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morning ride with my #tepura fam! #smto #soulcycle #sweataf

Sunday Group Ride ✔️#soulmateo #soulcycle #TePura #smto

yachting with my crew ⚓️ #sanpotatoes #smto

Just waiting for my pizza 🍕 #smto

Got PEPE'd tonight @soulcycle #SMTO with the squad 🎉💛🚲 #PALOTakesSMTO

Soul Cycle 🚴🏻‍♀️🚴🏻‍♀️🚴🏻‍♀️ San Mateo #SMTO #NorCal #myHomeTown

#SMTO at my church Union Grace. N.O.W. Youth Ministry & PRIME Young Adult Ministry. 🙏🏾

Mom and I went for a little #SoulCycle tonight. It's like a dance party in pedals. #SMTO


I completed Warrior Week at @soulcycle SMTO and now I'm gonna crush it tomorrow at my first Soul Challenge (90min ride)! 😬😬😬

yachting with my crew ⚓️ #sanpotatoes #smto

Eunhyuk IG update
#superjunior #elf #smto #tokyo

finally...a night out for a drink 🍷#smto #firsttimephonegaming #wineandcheesenight

My favorite way to bring in 24 (a little late) 🎉
#pepeparty #soulmateo #SMTO #soul

back at #soulmateo on @deviesmith 's 630 @soulcycle ride!! first time taking devins class and she slayed it!! I pushed myself on this one and almost ☠️☠️☠️☠️. I feel like it's not worth taking and being in class if you're not going to push yourself as hard as you can go. the instructors make a huge difference too - so I had a great time with devin! endorphins are running super high after class and I hope my legs will work tomorrow 😅. devin, you mentioned taco tuesdays 🌮 in class, so @dang87 and I waddled out of class and went to charlie's taqueria and had some tacos! 🤣 I ❤️ having a S☠️ULCYCLE in my hometown! anyone want to go tap it back? #smto #postworkoutselfie

supporting @jcelinem for her charity ride for @twloha with ginny at @soulcycle #smto!! thank you for raising awareness and spreading the love!!! ❤️. it was super fun riding next to @mascaraandcommandos and @wonderstef1223 and near @lifestylebywendy and @fit.bybit !!!! ALSO ran into one of my long long long lost friends @annetteyeung 😍 thank you for this pic!

thank you to JC for having amazing sponsors for your event!!! @healthade @showerpill @rxbar !! I really think I'm growing to like kombucha... like after a year!!!! I think health ade's flavors are pretty good (Chocolate and berry!), and I'm definitely loving @showerpill ESP after a SUPER SWEATY SESH!! I wish I could enjoy @rxbar though - I've grown an allergy to cashews so I can't eat them - one more for everyone else to enjoy!!! ----------- random question for people who do HIIT + have asthma, do any of you feel like you're slowed down because of your breathing? over a year ago, I went to the doctors for what I thought was an allergy problem. the doctor tested all my allergies and my breathing and tested my lung capacity to be of a 60 year old - which, to me, I thought at the time was normal. obviously, guess it wasn't. Since, I've been using inhalers before exercising - but during a good soulcycle ride, i could have a hard time breathing at the base of my throat. (It's normally ok with BBG). I forgot to use my inhalers this time, so I felt a little slow. (I also forgot to put on deodorant too, but thank goodness soulcycle has some!!!! lifesaver!!!) anyway a the verdict is, I want to go harder but I feel like my breathing is slowing me down. I think I need to go see the doctor again!

Sunday Group Ride ✔️#soulmateo #soulcycle #TePura #smto

morning ride with my #tepura fam! #smto #soulcycle #sweataf

can't get enough of the lighting at @soulcycle #smto. pic from Tuesday but I couldn't not post it || #findyoursoul #soulcycle #soulcyclesanmateo #soulcyclesmto

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