lovely afternoon in great #smithie company taste-testing the incredibly delicious and creative desserts of @pinn_janv ... watch out, world, you’re going to want to try these!! #tastetest #cookies #icecream #matcha #chocolate #seaweed #saltedegg #allamazing #bakedinbangkok

I was born into an immigrant family. My parents and older brother came to America in 1995 on a green card lottery from post-soviet Moldova with barely any money. The three of them lived in a building's storage room next to the boiler since they couldn't afford an apartment and were just starting out. They had to walk into their bedroom sideways and there was one small window by the ceiling. They tied a basket to the ceiling so that roaches couldn't get to the bread inside. My parents have one high school degree between them. They worked 4-5 jobs between them as laborers and continue even now.
Today, I turn 20. I'm a first generation college student studying engineering at Smith College as a STEM Posse Scholar.  I just finished a summer interning at NASA ARC and am creating the first ever cubesat initiative at an all women's college. I'm lucky enough to be surrounded by amazing friends, wonderful love, and my strong family. I recognize the sacrifices my family made for me and my brother, and I want to thank them for raising me to be the person I'm proud to be today. Without my family, friends, and everyone in between, I wouldn't be where I am.
I hope you all can find your people that make you the best you, and hold on to them. Have an open heart and let life take you where you need to go, you just might end up having the adventure of a lifetime.
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We did it!! Happy last day day of the Smith summer free-for-all! Is it time for the beach now?!?☀️ 👙 🌴#friends #summer #smithssw #smithie #winning

Failed #TheSealeyChallenge but I’m still challenging myself to #read a shit ton of #poetry. I’ve read 11 books so far and I’m proud of me 🤗📚 Finished #frankohara #meditationsinanemergency today and now I’m reading a collection of poems by #emilydickinson 😊 which is perfect because I recently went to see a play written by and starring my buddy (and fellow #Smithie) @tanya_odebra called “Shut up, Emily Dickinson!” at #thekrainetheater here in #nyc and it was fantastic 😊❤️🤗✨😁 Okay... I’m done rambling, haha, but yeah, we outchea!

I’m a little late with my birthday tribute to Julia Child, but I cannot let the day go unrecognized for a woman who gave me so much. Julia’s Smith scholarship funded my education, and I am forever grateful I had the opportunity to thank her in person. Thank You Julia. And Happy Birthday! #smithie #smithcollege #feminist #strongwomen #happybirthday #juliachild

With gratitude for much inspiration, Happy Birthday to fellow #Smithie Julia Child. Shown here as an undergrad, front row, center. (📷: @smithcollege)

Finishing up my last week of ten brutal weeks of my second summer at @smithcollegessw and feeling super proud (and tired!). 10 midterms, 10 finals, hundreds...and hundreds of pages of readings....picture from my group theory for children and adolescents: I have my piece of string and will carry it with me as I continue to weave the web that is my professional career! One year as of tomorrow and I’ll have my MSW- times flies!! #smithie #ssw #lifegoals #dreambig #socialworker #thisthingcalledlife

Happy a birthday Julia! 📷: Paul Child/Everett Collection. Illegitemus non carborundum est (“Don’t let the bastards grind you down”). “The only real stumbling block is fear of failure. In cooking you've got to have a what-the-hell attitude. “If you’re afraid of butter use cream. all things in moderation, including moderation.” #juliachild #smithie #midlifebadass #wildabandon #bonappetit

Day 8: Sky

This was the last day of our first Smith College Family Weekend Sunday brunch. We had just left a string quartet performance and finished stuffing our faces with pancakes and grapefruit. I was standing beneath these glorious trees on a pleasantly warm autumn day. Three years later and it’s almost that time of year again. I can’t wait. Hotel already booked.

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And all of a sudden she was making a knife 😁

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One more week until she’s a Master #smithie #workhardeaticecream

Saying farewell to this amazing group of #interns this week. We spent an amazing day at @coastalmainebotanicalgardens with our good friend and class of ‘08 #smithie @syrethab. #plantinspiration

I'm so excited that my friend and travel blogger @_traveljewels_ is using her upcoming trip to Grenada for my Scuba Yoga Day Retreat as motivation to learn how to swim! 🐳🌟 This Sept 29th retreat is perfect for those of you who want to try something new. If you ever thought about Scuba Diving this is the perfect setting to discover diving. The expert team at @aquanautsgrenada will train you, teach you hands-on in the pool at @truebluebayresort and then you will so a easy ocean dive, near the coastline, with a dive master by your side the whole time.  Plus you will have me, easing your nerves with gentle yoga and meditation at stunning @sankalpayogagrenada and we will have a delicious breakfast and lunch. It's a full day of goodness! Experienced divers you are welcome too! Link in Bio for Details.

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Here’s the thing: this is all about optics. @smithcollege is wasting money on an outside investigation instead of making its white employee uncomfortable and forcing them to publicly own their actions and admit that they, like all of us who walk around in white skin, have been taught to fear and question black people. Instead of asking one person to step up, own their error and their racism, and make amends to Oumou Kanoute, they are hoping this will go away because they are doing the classic wealthy white move of we-know-we-messed-up-and-we-are-so-so-sorry-and-here’s-our-money-that’s-the-same-as-ownership-right? IT IS NOT THE SAME. IT IS OPTICAL ALLYSHIP.
@smithcollege, you need to name the person in your employ who harmed Oumou Kanoute by calling the police on her while she ate lunch. They chose to call the police; they need to take the natural consequences of that action, which in this case is becoming a public example for others of what systemic racism looks like and what happens when we don’t face our own internalized racism head on. This is not about humiliation or shaming. This is about asking a predominately white women’s college to be truly feminist, which means being inclusive in action, not just in optics.
Please note: in the article where Smith announced they were hiring an outside investigator, someone made sure that the @dailyhampshiregazette made it clear that “...an unarmed campus police officer arrived and asked what she was doing.” Look at the language: unarmed, *campus* police officer. This is intentional. This is white supremacy wanting to uphold itself in public by trying to downplay the seriousness of their actions.

I used to think we were cool on race here in Western Massachusetts because the particular valley in which I live is stereotypically liberal. (See: one food co-op per roughly every 100 people, quinoa is often baby’s first food [milled by hand in a personal food mill], loads of @berniesanders special edition bumper stickers, etc.)
But we’re not cool. At all. We’re just like everywhere else - we’re just better at denying it.
This happened at Smith. Western MA: we have work to do.
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😢 🔊 #everyday #livingwhileblack #accountability — -
Oumou Kanoute was just trying to catch a break—a lunch break to be precise. A rising sophomore at Smith College, Kanoute has been working on the campus this summer as a residential adviser and teaching assistant. -
On Tuesday, Kanoute was in a campus common room of the women’s college quietly reading and eating her lunch, when a #cop walked in to investigate her presence there.
“I am blown away at the fact that I cannot even sit down and eat lunch peacefully,” Kanoute wrote in a Facebook post describing the incident later that day. “I did nothing wrong, I wasn’t making any noise or bothering anyone. All I did was be black.”
An unknown employee had called the police on her, Smith #College confirms, because she “seemed out of place.”
Kanoute, who also shared videos of her interaction with a police officer, wrote in another FB post that a white employee had reported a “suspicious black male” to the police (in her Facebook profile photo, Kanoute is pictured wearing her hair closely cropped).
According to the Boston Globe, campus police at the small liberal arts school are not armed.
On Wednesday morning, Amy Hunter, the college’s interim director of diversity and inclusion, said that #SmithCollege doesn’t tolerate gender or racial #discrimination “in any form.”
“Such behavior can contribute to a climate of fear, hostility and exclusion that has no place in our community,” she wrote in a statement sent to students, alumni, faculty and staff.

This city is my forever love. Can't believe I'm in the last 30 days.

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A painting of my best friendarino at the best tea shop I’ve ever been to ☕️aka @dobrateama (@lace.love.lily can we go again in the fall please?)

Quiet and snuggly this morning. My boy Banjo 😍

@henrystevinson and myself are through to the final #realtennis in the #Smithie- actually we are the #reigningchamps

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