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Just pre ordered this amazing shirt from my friend Paula at @clnanddrty I will proudly wear this in public and I hope I can convert all the people into #SmellMyPits people! Go check out her Etsy shop, lots of amazing natural skincare. I swear by her natural deodorant. Ps. My pits smell amazing 🙋🏼

Pretty much sums up our relationship. #wwe almost an rko 😂 #smellmypits

Although it's already past 12 but still, Happy 11th baby. ❤️ #model #smellmypits

Never (like never ever ever) in a million years did I dream I'd be making a video about my underarms, but here it is!!
#SmellMyPits #NaturalDeodorant #aluminumchlorohydratefree #Plexus

NEW shoot the shit with tif and whit is up {link in profile of @tif.and.whit} all about the worst parts of summer! 🔥☀️💦 #hotmessmoms #momlifebelike #summerinvirginia #swampass #smellmypits

Ok #conscious followers it's time I share my fav product I've discovered. @native_cos deodorant.
#NativeDeodorant is...
- Aluminum Free
"Aluminum is a toxin found in antiperspirants that is linked to breast cancer and Alzheimer’s."
- Paraben Free
"Parabens mimic estrogen and disrupt your hormonal balance."
- American Made
- Unisex
- tons of awesome scents
- sensitive to your skin

I've tried SO MANY aluminum free deodorant over the years and LETS FACE IT- they do not work.
Native, however, blows me away. I cannot recommend this enough! (I just bought my 3rd stick!) If this can get me through teaching yoga from 6:15am - 5:30pm, it can do anything.

Airbnb host redemption! Met this super friendly dude yesterday. Quiet, fun, and left gifts! #smellmypits

Not only is it 100% effective it's also mixed and poured by hand and then hygienically sealed for freshness....
#axilladeodorantpaste #blackchickenremedies #smellmypits

1st time, reluctant, natural deodorant user. She still smells fresh after a 6hr bartending shift at slidebar. #dezapproved



Never (like never ever ever) in a million years did I dream I'd be making a video about my underarms, but here it is!!
#SmellMyPits #NaturalDeodorant #aluminumchlorohydratefree #Plexus

my pits will no longer offend thee!!! .
My sweet little shipment arrived from @livinglibations of poetic pits all natural, essential oil, roll on deoderants. .
I am so so so so happy! I love putting things on and in my body that are high quality, made with love and beautiful ingredients. .
#stinkpitsnomore #smellmypits #thankyou #deoderant #natural #bodycare #selflove #essentialoil

It's officially been two days since we have switched to Native deodorants. I love the smell of mine which is Lavender & Rose. My husband is using Citrus Herbal Musk, which I think smells just like every other men's deodorant so, he isn't missing anything there. I will say it's a little sticky but you are supposed to use minimally. We are used to swiping on too much!! I worked out hard yesterday and I still smelled fresh!! (Well my armpits did.) If you are wearing dark clothing, be careful because it's not sheer. What I did is just take a wash cloth and wipe any residual off before dressing.
These changes can be kind of intimidating and sometimes I think that everything was just fine the way it was. I mean...my husband and I both have been healthy. But, listen up, the possibility of exposing myself and my family to harmful chemicals is my responsibility and until our Federal Government changes this, I'm going to do what I think is safest.

Our detoxifying deodorant is great for ALL kinds of workouts!
#detoxifyingdeodorant #eocmd #barefootbeachbabe #smellmypits #drypits

this asshole laughed after trying to peck a kid for touching him. and likes shiny things and pins. if this isnt my new bird best friend then idk what is.
also he pulls off a pretty steady bird of paradise pose. #smellmypits #smellmylegs #smelleverything #drawmelikeoneofyourbigbirds #yum

Although it's already past 12 but still, Happy 11th baby. ❤️ #model #smellmypits

Cologne is often intolerable to me. Too strong or too unnatural. Same goes for many of the perfumes on the market. There have been a lot of studies linking their common ingredients to cancer. Just say no to the Axe body spray, bros. Our skin literally breathes and the last thing I want it breathing is poison! That being said, this is my Manly smell good combination. I'm not a rep for Do Terra and don't even think they have the best essential oils on the market, but they aren't too expensive and I like to switch it up. I've had a lot of people comment on how good I smell when I put these 3 on together. Coming from someone who sweats for a living, that's saying something. #naturesmells #aromatherapy #douglasfir #lavender #frankincense #smellmypits

Life is the pits, and it is glorious. #hoodoobrown #smellmypits #bbq #cookingonalang

About to get all Native up in here. Stoked to try out a deodorant that doesn't harm me or animals. #smellmypits

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