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Kids try this next time 😂💯

When You Choose Thug Life over Real Life w/@atcarter52 @kingb_reaves #IdrissTV (TAG YOUR FRIENDS😂)

@MikeWillMadeIt revealed that the beat for "Humble" was originally for Gucci Mane

The legend session #snoopdogg x #cypresshill

Snoop Dogg releases artwork for upcoming album titled "Neva Left" (@SnoopDogg)



"I bang with the gang that don't need no intro[Doggpound] • We run from East Long Beach to West South Central • Credentials, to kick flows and rip shows • Dip 4's and pimp ho's while the indo blow • You know that West Coast low mentality • Focused on REALITY but livin in a whole notha galaxy • We keep it straight hard but guard the spot • Bangas snatch chains in the parkin lot • Don't matta there still be fine ho's to gatha• Pick about the thickest bxtch and I gots to hav ha • It's routine the coupe clean let's hit the sho[whattup] • You know we all fuckin once they glimpse the po[thats right] • Wit the satin in my hand pack the gat on my lap • Cuz it's hatin when your skatin and your pocket$ is fat" @Big_TrayDeee
Artist: Tha Eastsidaz
Producer: @bcpowda1
Song: G'Up feat @snoopdogg x Butch Cassidy
Album: Snoop Dogg Presents Tha Eastsidaz
Released: 2000

2 piece #snoopdogg

Follow my artist @g1000oz asap #contraband #mme 🔥

"They say you should never meet your heroes. Luckily, that's not really what happened here." Read about what it was like to meet the one and only, Snoop Dogg. Link in bio! #snoopdogg

I'm saying....did you expect anything less from me?
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