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애정 ● chanhun

Whis's Evaluation
Arriving at the planet, the saiyan was instantly meet with the abstract scenery of the planet surface. Descending towards the blue grass of the vast plains, the two beings touched the ground with a soft thud. Examining the area Solar saw creatures he never seen before and noticed a big tree.
Solar: "Woah ...this place is incredible."
Whis looked at his newly acquired saiyan student and nodded slightly.
Whis: "This place at some moments has it beauties that even take my breath away. But enough of the sight seeing, shall get on our way?" The hybrid looked at the angel mentor and immediately started to stretch his muscles.
Whis: "Well before we begin let me give you a new gi to have that fierce look like Goku and Vegeta."
Whis wave his staff at Solar and blue light surrounded Solar's whole body as he regular gi was transformed into his new attire. The light dissipated revealing the new clothing that consists of a blue gi with gold lining at the bottom, black gloves that cover half of his hands, a white belt with black clamps across it, and his regular boots changed to white.
Solar: "This feels amazing thanks Whis." The saiyan immediately threw quick jabs and kicks to get acclimated with the new attire.
Whis: "Let us begin." Solar turned around to face the angel with his full attention.
Whis: "Lets start with controlling your ki. When Goku and Vegeta first started off their ki control wasn't very effective for them when I saw them fight. As they progressed they learned to control their ki instead of relying on their free will in fights. Now as an evaluation, I want you to come at me with everything what you got."
Creating distance between himself and Solar, Whis took a simple fighting stance against the saiyan. Calming his mind Solar channeled his energy and immediately ascended to his Super Saiyan form.
Whis: "Oh you can transform to....huh?"
Solar: "Yeah ." (Continued in Comments)

I really feel like I belong in Attack on Titan with this hair #aot #snk #anime #kpop #zelda #loz #triforcr

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