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•Ti insegneranno a non splendere e tu splendi, invece!•🌹✨ #instalike #snapmain #iphonesia #goodmorning☀️

It was a relief not seeing any cars in an entire city for a few days. #venice #venezia

DEAR FRIENDS, i take a little break. 💖🌼💖 I'm very busy the next few days. See you soon! ☺💖💕💖

One of the best parts of working @nectarclothing would have to be @paige.krall ! Notice the chai tea bag; she gets me. 😍


•Ti insegneranno a non splendere e tu splendi, invece!•🌹✨ #instalike #snapmain #iphonesia #goodmorning☀️

Sei la ragione più profonda di ogni mio gesto!💏❤
#myhappiness #mylove #myboy #l4l #snapdog #snapmain #snap_people

It was a relief not seeing any cars in an entire city for a few days. #venice #venezia

Don't you wish your street looked like this? #mykonos

What is your favorite travel destination? Mine has got to be #maui #hawaii
Picture was taken by @kaval.sultana in #molokini

Traveling alone sounds scary at first. No one to share the experience, eating at restaurants alone, and just general insecurities about being a lone traveler. But the past month for me was anything but lonesome. I met as many people as I would normally in a year. In Mykonos in particular, I started a random conversation with @gypsy_inthe_jungle while we were both waiting for a seat at the recommended Kiki'a tavern. After a few random convos we ended up hanging out for the next few days, riding little scooters and ATVs and climbing sharp rocks to find picturesque views.
Traveling alone, while scary at first, allows you to step out of your comfort zone and meet new people across the globe. I now have friends in Denmark, Britain, Kuwait, Bali, New Zealand and much more. I can't wait to hit up @theshadyshack and @betelnutcafe when I visit Bali! I know the owner now haha!
Picture: @gypsy_inthe_jungle in Milos, GR

One of the most beautiful cities I've ever seen! Granada. Roughly 4 hours bus ride south of Madrid. Took about an entire day to see inside the palace/castle/mosque but I could've stayed another day. Entire walls were carved with scripts and lines from Quran and designs worth admiring for hours.

Mykonos has more than just beach clubs and good food :)

Traveling to me, is a full immersed experience in another world. Stepping out of my comfort zone and experiencing the world through a different perspective. What I love the most about traveling is that you get to see the world and its people first hand, no media to skew your perception of the citizens, no bias stories from journalists and no twisted truth from politicians about a certain country or culture.
Go to Iran and experience the welcoming nature of all Iranian families. Go to Italy and see the importance of family to Italians. Go to France and learn about how grade school children are raised with an immense attention to a healthy diet in school. All these experiences are skewed one way or another, when they are relayed back to us somewhere else. The most exciting thing about traveling to me is the fact that I get an uncensored, uncut and raw version of a culture, people, and the way of living. And that experience, is priceless! #beautifuldestinations

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Great Head, Acadia National Park

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