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You have long or short hair?

comment your crush name letter by letter without getting interrupted for a follow back!!❤❤

3 hours of physics 😭

Vocês gostam de tirar foto sorrindo ou evitam?

Comment your dream
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Qual foi a última série/filme que você assistiu? 💗Sigam: @unknownlive.s 💗

Do you have curly hair or straight hair? - Alice @topteehns

Why she chomping on that black bun tho 😵 anyway goodnight y'all ❤❤

would you get a tattoo? 🤷🏻‍♂️ follow @shookist for more 💘

comment your age backwards🌚

My feed is a mess atm lmao

Comentem emojis amarelinhos ✨ || Sigam nosso segundo ig @baeztumblr

Last day of final.

Me dejaste sin ganas de conocer a nadie más.

Maybe sunsets are proof that no matter what happens every day can end beautifully

Qual você prefere: Dia ou Noite?🌚🌞

Buy or bye?
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O corpo que você respeita😍👏💗

Ei, Jesus te ama❤

good morning 💖

How long is your hair?
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As a boyfriend, you're supposed to tell these other girls who try to flirt with you, "Sorry, I got a girlfriend. Stop talking to me like that". As a boyfriend, you're supposed to let these other girls know when they're crossing the line. As a boyfriend, you're supposed to know to not talk to girls who flirt with you knowing you have a girlfriend already. As a boyfriend, you gotta keep your relationship private but at least not keep your girlfriend a secret so people would know she exists. As a boyfriend, you're supposed to keep yourself out of situations that involves other girls which could ruin your relationship. As a boyfriend, you're supposed to tell these girls to respect your relationship when they try to be homewreckers. As a boyfriend, you're supposed to be showing your girl off so these other girls can see that you're proud to have her and you're happy to be with her.
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que corpo lindo 😻😱 (vocês são satisfeitos com o corpo de vocês ? o que mudaria)

uma música... ✨

What are some of your obsessions at the moment?

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Vocês fazem o que durante o dia? (Depois irei postar esse foto no @lifeistops) ativem as notificações


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