Finally have time to reflect on #smmw18 . @jaywaustin you were awesome to work with. You know how to get things done well. 🙌🏻 thanks for doing you so well.

Getting my @billygeneismarketing fix from @smexaminer #SMMW18 a bro your video acumen is insane #investwisley #DigitalMarketing

TBT to my favorite campsite so far. Quiet lake with super easy access to the water. Hot in the day and campfire weather at night. Plenty of room with a private backyard. Everyone sounds like Zig Ziglar and we discovered Bob Evans.

Who else misses seeing this sign as you go up the escalators in the morning? 🤔 #smmw18 #socialmediaexaminer

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"Don't ask for a follow, you earn a follow by giving value." - @suebzimmerman #smmw18 #socialmediaexaminer

DAY 30 | ROAD TO 300

Video! 2 out of the top 3!
Big thanks to Forbes contributor Mike Templeman for the stats.

How to Use Facebook Ad Dayparting to Optimize Your Results

link: https://goo.gl/xPVM7m



Found a private island and thinking about buying it.

It was a real pleasure meeting @chrisducker at the #smmw18. His session was the first on the list and it definitely set the bar on what to expect at the conference.

This video is what started everything off, so it only seems fitting to kick off #behindthesocial with a simple question on leveraging valuable content.

#socialmedia #tips #tricks #advice #onlinemarketing #email #marketing #smmw

Just two band kids nearding out. The thing I love about @patflynn is how open he is with the things that have worked for him in business while embracing exactly who he is. Today the @sparklehustlegrow boxes are starting to arrive for the VIP members and as they enroll in my course each person is getting a video from me welcoming them! This is something I learned at #smmw18 from Pat. 🔥 People complain that tech has separated us from each other....but used well tech can help us find our tribe, find community and share our wins. We aren’t built to do this life alone. We are meant to be in community and I am excited to welcome all the new students to the Baker Fam so I can help their business be legally protected and outrageously successful! #sparklehustlegrow #socialmedia #subscriptionboxaddict

"Don't ask for a follow, you earn a follow by giving value." - @suebzimmerman #smmw18 #socialmediaexaminer

Best surprise EVER!! Thank you @soyclevercandle for making my week. 😍You definitely know how to delight your customers!! #SMMW18

DAY 29 | ROAD TO 300

#gratefulday .I am blessed 😇beyond measure .

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