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Started with a skate, ended with a ray

Awesome sunset this evening

Hard to get a good shot of these😂 even when I can it’s only on my iPhone

Merica yall. Lol the homeless in key west are the best

Day 58: Exmouth, you are beautiful 😍. We found paradise and never want to leave 🌴. Hands down best snorkeling both of us have ever done 🐟🐠🐡🐢 (sorry Barrier Reef, you've been trumped!) On our drive into the west beaches we had our closest run in with a kangy, but thanks to Laura's sweet driving skills and Frankie's mad ability no damage was done to us or the van or the kangy who hoped on his merry way after a close encounter ✔️🚐💁🏼‍♀️. We then snorkeled and swum our way through Turquoise Bay, Drift Loop, Oyster Stacks and Sandy Bay. Oyster Stacks had the best snorkeling and Turquoise Bay had the most stunner beach we've come across 🌊. I think Exmouth should open a kids hospital and then you can find us forever here ✌🏻👩‍⚕️🏥😎.
#exmouth #sandladventuresofaus #vanadventures #vanlife #vanlifediaries #snorkelinglife #turqoisebay #seeaustralia #justanotherdayinwa #kangycameclose #paradise #fallinlovewiththeplacesyougo #everysummerhasastory

Turtle Town ...I kind of envisioned a scene from the little mermaid for some reason, but I was able to see at least one!! And I’m good with that. 🤙 #underthesea #snorkelinglife #turtletown #maui #hawaiilife #offthegrid

Mantigue Island 🐚
The most beautiful little island 3 kilometers from Camiguins cost. The clearest water and the most white powder sand I ever seen! And the cutest and the most grateful kids. ♥
A little trip the last day of my stay in this island. And the first day with strong sun, Anni a bit burned of snorkling on Mantigue 😅🙈
This island have soul!
Been a different stay in Camiguin came close to the Philippinos and the culture! This island look like a small Bali just without all the buildings, turist (and trash, sad but true) and busy life. Here is no traffic, almost no turist and a lot of untouched jungle and nature.
They have a second slogan for Camiguin, it's "Come again". 😂
On the ferry today going to Bohol 🐒🚣

Mating blue crabs

Il be back!

Snorkel life! Helps to have amazing underwater scenery to look at! You have our hearts Greece!💛

We actually spent three months in Greece.. pre-kids🤗

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