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so I put my hands up..

Hey geith. I'm gonna poth my ophinion on thelena's "Fetith" muthic video thith week but my ath ith too lathy tho poth anything rigth now tho I apologithe. I promithe tho poth and be acthive. Let me gather my ophinionth & video tho I can geth ith over with. Good nigth.

tb miley on fallon show in 2016 😂 my fav

How cute shes at the beginning 😍😍😍

Vote Malibu for the best pop video!!!!!!! Link on my bio>>>


Idk why but anytime I post opinions I always come across accounts that have 10 followers or less that are private and haven't posted any pictures that have interesting usernames, comment and be offended literally not getting that someone asked me to give an opinion on whatever and I gave it. Idk who these nobody's are and if your those people no one knows you and no one asked you to come here and sound silly. If your mad, then don't start up something out of an opinion. Calm down and bye. Y'all weird and random.

i hope you enjoy my page ( original account: @miamfacts ) . it's a theme dedicated to things smilers relate to. - 💛
@mileycyrus @happyhippiefdn

Babe girl🌹💖

Babes 💓 3 of my favs

Sonriéndole al fin de semana ¡Lo que me gusta a mí un buen viernes! #Friday #FridayNight #FridayMood #Smile #SmileAlways #AlwaysSmiling #Smilers #Beard #beardboy #Caceres #Extremadura #BenditosViernes #Boy

I want some tacos so bad right now😩

Ally is so damn beautiful😍😍😍 anyways I find it funny how ot4 stans say Camila can't sing lol I'm over here laughing cuz they act like they can sing. If she can't sing she wouldn't be this famous so ✌😂😂😂- A

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