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Próximo concerto ❤

Ensaio geral #SMUAF. Banda sinfônica união dos artistas ferroviários. AMANHÃ MULECADA, VAMO COLA! #Pop #rock

Concerto Música e Poesia #smuaf #concert #musicaepoesia #banda #band

Kill two birds with one stone 📷 @drummerxsneakerhead


Próximo concerto ❤

the REAL homecoming king & queen #MillsMerritt16 #voteGeorge #smuAF 🐴

"Lies... All these lies!" In celebration of SMU Arts Fest, SMU StageIT will be putting up a one-time performance at the Capitol Theatre on 12 Sept 2016 (On Hari Raya Haji) along side SMU Ballare. ‘The Big Grey’ explores the themes of freedom and suppression in modern day societies.
Tickets available at only $25*! SMU students are entitled to a student discount too! Just quote ‘SMUAF2016’! Get the tickets today at http://www.apactix.com/events/detail/smu-arts-festival-2016 *Price before $1 APACTix fee
#SMUAF #thebiggrey

This savages b with these apes, play with this shit u get ate , bitch i b covered in bape

Remember when i rocked eco and paco now its Balmain with augo

Why do they hate on me

Ya i started at the bottom and i made my way to the top

I rock the preme with the thrasher

Keep a choppa call me Rambo

Stack it up count it up

Bank roll after bank roll i spend

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