It’s trash night tonight. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this sooner! Instead of just cotton balls, I added #thieves to #wooldryerballs and put it in the bottom of the #diaperpail! #smellslikecinnamon instead of...;)

Dar-es-Salaam 🇹🇿; May 2018 - Kariakoo Market

Saw this in the whiskey advocate magazine #brownsugarbourbon #bourbon #smellslikecinnamon

Family! My dad took care of me & now I return the favour 🙌🏼💞• Dad has had a compromised respiratory system all his life. He does long haul trucking & in that industry thangs (Petro stations, washrooms, restaurants etc) aren’t not always clean nor occupied with the well & healthy. So, I’ve armed him with @doterraca OnGuard Essential Oils Blend🌱💫💥• #ongaurd you are a lifesaver🙌🏼 #smellslikecinnamon #dadlikesit #dōdad #doterraoilsrock #oilsforeveryone #beautifulbc #fraservalley #chilliwackbc #

Tea time anyone? Remove wig before steeping for three minutes ...#smellslikecinnamon #teatime #rwsbraids #horsewig #ilovemycustomers #teasnacks #horseshowlife

My housecleaners are coming today so I’m refilling all of my Thieves bottles! I have one in the kitchen and each bathroom. I love that they can get a break from the harsh chemicals. 💛🌿

Apple crisp for Pesach!! #smellslikecinnamon #heaven #goeswithicecream

Cassia is remenicent of cinnamon. In my booths, I like to diffuse 10 drops #Peppermint oil, 5 drops #WildOrange, & 1 drop #Cassia. I call it the 'give me your money blend'. Lol! It smells SO good! 😍

#SelfHelpOils 💖 #EssentialOils #Cinnamon #SmellsLikeCinnamon #Warming #WarmingOil

Already grow my facial hair #smellslikecinnamon

🍀The laddies and young lass will be in the kitchen any second!🍀#thanksforthegumball #smellslikecinnamon

We just finished a huge FB event sharing about living a toxin-free lifestyle and how our families choose to use things that support our bodies, and avoid the things that harm. The thing I like best is how EASY it can be to switch. We shared a couple of our favorite products before getting started, and here were mine (though I'll be honest, deciding was like trying to choose my favorite child!).
Thieves Household Cleaner is the only thing we use in our entire house. Counters, ovens, bathrooms, windows, mirrors - just this one bottle, and it smells like cinnamon deliciousness!! Even better, it's totally safe, so that means our kids get to do a good portion of the cleaning these days!! 😊🎉 To mix it up, you only add a capful of the cleaner concentrate to a 16oz spray bottle then fill it up with water - so this bottle lasts a REALLY long time!! .
That small bottle of sunshine is Lemon. It smells so fresh, and I love diffusing it to purify the air. You can even add a couple drops to your Thieves cleaner if you'd like to add a lemony-fresh smell to your cleaning. It's also a powerhouse for getting sticky residue off things like new dishes with price stickers that don't want to let go (why must TJMaxx and Marshalls stickers be so difficult?!) lol.
If you haven't tried these yet, you NEED them in your life!! ❤🌱🍋

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