Today, two of our bad-ass teachers are flying out to compete in @aerialympics in St. Louis Missouri, this weekend! Let’s send off @liz_and_loki + @debwhite7 with all our love, support + good pole vibes. We know your going to KILL it!! MERDE! And a little 🍀because it’s going to be St. Patrick’s day.

***Drumroll Please***
Creating movement, listening to music, dancing with my friends + instructors feeds my soul daily! Getting to do all these things at once while having it captured on video by the creative talent @yvonnephoto fills me up with excitement + gratitude.
Thank you @yoyo_flamingo for making a beautiful video for SMF, I plan to watch it at least 70 times today. ♥️
Shout out to our dancers: @smooth_landyn @aerialist.hillary @liz_and_loki @jenni_and_the_bets @leeloo_81 @riotay @ctlnina @smokemirrorsstacey @missmurder1134

Biggest Welcome to Our newest SMF instructor Liz!
We are so happy to have you as part of our team!
Liz Naguib first discovered pole in July 2014. With an extensive background in classical and commercial dance, she was thrilled to find a “workout” that let her use some of her dance background while challenging her to build new levels of strength and muscle memory.

Though newer to the pole industry, Liz brings with her 18 years of experience as a dance educator. She is a graduate of the University of California, Irvine with a B.A in dance, and has held personal training certifications from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and in Turbokick and P90X group fitness instruction. ​

She was the only UCI undergraduate selected to perform at Rick Odum's Festival of Solo's and Duets in Paris, France, and co-produced the largest undergraduate show in the university's history to date.

She has been awarded scholarships to Dance Educators of America, Defore Dance Center, U.C. Riverside, and Barebones Dance Theater, as well as being a 2 time UROP Grant Award recipient.
Liz has worked as a pre-production assistant on Saturday Night Fever for Jean-Anne Ryan Productions, as well as Jason Winters (SYTYCD Australia) rehearsal assistant for his NYC based contemporary company, Omen. She has done industrials for Smashbox Cosmetics, Children of the Night, CBS Studios, and the Little Bra Company. @liz_and_loki

This is seriously so much fun!
A beginner move taught to us from @hillary_brooke, but it still made @drlboogie and I pee our pants a little from fear. Got our hearts pumping!
#nailedthelanding #stuckit #iloveaerial #trysomethingnew #smfpolelove #marchmadness

We had a little pow wow with our SMF instructors to go over @mindbodyonline last night. Christina + I learned so much at mind body university we had to share. Big thanks to @rutabegorz for the delicious salads and cookies! As you can tell they were a hit!

Happy Anniversary Smoke & Mirrors! What a better day to celebrate our 6 year anniversary! To all of our students...Thank you for filling our days full of inspiration! To our instructors,...Without you SMF would not be the same supportive, talented safe haven we've come to know. We appreciate you more than words can express! To my partner Christina, you know I love you so hard. Here's to many more! Cheers!

Look ma no hands! Love me some lyra! We just added an extra smaller hoop for our petite ladies out there! Who wants to try?

Aerial today with this sexy lady! @hillary_brooke stilettos optional 😲

Blinded by the light! But loving every second today with @hillary_brooke + @drlboogie on silks + hoop! Thank you ladies for the direction and support. Can't wait for Friday at 12:30pm. Who else wants to come play?

Warmest Welcome to our newest Aerial instructor Hillary! *Hillary Bassoff is beyond excited to share her passion for the aerial arts. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of California, Santa Barbara and was a performer and specialty choreographer for the UCSB Dance Company touring throughout California and Europe. While in Europe, she was selected as a guest instructor for a master dance class at an arts boarding school in Prague. As a soloist in the company, she was honored as the recipient of the prestigious Alice Condodina Performance Award and was chosen to be a guest artist for Santa Barbara Dance Theater.

In 2011, she took her very first aerial dance class at Smoke & Mirrors Pole Fitness and discovered her love for pole dancing. As this passion grew, she began expanding her knowledge and exploring other forms of the aerial world such as aerial fabric, lyra, hammock, trapeze, and cube. She continued her aerial training at the Santa Barbara Centre for Aerial Dance, Body & Pole in New York City, and Aerial Arts New York City, before moving back to Orange County to pursue her artistic career.
Starting in 2014, she performed independently for private parties and corporate events, and was invited to be a member of Ruby Karen's Circo Etereo Professional Company specializing in aerial arts, circus acts, and dance choreography. She was involved in choreographing and performing aerial silks, acrobatic, and ground routines for various special events, weddings, birthday parties, and festivals in the Orange County and Los Angeles area. She cannot be more thrilled to come full circle and join the family at Smoke & Mirrors Pole Fitness. She is excited to be doing what she loves and hopes her choreography of combining contemporary dance with aerial artistry inspires both dancers and non-dancers alike. @hillary_brooke

This is how we stretch! @graceholidaybry trying to get Savvy into a pancake with a crow pose. Every day is a good day around here!

Remember that one time...when we all put on @americanapparelusa boys underwear and did a photo shoot? I love SMF so hard bc when I look back, there are so many memories that crack me up. If you look really close at these underwear they say S & M pole. This was our first retail order, since then we've adjusted it to SMF. 😂

In case you were wondering what goes on in April's Stiletto Swag class on Sundays, here is a sneak peak! All Levels welcome for some sexy flow and heel clacking good times 👠💃🏼🍑

Oh the Yogini! How I loved this move! Today for the #loveyourpolechallenge I wanted to share this oldie but goodie! Christina and I used this photo as our original logo for SMF. This was my second pole photo shoot ever with the lovely @andreatakeokaphotography.
Today I pass the torch and nominate @tarastack1 and @melshine_ to share with us their love of pole for 5 days ❤️

What I'm realizing with this #loveyourpolechallenge is that what I love most about pole, is the friends I've made along the way! I love dancing and floor work and tricks and feeling sexy, but I really love our community, our students, our teachers! This group of bad ass women I'm inspired by daily! Day 4 photo goes out to you!
@carolynpanc9 @jamerstheeapostol @debirubin2 @ctlnina @drlboogie @madamewong22 @leeloo_81 @riotay @thefattykid @skylar_ra @graceholidaybry @amanda.slama @lisa.lala &rierie ❤️

So....Super Mario and Miley Cyrus walk into a bar...
Who remembers when this went down? At Smf's Halloween Party any thing can happen! Ladies and Gents...we will be having a Twerk Contest at this years Halloween Recital & Party! You can win a 5 class pack valued at $150. So time start brushing up on your booty bouncing and bring us something twerktasitc!

After years of encouragement Rio was finally able to get Tara into a pole class and now she's hooked! Tara will featured as a pole bunny at this years Halloween party 👻 Fun fact....Tara is the master baker behind the incredible cake pops we serve at all our parties! 🎈🎉🎁🎂 If you haven't tried one yet...look for them this year, you won't be disappointed!
Repost from @tarastack1 during a photo shoot with @riotay at SMF.

I'd like to introduce to you our talented group of instructors. Each woman here brings something special to the table helping contribute to SMF's vibe...from ballerinas to twerkers, gymnasts to contortionists, pole fitness champions to champions of swag...here they are! ❤️
Grace @graceholidaybry
Lola @drlboogie
Christina @ctlnina
Stacey @smokemirrorsstacey
Debbie @debwhite7
Carolyn @carolynpanc9
April @skylar_ra
Rie @👯 Jamers @jamerstheeapostol
Leonor @leeloo_81
Rio @riotay
Melody @madamewong22
Dani @thefattykid ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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What made you decide to take your first pole class? We remember the first day @carolynpanc9 walked into SMF, so sweet and quiet, her husband @scion_cam bought her a Groupon to see if she liked the class & rest is history.
Enjoy this clip of Carolyn from our SMF promo video shot by @sgcunningham, we added a little music...because Phil Collins.
#pole #polesport #orangecountydance #santaana #irvine #costamesa #tustin #beautifuldancer #ocdancer #ocdance #smfinstructors #smfpolelove #groupon #grouponmademedoit #philcollins #waitforthebeat

Tuesday morning inspirations... We are so lucky to be inspired by this artist on the daily! One of our favorite passes from @graceholidaybry's National Performance this past weekend where she transformed into Pinocchio looking for his place to fit in.
Enjoy this tid bit...she has the full video coming. ..................................................
#graceholiday #smfinstructors #nationalcompetition #2016nationals #polesport #polesportorganization #dancer #polefitness #poledance #imafreak #weirdo #creep #pinocchio #polecompetiton #aerialartist @polesportorg

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