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There is nothing more lusted after by gay men than a straight man. To “flip” one over to our team is a badge of honor. Many people think it comes from a place of manipulation, but I soon found out it was a lot more than that. It was the very first day of my jr year of college. The air was as cold as the dining hall eggs I was forcing myself to eat. The last night was rough. Every bite tasted like it was being chased with vodka. My friends were telling me what I did before blacking out. “Gurl after that, you got on the table and started twerking your ass, knocked over my jaegerbomb, and got us kicked out the bar!” “BITCH STFU! THAT 👏DID 👏NOT 👏HAPPEN!" Behind me I hear, “It did. I was there.” I turned and there he was. Skinny, tall, white. If you’ve followed me for awhile, you know what that means 😉 His bangs were super long and covered his eyes. Shielding him from all the stereotypes I wanted to put on him. Blocking my imagination from granting him a past, present and future. He was just…a guy. I said, “Please tell me you’re joking”. He goes, “Nope, I had to help carry you out. You offered to rub my feet as a thank you and I said no because I was straight and then your friends carried you home”. The table goes, “TOLD YOU BITCHHHH!” I was mortified. That’s when he flicked his hair out of his face and allowed me access. He had green eyes, perfect teeth, and that skin thing white people get when their cheeks are always red. But it looked good on him. It was as though he knew I would judge him. I had to gain his trust before he opened the curtain that was now resting on his right cheekbone. “I gave you my number to make sure you got home safely, but you never texted back so I was worried”. I realized I didn’t check my phone. Back then I had a flip phone w/ Kim Possible ringtone and was too embarrassed to whip it out in front of him. “I haven’t checked! I’m sorry!” “No prob, have a great day!”. On the walk home I opened my phone. “Hey are you alright?” Sent 2:32 AM. “Thanks for everything! Sorry I did all that.” Sent 11:46 AM. “I’ll be honest. I did it because you’re sexy. I’m 100% straight, but when I met you, I became 80/20”. Sent 11:47 AM. LPCG

@karliekloss is our #wcw this week
Photo by @gregkadelstudios

Got that Midas Touch 👆 📸: @joshbeal01
Covered in gold and channeling my best game of thrones/Snow white and the Huntsman.
And thanks @celkins90 for letting me use that amazing crown for this shoot!

Had a wonderful time running around New York City taking photos with @life_as_lane the other day! Friends, if you need photos for any reason, check his website out!!! Love the shots, Lane!!!!
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It was me, I let the dogs out 🐶 #mysterysolved


Literally this cat: "make sure you get all my good angles" #smize

💃🏽 Happiness is the moment when you find someone who can channeling your inner Tyra Banks together. Werkkkkkkkkk 😜 @modelsailor #fierce 🇹🇱 🇯🇲 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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Its Thanksgiving time!! My snapchat name is Ashsnapity .
#lookmeup #addme #itsstarting #almostchristmas #blonde #smize #thanksgiving #watchingtheparade #breakfast #snapchat

Happy birthday @edwardalan_
photographed by @oh_dii for the 5th issue of @desnudohomme

Once upon a dream.. im on the cover of Elle with Mareng @taylorswift ~~ .
#andraegetaway #wheninhongkong #madamtrussad #waxfigures #smize #confidencelevel

Smizing 👀 like Tyra Banks taught in a very cool place
Тренирую роковой взгляд как Тайра Бэнкс учила в этом очень гранжевом местечке #викамодель #smize #antmfan #vzorkovna #praha #prague

G o d
R e l a t i o n s h i p s
A r t
T e a c h e r s
E n d l e s s L a u g h t e r
F a m i l y
U n i q u e S e l f
L o v e .
My list could go on... So many things I am grateful for, this year. It’s been a year of exploring, healing and generally moving forward... but also days where I’ve moved back. Probably the most beautiful part of this year, ARE those days — for they are preparing you, like an arrow being pulled back, only to be launched forward to your next stage >—-> 💫
But most importantly, g r a t e f u l for the relationships in my life. My heart is more open this year because of all of you 💛 ... Wishing friends and family, near and far, a very magical Thanksgiving ✨ I can’t wait to spend the day with my family, cooking, eating, laughing and singing karaoke 🎤 🎼😆 (Yes, there will be karaoke- my family and I are nerds 🤓) Happy Thanksgiving, all! 🍁 Enjoy your turkey 🙃

Hope everyone's Thanksgiving is as happy as Harry! 🐱

#happythanksgiving2017 #harrycharles🐈 #happycatsgiving #smilingcat #smile

Happy Thanksgiving my American friends!! Some advice when posting selfies today....hahaa! I love Kevin James. #selfie #natural #smize #ducklips #flow

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