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2 on 1 in Maui. Not fair. // Use code INSTA10 for all your beach rentals and tour reservations online ;) —>> PC @finnatryna #maui #snorklife #hawaii

A fingerprint of beauty

Lahaina timez. // #snorklife #maui #hawaii —>> No need to ponder. Reserve your Maui tours for THANKSGIVING now before they get booked up. 🏄 🚣 🌊// Low price guarantee here at The Snorkel Store. And you can take an additional 10% off stuff that’s not on The MAUI DEALS PAGE with code INSTA10 at checkout ;) —>> Luaus, snorkel tours, zip lines, helicopters—Get ‘em booked now so you can chomp Shave Ice 🍧at @theshaveicespot instead of scrambling. // PC @dakota.rae.anne // Follow the link in our profile to check out a bunch of top Maui Adventures.

Maui’s been a little choppy lately. Good to have a Beach Bundle on shore. // PC @kylebuntting92 —>> Use code INSTA10 to get 10% off your online reservation 🏖 now. #maui #snorklife #hawaii

Name that Maui beach? -->> #snorklife #maui #hawaii PC @suburbanstylefiles

Photographer Rafael Domeyko stopped by practice to catch the Sun Devils in action! #SunDevilMomentum #TrustTheProcess

Winter Haleakala hike. Phew. // #snorklife #maui #hawaii —>> Use code INSTA10 for 10% off your tours and beach rentals online. PC @fiftysixvw

Watch the journey of this turtle making its way to the ocean in Maui. // #snorklife #maui #hawaii // Use code INSTA10 to get all your turtle 🐢 finding gear. VC @lucidartifacts

Just hanging out with this cute little turtle in Maui. // Let is point you in the right direction. Part of our Ohana package 📦 🏖 which includes all kinds of free benefits ;) // #snorklife #maui #hawaii #island #oahu VC @jeffjohnson4real // Use code INSTA10 for a discount online.


A fingerprint of beauty

A plot of land in Maui looking for a Beach Bundle 🏖. #snorklife #maui #hawaii // Use code INSTA10 online to get your family hooked with all your beach gear (and tours) for cheap. PC @natashamilanovich

The Snorkel Store in Kihei has moved to a larger, more convenient location on South Kihei Road. Beginning today you can pick up and drop off your beach rentals at 1847 S. Kihei Rd. We’re still in Ka’anapali at The Fairway Shops :) Swing by the new location to say “hi”! #maui #snorklife #hawaii

Howdy folks! The south side of the island is calm today and looking good for snorkeling. The Upper West zone has some large waves that are affecting many of the snorkeling beaches. Black Rock looks okay this morning (waves aren't very large) but the surf could increase in size as the day moves along. Pick your spots and enjoy your snorkeling today! -->> ANOUNCEMENT: We've moved in Kihei! The Snorkel Store's new location is bigger, better and more convenient to access. Starting today you can pick up and drop off your custom fit beach rentals at our new spot—1847 S. Kihei Rd. We'll see you soon!

Reserve a Maui Beach Bundle to ensure the elements of relaxation and adventure for your Maui beach day. If you're looking for more tours and guided adventures, check out the Maui Deals page for deep discounts!

Here's your updated Maui Snorkel Report for Sunday, November 19 2017! #maui #snorklife #hawaii

So grateful I was able to gift myself two weeks in Maui. 🏝 Thankful I got to stay with friends and meet new people, see amazing sunsets (each one better than the last), choose healthy food each meal knowing it will leave me feeling energetic and happy, and so glad I had the guts and energy to try some new adventures. Snorkeling blew my mind! I’m afraid of all things underwater and I wasn’t scared at all, I was swimming in the ocean looking at all kinds of fish, I saw a shark 10 feet below me, swam with turtles (we swam at the same pace) and I held an octopus... in the ocean! I went on a crazy hike through rivers and climbed down Banyan tree roots into a pool at the bottom of a waterfall. So proud of myself. Unexpected rewards come from self-love. ❤️

Bully likes the chili pepper/shoyu so much we put his mug on the label.

Seared Ahi. Amazing yellow fin. Hit with our house rub and then put on a super hot bed of Kiawe coals. Don’t blink it just kisses the grill.

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