Goodmorning‼️ Let’s get up and let’s go, you know the drill. Breathe. Plan. Breathe. Execute. #productivefriday

A year ago I did my first fitness shoot. (Thanks to @ncoskyphoto). A year ago I was so uncomfortable in this body, simply because I wasn’t “where I wanted to be”. Shortly thereafter I had a complete 6 pack when fully relaxed, I ran a half marathon in 1 hour and 42 minutes and was at, what I believe to be, my optimal shape. I was still thinking so uncomfortable. I could not appreciate all of the amazing things that my body was doing, and the results that it was showing.
Flash forward a year. I look [almost] exactly like I do in these photos and I couldn’t be happier. This week I’m on vacation. No “diet”. Eating what I want when I want it. Exercising when I want. Not working. On an all inclusive vacation at home: including healing, soul food, dessert, naps, and ABSOLUTELY no guilt.
I work hard when I’m working my two jobs and trying to eat smart and exercise. I needed this. I needed this to realize that loving your body and being in an optimal body are very different things. I LOVE my thicker thighs, full glutes, and solid midsection. I also love my toned, sleek arms, abdominal definition, and lean legs, too. I love me at all stages but I’m DEFINITELY enjoying this one right now. And AT my optimal body, when I get there again, I’ll love me too. But I won’t wait to get there to appreciate all that I have.
If Mother Nature can take a couple extra months to give us spring, I can take a couple more weeks of hibernation mode before the days of more steps and less snacks start again and I’m back in a routine.
Happy 109th day of January, everyone. As much as this weather sucks, don’t forget to love yourself today- and every day. Let’s get those bodies spring ready... tomorrow. . . . . .
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ATTENTION‼️ There’s so many people that are loosing their lives daily, no matter the age, not matter the situation. We are still here, there’s so much more to life than competition, than worrying about who wins the argument, who’s right who’s wrong! Life is about living and doing it God’s way, he loves us so much that he gives us breath to breathe and actions to go along with them! Whatever it is you were placed on this earth to do, do it to the best of your abilities!! #blessedwithpurpose

Got my 3 in this morning just a week before my half next week. I'm ready but not ready! 😂🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️
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I can’t be anything to anyone if I’m nothing to myself. -someone

Kind words make the world better, it can really make someone's day better! We need to spread kindness and support one another! Kindness comes from the heart and goes a long way! 👍👍 #MIX #KINDCOMMENTS #SAVEALIFE

Sometimes happiness the only thing I pray for 💯#stayhumble👑 #smiledaily

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