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Such a beautiful incoming mail piece! Thank you so much for this @myfacefeelsconfused ☺️

••• 💕 going through my stash to discover things I forgot I had! 🤷🏼‍♀️😂 Do you even know what you own? There are so many cool, new collections that are screaming my attention, but my closet is so full! Definitely need to shop at my own closet more 😂✂️💕 #craftingtime #craftymess #craftygirl #happygirl #happymail #handmade #handmadehappiness #handmadegift #snailmaillove #snailmailcommunity #snailmail #stationery #stationerylover #papergoodies #paperlover #pastelcolors #papercraft #projectlifecards #projectlife #cratepaper #maggieholmes #dearlizzy #snailmailjit

My tropical mail swap letters are all ready to be sent out today! This is my first swap via @prettypostal and I’m so excited to be a part of this. Safe travels to all the letters ❤️
The pretty envelopes are all thanks to @hallmark and @think.make.share 😃
#prettypostalswap #prettypostal #snailmail

My watercolor Peacock feather Online in my boutique ✨✨

✨ Letter Writing Prompt No. 2 ✨ Share a childhood story of yourself that is totally you, even today. ••• February is InCoWriMo (@incowrimo), an entire month of daily hand letter writing! As part of the challenge, I’ll be posting a daily letter writing prompt ✍🏻 inspired by my own practice. ••• To learn about the benefits of hand letter writing, check out the blog post link in my profile!

“...but the disappointments, the struggles, the sorrows of my life have served only to prepare me to appreciate the nobility, the sweetness and the truth of your nature, and my own need of you.” ❤️ An excerpt from an antique guidebook on business + social letter writing, published in 1911. 💌 TIDBIT: Do you know why a man predeceased by his wife is called a “widower” while a woman predeceased by her husband is called a “widow”? Because it was far more common back in the day for men to predecease their wives due to war, so a term was only necessary for women. Eventually, there needed to be a distinguishable term for men, and “widower” was born.

Watercolor Red Robin
In shop ❤️ http://amzn.to/2EEGIxx

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