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How has it been 5 years since I last went riding? This used to be my thing growing up. What are some of your childhood hobbies?

Current condition 💜
26 yo, 5'7 , 59kg
DIET: macros - P175 F67 C175 = 2000 cals.Blended approach clean eating/IIFYM, I fill my macros with fresh whole foods. 1-2x (not tracked) cheat meals a week. I hit my macros during the week and then on the weekend I am more relaxed and usually eat intuitively rather than stress about tracking my intake. I’m in my ‘off season’ so don’t need to be so hard on myself!
TRAINING: Weights 6 days per week. 4x lower body, 2x upper. 2-3x crossfit style sessions for higher intensity training (my cardio). 1 full rest day. My weight sessions are usually 1-1.5 hours long.
Squat 150kg/ 330lbs
Deadlift 145kg
Bench 50kg 😂I don't train chest so that's why!
NEXT COMPS: WBFF Worlds August 2017 👙
Powerlifting comp Oct/Nov 💪🏼
After a long period of being in a calorie deficit, I’m reverse dieting right now which means slowly increasing my calories and building back my metabolism as my calories right now are low for me. I’m aiming to sit at 2300 for the next few weeks before dieting down again for another event/photoshoots. My body looks/performs better on high carb diet which I am usually on for my WBFF preps so this will be where I am focusing a lot of my calorie increase from. It’s okay to say good bye to abs in order to make some improvements to your physique. AKA BOOTY & QUAD GAINS PLEASE!

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어제 저녁을 많이 먹어서 부은거라 생각한다
원래 저렇게 안생겼어요

⬅️SWIPE ⬅️ When I first began to put more thought into my diet and my training, my sole focus was fat loss - I wanted to be lean. Before long, that desire to see prominent abs turned into an obsession with seeing the scales showing a smaller and smaller number each week. I developed a negative relationship with what I weighed pretty quickly.
While I would become even more determined when I saw the scales reflecting my hard work, it also drove me to perform excessive hours of cardio, eat less than I should have been eating and on the occasion that the scales didn’t behave in a fashion I thought fair, cause me to question whether or not I was good enough. It caused me to doubt myself. To not believe in myself. Being and getting lean, I felt, was who I was. It was who I became and who I thought I wanted to be. It defined me. And if I couldn’t continue to do that, or if being that wasn’t possible, I felt like less of a man. As if I were inferior to others because I couldn’t do or be what I thought I wanted to be. All because of a number.
The reality is that the number on the scales doesn’t define us. It doesn’t even tell us how we look, if we’re a decent human, whether we’re kind or hard working or loving. It simply demonstrates how much downward pressure we’re applying to the earth at any given moment. Use your weight as an objective way to measure your progress and make educated decisions moving forward, but don’t let it dictate your self worth, because a number alone does not tell the entire story.
It’s all about perspective - weighing in at over 100kg for the first time was enough to kickstart my weight loss journey because at the time, I didn’t see that figure as an acceptable number. Now, that number tells me a different story. What you weigh doesn’t dictate how you look, and if your plans involve adding any muscle mass at all, understand that number is probably going to do some changing over time. Height is 186cm. Inspired by @becchambersfit ❤️




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Die tijd dat we heel productief waren ... maar Snapchat uiteindelijk toch belangrijker vonden dan Engels😂❤ | #bestfriend #snapchat #smile #friendshipgoals #blue #red #productive #study #school #english

E o meu sorriso, ninguém tira nunca. #sorriso #smile #happy #feliz #felicidade #hapiness

Godmorgon lillördag🌸
Lite småtrött idag, men med några koppar kaffe så ska jag snart vara med i matchen💃🏽 Ni har väl inte glömt min tag #onsdagsinspo 😍
Här kommer ett konto som är inspo varje dag i veckan👆🏻 @sandblomman_interior
Förutom en heeeelt magisk trädgård🍀
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