Whew!!!! Day #5 🎉of 10 Day Green 🍃 Smoothie Cleanse Is Here!!! We are #Halfway@temms55 !!! Soooooo A Couple of Confessions #truth...Last Night I Definitely Felt A Bit Hungry so I Drank A Small Green Smoothie + Ate My Favorite Snack, an English Cucumber 🥒 with a Dash of Sea Salt/Crushed Blk Pepper w/ Apple Cider Vinegar +An Avocado🥑 + a Ton of Raw Cauliflower...In Addition to My Daily Square Bar, Tuna Meal🥗, Peanut Butter 🥜 w/ Apples🍎, Nuts, Boiled Eggs 🥚 Detox Tea 🍵 & Giant AM Smoothie. What I Realized, Was My Body Wasn't Telling Me it Was Hungry, It Was Craving Sodium, Simple Remedy 👌🏾. What I am Noticing is I Am Losing MORE Weight #success 😊, While Eating MORE #yay (healthy snacks, fruits, veggies +tuna meals) 👍🏽 and Working Out LESS !!! The Old Saying Is True: "It's Not How Much You Eat, It's WHAT You Eat" #cleaneating 💯. Green Smoothies For Life 💚#itworks. Have A Great Day 😘.
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Today, I am so thankful for food!! I love food! But my love for it has changed as I’ve learned more about nutrition, and how food can affect your body and your emotions.
You can be in control of your food. It doesn’t control you!
Need help with nutrition? Come join my group to find encouragement and empowerment. 💪

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@smithandcoconut reliving our first market

It’s 21 degrees outside. Yeah, 21. On November 13th. So I’m thinking that it would be awesome to be transported to a warm place where I can have said-green-drink with a cute little umbrella coming out of it. 🤷🏼‍♀️ ____
Green thinking-of-a-warm-place Smoothie

1/2 cup Coconut water
Handful of spinach
5 frozen pineapple chunks
5 frozen mango chunks
1/2 frozen banana
Scoop of Vital Proteins collagen
Want to make creamier: add avocado

Not counting the macros: explain more later 😉, but to make it less carb heavy, take out the coconut water.

✨ My pretty breakfast ✨ Once a month every month I lead a ten day detox alongside my wellness team to shred bad habits that don’t serve us and replace them with healthier ones. For ten days we eliminate gluten, dairy, processed foods, added sugars, caffeine, alcohol and meals past 6 pm and we add a lot of Whole Foods, tons of fruits, veggies and water, daily movement and meditation. Recently I have even added a whole day phone detox and donating/throwing away clothing and things I don’t need in my home. I love leading these programs with other fun people and I love how amazing my body and mind feels after. Please let me know if you want in! The goal of this is not extreme weight loss or to be hungry. You can definitely lose weight if that’s a goal for you, but we really want to fuel the body with Whole Foods and daily movement which is much more sustainable to do in the long run ✨ Spirulina, frozen banana, frozen mango, strawberries, spinach, vanilla complete protein, nut butter, nut milk ✨ #fuelyourbodyfeedyoursoul #wellnessjunkie

Shit, I left my frozen mango melody in DC. #smoothiegirl

Happy Sunday my beauties! I already know my Monday will be fantastic since I already got a message about a 2 hour delay tomorrow morning which just makes me so very happy😊📚
I hope you all had a great day and I just wanted to share my fave back on track smoothie recipe
1 scoop vanilla protein powder
1 tsp maca
1 tsp spirulina
Cinnamon to taste
1/2 frozen banana
1 cup ice
Almond milk till desired consistency
And thats all. It is my favorite breakfast because it is great for helping to detox and alkalize your body.
If you try it out take a pic and put it on your story or insta and tag me and let me know what you think!!

Green smoothie time @smithandcoconut

I get asked about my “Superfoods” all the time! ⁣

I’ve been drinking them now for 3 years & here’s why💁🏻‍♀️⁣
~ They fill my body with REAL WHOLE FOODS, that no matter how well I eat, I won’t ever get on my own😏⁣
~ My digestion has greatly improved (from the enzymes, fiber, pre & probiotics my Superfoods have)👌🏻⁣
~ The biggest reason, which is why I started drinking them in the first place😍 It curbs my cravings for sweets & sugar!⁣

Most of the time you’ll find me drinking the chocolate one 🍫 but today I was really wanting a green smoothie (it’s a bonus that it tasted like birthday cake 🎂) 😜
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These cold morning are making me miss the days were I could be out side without a jacket on😕😋! Well anywho I had a super crazy busy long week but guys I got so much done📚✏! Sad me who put everything off is gone and I am not missing her one bit!
It feels really good to be negative or sad or hold a grudge in the moment but remember that every thing always feels better when you are happy and spreading joy around to others too! Love you all!
Rest up over this weekend and be ready to kill the game with the week starts up again!😊⭐😴

Absolutely love upper body workout days 😁💪🏻

A Matter Of Taste.
Beta-Orange Smoothie.
Orange colored fruits and vegetables are some of the healthiest fruits and vegetables to consume.
They are a great source of beta-carotene (a type of vitamin A which accounts for their orange color), vitamin C, B6, fiber, potassium, and iron. They help to remove free radicals that damage cells, are high in antioxidants, and pack a serious punch against illness and disease.
So this flu season boost your immune system naturally and grab yourself a tall glass of this delicious beta-orange smoothie!
coconut water, papaya, cantaloupe, pineapple, carrots, orange peppers and cucumber. Ginger to taste. Medjool dates to sweeten if needed.
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Start you day off with a delicious fresh fruit 🍌 🍓 smoothie! Madi likes hers 🌱 vegan! We can create your perfect drink! Just ask us! No sugar? No problem! Come see us today!
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