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do you own any bralettes? ( i don't but i love them 😍 ) - julia @modelputa


Fed up on everything

White or skyblue?

Comment "😫& #34; if you're single!! I'll be single forever bye

Comente o horário que viu essa foto :)

Comente o horário que você visualizou essa publicação!

Her eyes😍
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The jeans or the top?

I kinda lost interest in ig lmao
Shopping link in bio

Perdoaria ou já perdoou uma traição? Explique! 👀👀

Vocês já fizeram alguma química em seu cabelo? (Tintura, relaxamento...)

It's so unfair how some boys are born with better eyebrows and eyelashes than girls like wtf

boa semana pra todos. ✨

Defina sua vida em um emoji🌚

Tommy or Ck?
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Life is too short to spend time with people who suck the happiness out of you

Yay or nay?

sorry for not posting , i've been so busy and im not in the best mood lately :(

🌸 Azul ou vermelho ? ❤

The CK or the tattoo?

What's your greatest turn on?
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Me: *opens up to someone*
Me 5 mins later: why, the, fuck. did I do that...?

Good morning


Qual o signo de vocês?
Me: sagitário 💜


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