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I feel like when I get to meet my fans, they talk to me like a friend instead of a fan and the artist. There's no divide between us - @mileycyrus

gold teeth, i hink i'm in love😍

Tag the person you have the best party memories with

wow 😍

Awe, Forever the Same😍💝
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my phone's finally working guys, i missed you guys so much!! so much has happened within the last few days. my car is in the works of being mine, i'm going to the ulta makeup store in philly tomorrow, vacation is next weekend. SO MUCH SO MUCH!!! but most importantly, my sweet sky sent me the most beautiful package with so many great little treasures in it!! made me cry man, like she got me an official selena gomez autographed picture like MY HEART 😭💜 ugh made my whole week better and i feel so happy ☺️ hope everyones enjoying their weekend. i love you all..❤️ sophie xo

This picture has an amazing atmosphere of peace and calm. This era will be just like that photo. Malibu 💚🍃

cuteee ~ i'm alive 1st day is done thank god 😂

VOTOS HASTA EL MOMENTO EN #BestFans! #Smilers VS #Harmonizers. ¿Quién debe ganar? #LINK PARA #VOTAR EN LA #BIOGRAFIA*

The Quote of the Day for Saturday, June 24, 2017. "If you are awake, you are blessed. Life is a priceless gift, appreciate every minute of it."
Life is a mysterious gift with wonderful surprises. We may not recognize the surprises as wonderful at every moment. Yet we see great surprises as we continue walking through life and see success.
If we make the decision to look at life as an amazing gift, we will find joy in every step we take. It's our attitude in life that brings joy into our life.
If we make the decision to feel blessed from the moment we wake up to the moment we fall asleep, happiness will be found with every breath we take.
Laughter Meditation as taught by The Giggle Fest at Giggle Fest University quiets both our mind and body so we can recognize all the blessings showered onto us each and every moment of every day.
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"E que os motivos pra sorrir,sejam maiores que os pra chorar..!" #smile #sorria #rj #life #smilers #errejota #vsco #vscobrasil #vscocam #vscocambrasil #instagood

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