The card for the week is the King of Wands
My question was for everyone - How can we create some manifesting magic this week? (you'll know by now that I'm all about us fulfilling our dreams! )
- What's coming to me is to 'Act As If'. How would you act if you already had what you wanted? Would you make an effort to dress nicely every day? Have time to call your friends? Have a regular massage or date night? Have more quality time with your kids? Take a moment to imagine how you would feel if you had what you wanted.
Now get creative about ways to Act As If right now. Eg. If you would get a manicure once a week, have a friend around and do each other's nails. If you want a nicer car, really look after the one you have and give it a deluxe clean inside and out the same way you would if it was a dream car.
This King is focused and passionate and able to transform himself into whatever is needed. His staff/wand is on the earth and he is raised above, still in the physical plain but not bogged down by petty details and therefore able to visualise and manifest easily.
Try meditating and visualising your goals this week too and have a great week Acting As If!

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#theapriltarot, Day 22) Pluto Rx truthbomb: Face this - #thehangedman, Be honest here - #sevenofswords | I’m still engaging in certain self-destructive behaviours at times, and it’s holding me back - I need to really examine the situation and ask myself why I knowingly continue to sabotage myself when I want so badly to keep moving forward. #smithwaitecentennial #tarot #tarotchallenge #taroteverydamnday #cartomancy #divination #positivity #positivevibes #goodvibes #cutthatshitout #nevergiveup #neverstoplearning

#TarotCardofTheDay (4-22-18)
The KING OF CUPS Rx signifies our inability to take a moment and really analyze our emotional wellbeing. This King is the master of managing his emotional state, which is what we might want to consider embodying.
If we open up to the mindfulness that the King suggests, we will be more receptive to the actionable energies of the 8 OF WANDS. Personally, this is the card of movement. Everything that we might be working towards are going to crank up with energy and flow along. This is the reason why we need to learn to cope better with our emotions because if we are not able to we can be swept off of our feet by the current of our projects or lives.

Bought myself some new cards. I find that cards absorb context in your state of mind. I’m hoping these cards will help me organize myself academically and professionally.
That’s why I went with the classic #smithwaitecentennial #tarot

#theapriltarot, Day 20) A happy reminder from the cards: #knightofswords - I’ve just embarked on a brand-new chapter on my journey - I’m doing all of the things, kicking ass, and taking names. And how! #smithwaitecentennial #tarot #tarotchallenge #taroteverydamnday #cartomancy #divination #positivity #positivevibes #goodvibes #dothething #getitdone #neverstoplearning

Mulling over ideas on a possible new direction with my trusty #smithwaitecentennial ✨ The 8 of Wands says things could escalate quickly but the queen of swords reminds me to clear my head, use logic and analyse all the pros and cons. The fool on the other hand says jump right in, there’s nothing to lose... ✨🙏🏼 #decisionspread #riderwaitesmith #tarotcards

I’ve always been sorta torn about Wednesdays. The struggle to acknowledge & protect what I *have* gotten done vs. juggling everything else that’s yet to be completed, even while I’m already put out from the first half of the week’s journey.

The rat race is sum’n else... #tarotreadersofinstagram #tarot #smithwaitecentennial

Message from the oracle card: The appearance of external forces sometimes called Luck or Karma - of being in the right place at the right time. It is a good time to take things as they come and adopt a cooperative attitude with whatever manifests.
#smithwaitecentennial #tarot #oracle #cosmostarot

Cards of the day: It’s time to fully commit to love ✨♥️ What does commitment look like for you?

Cartes du jour : l’hermite du Smith-Waite centennial tarot deck et le ralentissement du magnifique oracle des reflets de @celiamelesville.
Prendre le temps de la réflexion.
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Tarot on the train: day 16 of #theapriltarot. Something to forgive myself, something to embrace. A (loving) poke in the ribs from the universe here.

In the past 6 months I’ve had a few conversations which went a little bit like this...
Me: I’m so sorry to say I won’t be able to do this thing any more.
Them: Oh. Oh no. But surely you can still do this little bit of it, can’t you?
Me: ...
Them: because it will be so difficult to find someone else to do it and it really needs doing.
Me (weakly): ...yeah. Yeah I can do that little bit. Ok. Thank you.
So. I can forgive myself for not managing to fight all (or even most of) the good fights. And I will embrace the necessity to let things go.
#7ofWands #Death #SmithWaiteCentennial #tarotinatin

With a little bit of teamwork... we will get out the door before 9am this morning without anyone losing their shit 😉🖤
Deck: Smith Waite Centennial
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Daily Tarot:
3 of Wands
Getting ready for expansion and exploration, taking careful aim and then bursting forward. This feels like a good card for a warm Saturday, right before the new moon and Mercury going direct. We’re all gathering our energy before making the next move.
I would just ask that part of this pause for all of us is to choose which action will help other people as well as ourselves. Maybe you or I as individuals can’t single-handedly tackle every injustice in the world but we can take on some. We can continue to listen, volunteer, donate, hold our government accountable. What’s happening in Syria, in our names, is not ok on any level. Let’s ensure that our energy is going towards projects that make life better for our fellow beings.
I love looking at the same card from different decks to see what imagery each artist chose for that concept. These all feel consistent in the ideas of aim, desire, and expansion, but they each bring different nuances. The RWS has a hint of a backstory, the experience necessary to truly make a new choice. Small Spells focuses on aligning action with the desired outcome, taking aim. And the Marseilles image feels like it’s bursting outward from the center, an unfettered creative act.
If you want to learn your deck really thoroughly, it’s helpful to compare it to other decks. Most of the classic tarot images are online, so you don’t even have to buy one to study. There’s also a great RWS app called “Tarot!” that’s only a few dollars. Tarot study can be really accessible, you don’t need to have a huge library of books and cards.
And speaking of taking aim during the new moon! Please join me for my New Moon Circle tomorrow Sunday 4/15 from 12-2 at @jilllindsey, ticket link in my bio.
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Day 14 of #theapriltarot - oh hello deadlines 😅
I need to remember that, with focus, everything I’ve set out to achieve is possible. And it’s ok to ask for help along the way! #8ofWands #10ofWands #wandswandswands #smithwaitecentennial

Ten of Cups + found poetry from “Woman and the Priesthood” by Rodney Turner:
“Marriage and family
are fully woven
into a tapestry.
Life’s fabric
never becomes worn.
Its colors never fade.
Its threads never break.
It can be
completed and divine,
nothing less than personal,
and sought
by love.” ❤️ With this one, I wanted to find a message that both affirmed marriage/family for the wonderful gifts they can be while not making them the be-all end-all of life for everyone. They can be *part* of the tapestry, not the entire thing.
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Got my first #tarot reading last night! Now it's time to try reading on my own. Got myself a #SmithWaite deck & the #ModernWitchcraftBookofTarot. Still a lot to learn & I'm taking recommendations on your favorite tarot books!
#tarotThursday #RiderWaite #RiderSmithWaite #SmithWaiteCentennial #ModernWitchcraft #ModernWitchcraftGuide #SkyeAlexander #witchcraft #tarotcards .
[Image description: A green metal tin with Pamela Coleman Smith's illustration of two woman talking in a garden. The tin holds a Rider Smith Waite tarot deck and is setting on top of a yellow hardback book titled The Modern Witchcraft Book of Tarot.]

🌛🌝🌜The Moon. 🌛🌝🌜
A psychic awakening. .
As a woman, the temptation to give in to the chemical imbalance and moodiness that can occur before/during menstruation can be overwhelming. But we have the ability to transcend our mortal selves and harness the mystical power of the Moon, allowing her to bless us with her wisdom and the recognition that we are more powerful and special than we know: we can create life, and that is exquisitely beautiful. 🙏🏻 .
On a more universally relatable note, The Moon encourages us to unleash our inner animal from time to time, allowing us to examine our deepest and most hidden selves with calm introspection, not fear. Keeping your inner animal chained and starved will only lead to unhealthy, perhaps dangerous outbursts. Don’t be afraid of the dark and wild beast within. Acknowledge its presence and respect its strength, while knowing that you alone hold the power over all aspects of your Self. .
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