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Maya Ben-Aicha was born today at 19:16 and Hayley and I could not be more proud!

She’s the most beautiful girl i’ve ever seen.

Sneaker life (and the first picture i took with my new camera) 😎✌️

Hustle more, hassle less..
Keep going.

I LOVE my new Nike Lupinek Flyknit ACG boots! Some people are 50/50 on them but i dig ‘em 😎✌️❤️

Happy Valentines to my wifey.. I’m workin’ tonight but Valtentines for us is every day 😎👏❤️

Came home to a nice little gift from the guys at @redbulluae - Keepin’ it organic 😎✌️

At the end of the world, space and time, there will only be me and Keith Richards sat on a park bench at the end of the universe. I ain’t goin’ nowhere. 😎✌️

Last night was a blast.. Moments like that make me happy with my direction in life 😎✌️

Had a great time last night opening the new @fivepalmjumeirah Thursday night with @edxmusic - We had a blast! 😎✌️

Selekt's @smokingroove kicks off the Thursday Nights at @fivepalmjumeirah with the legend @edxmusic for the best rooftop #housevibes
#selekt #selektdjs #smokingroove #edx #thepenthouse #dancefmuae @dancefmuae

Say what?

Today’s kicks are kicking ass. Designed by @misterctoons, the ltd edition Nike Air Force 1 Livestrong 😎✌️

Thanks @Smokingroove for support Reina Cartello - Bomber
on The Underground Radio Show 063 🤘😄

Grab this track: fanlink.to/BKN086

#Smokingroove #TheUndergroundRadioShow

This week we’re starting a new Thursday night residency at @fivepalmjumeirah and this week @edxmusic joins me for what looks to be a big night ahead.. Looking forward to it 😎✌️

Damaged my neck with years of not paying attention to my health through countless gigs over the last 20 years. Did an MRI to start fixing myself properly and have a new motivation to do some good.
Just a note to DJs to look after your health. You can’t rock a party if you ain’t there.

“WE ARE FAMILY..” Myself and my loves @djheidi & @nicolemoudaber 😎❤️

I need this car in my life.. Anything else is just settling. I ain’t about that. 😎🖕

Back in 1991 i really wanted these but could never have them. I wear them to remind me of those times. And.. They are pure 🔥

Great to meet and hang out with @tube_and_berger last night before they went on to rock @sohogardendxb .. Love their vibe. Welcome to the familia, bros 😎👊

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