Wow. I actually admitted that to myself.

Ronnie and I went to my bedroom to study. An hour had passed and I felt thirsty. "I'm going to go get me some water." I left my bedroom and headed downstairs.

Ronnie's POV:

Caitlin is definitely up to something. I spotted her phone and decided to go through it. I noticed she had one unread text message. I clicked on it and to my surprise the name read 'Barry Allen'. She was talking with the guy I told her not to. That bitch. I balled my fists up in rage. 'I'm going to teach her a lesson not to talk with other guys' I thought to myself.

Continued in comments

Caitlin's POV:

Second period was pretty fun. Most of the time Barry and I chatted and got to know each other better. What I like most about Barry is that he can make me smile. I havn't smiled so much in a long time. He is a really great guy. Halfway through second period Barry asked me something. "Do you think we can be friends?" He asked me. "Of course!" I said to Barry with enthusiasm.

Second period ended and as Barry and I walked out of the classroom I felt a hand grab my arm and pull me to the side. It was Ronnie. "Why are you talking to that nerd!" Ronnie said in quite a harsh tone. "He is just a friend!" I tried to reassure him. Why is he acting this way? I noticed that he still hasn't let go of my arm and his grip hurts. "Ronnie. Your hurting me." I said quite scared. "Listen to me. I don't want to see you hanging out with him or any guy. Do you understand me?!" He said with his voice filled with anger and hatred. I nodded and he let go of my arm. I breathed out from holding my breath in fear. I have never seen this side of Ronnie. I can't break up with him because I'm afraid no one will love me. I looked at my arm and lifted my sleeve up. He left a bruise. I walked to my next class to see my friends. Hopefully they can cheer me up.

Barry's POV: ย Caitlin and I are friends now. I didn't think I would make friends that fast on the first day of school. To be honest, I think she is pretty cute. Its too bad that she has a boyfriend. As Caitlin and I was walking out of second period she was pulled aside by some guy. Boyfriend? I guess. I knew she had one because she mentioned she was dating someone. I just kept on walking because I figured she wanted to be alone with him.

I was seated in my third hour class. It hasn't begun yet and I could clearly see the hallway. Caitlin was standing in the middle of it and I saw her lift up her sleeve to check something. What I saw made me angry. I saw a bruise on her arm. It looked like someones hand had been there. It must have been her boyfriend that pulled her over to the side. I kept on getting angrier and accidently snapped the pencil that was in my hand. She deserves someone better than him. Continued in Comments.

Barry's POV:

I took a seat in front of the girl I bumped into when I was getting my schedule, Caitlin. I figured since we talked a little I might as well sit in front of her. Well, I didn't know anybody's face so sitting there was the best option right? ย I went through my back pack so I could get a notebook and a pencil just incase we needed to jott down any notes. That is when I heard her voice. "Barry right?" She said from behind me. I turned around to face her. It was the girl I bumped into this morning. "Yeah, that me. Your Caitlin right?" I said with a smile on my face. "Yep. Nice seeing you again." She said with a beutiful smile on her face that can just light up the whole room. She extended her hand to shake mine. I took her hand and shook it. "She is very polite." I thought to myself. "Your new arn't you." Caitlin asked curiously. "Yeah, I just moved back here from Keystone. I used to live here when I was younger." I told her remembering why I moved to keystone in the first place. A frown starting to appear on my face. She noticed. "Well I'm glad your back." Caitlin brought a smile back to my face again. "Me too." I said with a half smile. The teacher walked in so I sat forward to give the teacher my attention.

Caitlin's POV:

I wonder why Barry started to frown. Best not push about it. I mean I barely even know him. I was listening to the teacher when I got a note on my desk. It was from Felicity. I opened the note and it read: "That's Olivers friend Barry! Looks like you two are already friends ;)" I wrote, "He bumped into me this morning. We just said hey and continued to walk our seperate ways." I closed the note up and when the teacher wasn't looking I passed it to Felicity.

I continued to pay attention to Felicity when I got another note from her. "Ok. I'll talk to you at lunch about it." I closed the note up and faced Felicity and mouthed the words "OK." to her. I crumpled the note and put it in my pocket. There's something different about Barry Allen. I just can't lay my finger on it.

The bell rang and I made my way to second period. I felt an arm wrap around my shoulder as I was in the hallway walking to class. Ronnie. Continued in comment

Barry's POV:

It was the first day of senior year for everyone. Barry was new and that didn't help to his nervousness. He had lived in Central City all his life. The West family moved houses from Keystone city to Central City because Joe was transferred to CCPD so that meant that Iris and Barry had to go to a new school.

Barry and Iris had moved to Keystone because Joe had an career oppurtunity over there. Also, Barry's mom had just died and Barry's father was in prison for a crime he didn't commit. So that also played a part in their moving. It was a fresh start for Barry, new school, new people. He didn't want to mess it up. He was going to miss his friends from his old town, but it was for the best. Barry really did miss Central City. It was his home town after all.

Barry pulled into the school parking lot with his car. "Breathe Barry. Everything is going to be alright." He thought to himself so he can get the jitters out of his mind. He saw everyone bustling about, talking to each other. He didn't like being "the new kid" so to speak, but Barry is pretty good at making friends. He always has this welcoming smile on his face that makes him so approachable and likeable. "Everything is going to be fine Barry." Iris said to Barry reassuringly. "Ok." Barry said with a nervous gulp.

Barry got out of the car and grabbed his backpack with all of his books and belongings in it. He waited for Iris to do the same so they could walk to the office to get their schedules. It was a long line. Everyone was waiting. Once Barry got up there he told the volunteer his full name. "Bartholomew Henry Allen." He said feeling emberassed because of his first name. "Yes, right here." She printed it out and handed him his schedule. Barry got out of the line and started to look at his schedule while walking over to a spot to wait for Iris. While he was walking he bumped into a girl. "Oh I am so sorry. I wasn't looking where I was going." Barry said apologetically. "It's fine. It happens." Said the girl that Barry didn't know. "I'm Barry by the way." Barry said shakind her hand. "Caitlin. It was nice meeting you Barry." Caitlin said. "You too."

I hope you enjoy chapter 4!!! Please comment your thoughts.

Chapter 4
My father responded "Where...? With you?" with a smile on his face. "Yes, with me. In my apartment," my mom responded with a huge smile.
My father paused for a few seconds then smiled and said "I would love to move in with you!" They talked for a hour or two about when my father would move in and when they would tell everyone that they were moving in together. They decided that they would move in together in a week and a half. They also decided they would tell everyone tomorrow, once they got to work. When they arrived at work the next morning they announced it together. Everyone was excited and happy especially Uncle Cisco. One person was not as excited as the rest, Aunt Iris. She seemed to be a little jealous but attempted to hide it. While everyone else was celebrating loudly she was quietly celebrating.
On the final day before the move in, Barry was packing and heard a knock at the door. He opened it and it was Aunt Iris.
My father asked "Iris, What are you doing here?" Aunt Iris responded with four words "I Love You, Barry."
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Here's the next chapter of my fanfic hope you enjoy!!
Chapter 3
Before anything else interesting happened months passed. My mom and dad went on a date at least once a week. At work, they would bring each other lunch. Some days my mom would bring my dad lunch, other days my dad would bring my mom lunch, and sometimes they would bring each other lunch. One time when that happened, my Uncle Cisco walked in on what he called "a kissfest" and immediately turned around, smiled and left. Each day their love grew stronger, and each night was magical, especially the night I'm about to tell you about. That night, my father and mother went to a new restaurant that had just opened in Central City. It was a small place that served Mexican food. They both got tacos and as they were eating my dad slid a little black box over to my mom. And no, it wasn't the little black box you're probably thinking. That came later.
My mom opened the box and it had a note in it that said "I love you." My mom looked up at him, smiled, and said "I love you too." They kissed, finished their meal, and went back to my father's apartment. When they arrived they talked about many things like friends, family, and futures. While they were on the topic of futures my dad mentioned how he might have to move back in with my granddad because his lease was about to run out and he couldn't renew it.
My mom said, "Well, I know where you could stay."
End of Chapter 3
Please comment your thoughts!! Thanks ~ Alex

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