“The days are long but the years are short.” 💕 Feeling every bit of that in shavasana today as my 6 year old is somehow almost as tall as me! 😧
Anyone else feel like your days as a family are filled with every emotion possible?! Yelling followed by laughter. Impatience and frustration followed by love and understanding. .
I’ve come to realize that more than anything, my kids need one-on-one, quality time with their parents. I’m really tying to make the most of my time with them lately, as the realization that they’re growing up so fast becomes more clear every day. 😞
“To end class, tell your Mom or Dad one thing you’re thankful for.” Aiden whispers “I’m thankful for Yoga with you, Mommy.” Ohhhh....my heart. Me too, baby. 💗💗

Lately we’ve been taking yoga together any chance we get and we’re both LOVING it! 🧘‍♀️ 🧘‍♂️ TODAY at 1pm is our Thanksgiving-Themed Family Yoga!! Need some quality time with your 2-6 year old?! Join us! There’s still space! $20. www.thebodybarsmyrna.com
@lisabmccray @kimatthebodybar

Anyone else’s ENTIRE body sore after Monday and Tuesday night classes?! Lucky for me, I got to take Yoga with the fabulous @kimatthebodybar this morning and I feel like a new human!! 🙏 .
Side note...Kim and I are LOVING this new gear from Zyia Active!! We will have a few pieces to try on in the studio soon! In the meantime, check out www.myzyia.com/lisamccray . Super cute, great quality, and much cheaper than the big name stores! New releases every Wednesday!! @lisabmccray .

Beginning Dec 1st Saturday Morning Yoga will have 2 sessions!!! (Tuesday’s have been discontinued) Saturdays 8-9am Power Yoga (High Intensity) 9-10am Restorative Yoga(Slower Movements) This is a great opportunity to come in and try something new! FREE to ALL Members $5 for drop ins, first come first serve space is limited. #smyrnatn #smyrnayoga #anytimefitness #anytimeyoga #yogafit #yogalife #namaste

Have you wondered what all the buzz is about essential oils? Join us on Sunday, December 2nd to learn how essential oils can help you thrive during every season. These gifts of nature have so many uses, and we can’t wait to share them with you.
We will begin with a gentle 30-minute vinyasa class incorporating essential oils. Then we’ll have a short educational session to learn about some important essential oils to help support you during this upcoming Fall/Winter season.
Bring a friend and take a couple hours on Sunday for yourself at Giving Tree Yoga. We'll take care of everything else.
You will leave with a nice holiday gift! . . .

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It’s a cold, rainy Monday and all you want to do is get cozy on your couch with some comfort food, right?! .
Remember that as much as you DON’T want to get to the gym, you will ALWAYS feel better after a workout! Why? When you exercise, your body releases chemicals called endorphins. These endorphins trigger a positive feeling in your body(similar to that of morphine), making getting your butt to the gym worth your time! 💪🏼 ☔️ .

Join us 1 week from TODAY for another FUN, Thanksgiving-Themed Family Yoga class! This is an amazing 1 hour class for children ages 2-6 to join their parent(s) in basic yoga poses set to fun music, a short activity and a themed craft to take home! 🦃 .
This was SO much fun in October that my son keeps asking when we’re doing yoga together again!! Sunday, 11/18, 1-2pm. 🧘‍♀️ 🧘‍♂️ Be sure to reserve your spot online at www.thebodybarsmyrna.com. .

Don’t forget to take care of yourself this weekend. Make it a stellar weekend!!#atlyoga #braves #stellarpoweryoga #smyrna #vinings #smyrnayoga #mariettayoga

Here's a nice diffuser blend to bring in the warm scents of Fall into your home.
Ask us at the studio and sign-up for our workshop on December 2nd to learn more about how to combine and diffuse and use Essential Oil in your home and on and in your body. . . .

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@Yoga_Elan is sending you peace and tranquility today! We're half way through the week, have you registered for your Yoga classes for the weekend? Register for any of our Yoga classes or give us a call for more info on our 1 on 1 classes. We hope to see you soon! #Namaste #YogaElan @Yoga_Elan💜

Many yoga teachers like to begin and end the class with this chant. If so, instead of feeling silly, try to be open to the experience and recognize how harmonizing this sound may make you feel.
Join us for a 1 on 1 session if you would like to work with an instructor before trying it out in class! Call or visit us for more info. #Namaste #YogaElan @Yoga_Elan💜

Looking for a non-traditional weight loss Yoga class? Join Ekemma tomorrow morning for #PowerYoga! Register using the link in bio or call us for more info on our 1 on 1 Yoga sessions! #Namaste #YogaElan @Yoga_Elan💜

We partied like it’s our anniversary this weekend! 🎉🎃👻 We love yoga. And our yogis! 💘
#yoga #mabletonga #mabletonyoga #smyrnaga #smyrnayoga #glowflow #yogaparty #30126 #atlanta #atlyoga #loveyoga #goodvibes ✌🏼

Life is colorful. Yoga should be too! We had so much fun celebrating our one year anniversary with these guys and gals! Each one brings a unique sparkle to our tribe. Mad love for all of them! And we always have room for one more. Join us! 🤗
#trailofsparkles #glowflow #yogaparty #mabletonga #mabletonyoga #smyrnaga #smyrnayoga #30126 #color #shinebright #goodtimes #discoveratl #atlanta #atlyoga

Join Jeryn to restore your body from the long week! Come center your breath and body while aligning your physical and mental. Register for this class using the link in bio! #Namaste #YogaElan @Yoga_Elan💜

A colorful yoga community we couldn’t be more smitten with. 💞 #yogaparty #glowflow #halloweenie
#mabletonga #mabletonyoga #smyrnaga #smyrnayoga #30126 #shinebright #glowy #namasteallday #atlyoga

Want to learn more Yoga tips and phrases? Join us for a 1 on 1 session! Call or visit us for more info🤗 We hope to see you soon! #Namaste #YogaElan @Yoga_Elan💜

Taking my own advice this morning! I am a lover of high intensity workouts, weight training and running, but ask my clients what I tell them they need more of...YOGA!!
I’m the first to admit that I need to put aside time for MY OWN workouts. I teach fitness for a living and I LOVE getting workouts in with my girls, but I rarely focus on my own body and what it needs.
Today, it desperately needed some hip openers, and my brain needed to turn off for an hour. Yoga for the WIN!! 🧘‍♀️ .

Have you been wanting to try Yoga but not comfortable to do it in front of a crowd? Do our Yoga classes not align with your schedule? @Yoga_Elan is now offering 1 on 1 Yoga classes for your convenience! Call or visit us for more info. #Namaste #YogaElan 💜

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