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I don't know how many of you'll are familiar with the concepts of emotional and mental labour and the glass ceiling, but this article touches on the basis of it. Emotional and mental labour is any work that you do for which you aren't paid for, your mom cooking for you and keeping your plate in the kitchen? Emotional and mental labour. Me currently writing this caption and posting articles? Emotional and Mental labour. (Just a small example, almost negligible compared to the amount of work women do (have to do) in their homes all day, everyday). The glass ceiling is a subtle, almost transparent barrier which prevents women (and other minorities) from doing it moving up in a profession or a job. Many economists believe that if women start getting paid for the amount of work they actually do (which wasn't even recognised as work up until the 2001 census), many economies might have to end up declaring bankruptcy. #emotionallabour #glassceiling #mentallabour #womensrights #womensrightsarehumanrights #unpaidlabour #maleprivilege #feminism #woc #intersectionality #poc #humanrights #smashthepatriarchy #yesallwomen

Feminist baby knows!

Anyone with basic middle school knowledge would know that the parties switched.... but okay....
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White supremacy thrives on the silence and inaction of well intentioned 'allies'.
-- @nojusticenopride

I haven't made a post about guns in a really long time. Partly, because I haven't found much to post about it, partly because it hasn't been a popular topic recently and partly because it seems very controversial. My next two posts are also about gun laws and it's basically one post split into two because it was so long. I have a feeling a lot of you won't be impressed with my next post, but🤷‍♀️

*looks directly into camera w dead pan expression like on the office*


Feminism is for men too! #SmashThePatriarchy #Superman

I'm truly appalled at the hate filled bile being directed at our vulnerable LGBTQI+ community here in Australia. If you weren't aware, we are having a $122 million non-binding, postal plebiscite because the dead-set clowns in government that we PAY to make decisions for us as a nation, don't want to actually do their job, so they're spending a crap load of our money and dragging people through absolute hell instead. You know who my husband asked when he wanted to get married? ME. Not the whole fucking country. All we get if the vote is yes, is a conscience vote in parliament (which they could have done themselves) and if it's no, then nothing. They won't even say when it would be revisited. The marriage act which they changed in 2004 without a plebiscite made marriage inequality and now we MUST fight tooth and nail to ensure everyone can get married and all of our citizens are treated with fairness and love. I've seen some of the cruel posters the alt-right are putting up with fake statistics. Tony Dumb Dumb is even encouraging people to vote no for things that don't even relate to this issue. I'm fed up and embarrassed to be an Australian.
#smashthepatriarchy #marriageequality #loveislove #malcomturnbullshit #tonyabbottdoesnotspeakforme

Happy name day to the most wonderful little human who lights up the entire room with her laugh and smile. She gives me hope for the future and makes me appreciate the present. She is joy and wonder and fearlessness and beauty and everything that makes the world go round. This little lady is so loved. #smashcake #smashthepatriarchy #auntlife

I hear you, girl. We've all been there. #Louvre #Paris #France #smashthepatriarchy

My neck went out on Saturday afternoon and the head and neck pain was excruciating to the point of nausea and blacking out. The recent events have overwhelmed and fired up my sensitive soul but I'm not done living my message or speaking out. I hear the eclipse energy is one of release and after 3 days of neck stiffness all I want is a release.
A timely reminder to treat ourselves with an extra dose of TLC and reinforce our boundaries as sovereign activists and leaders. This work is not for the faint hearted. 💛

#Repost @recipesforselflove ・・・
You feel what you feel when you feel it. Life makes us have so many feels. Your feelings are real and valid, get comfortable with acknowledging and processing them, especially the bad ones. . .#recipesforselflove #feelings #feels #valid #youarevalid
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"White people are born into not being human." Sounds an awful lot like what a certain white robed racist hate group would say about black people doesn't it? This woman even called all white people demons near the end of the video, which is another thing I could easily imagine the KKK or other white supremacist hate groups saying about black people. She is a prime example of why people draw parallels between certain elements of the extreme left and the far right. Ashleigh Shackelford is also an outspoken supporter and member of BLM and has praised Antifa in the past. She is disgustingly racist and people and groups like her are no better than those on the other side. While we rightfully condemn and castigate despicable white supremacist groups and the like, we need to do the same with extremists on all sides.

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