Tune in this week to see how I made this line my bitch. It may be a small change but it’s the biggest breakthrough in a couple of months. I think I’m back on track now... I didn’t go to the gym all week but ate GOOD so maybe I just needed rest. Back at it today to see if I can improve my squats weight and still walk tomorrow. ✨✨✨

Learning that there is an on switch we can press to take our intensity to the next level. This week has taught me this valuable lesson.
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Our members strive to build strong, longterm reputations that celebrate determination, credibility and sustainability. Always follow your heart and your efforts will guide the path you create.

Definitely my goal and daily mantra!! ♥️♥️♥️
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You only get one life that we know of... What will you do to make it a great one? /////////////////////////////////////////////////
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xx Lara

These 3 things will ultimately determine weather or not you will achieve your fitness and health goals:

Many people are outcome dependent. If the physical outcome is what drives you forward, you will continuously keep taking steps backwards.

We live in a world of chaos, always trying to "keep up with something" and find the fastest way of obtaining something to receive immediate gratification.

Your personal experience of everything you do, determines your rate of progress.

The ones who achieve their fitness goals are the ones who:

1. See fitness as a way of being:
Successful individuals recognize that fitness is not a chore, it is a pathway to something great. They understand that "bad" days come about, and react accordingly.
2. Surround themselves with likeminded individuals:
This is one of the most important, if not most important way to achieve fitness progress. Is there someone there to hold you accountable?

3. Recognize and keep track of small wins:
If you don't know, or don't keep track of small wins, you will become mentally defeated.
Do you really know what you want, and do you know if you are making progress?
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This used to be me... not anymore though!

We all have these excuses... “I’m too shy to do a live video”
“I’m not as good as “she/he” is at this business”
“I suck at recruiting”
“I can’t get customers”
“I’m too busy”
“I’m not a planning person, I’m unorganized”
Who told you that you had to stay that way?

Why can’t you change those bad habits right now?
You CAN. But you must decide to.
What if you shifted your thinking and got out of your OWN way & told yourself that.. “I am going to be incredible at this”
“I’m not going to make any excuses, I will LEARN how to do this, because my Why is too big not to.” Stop devaluing yourself and let’s do this. Break those glass ceilings and let’s do what most people won’t.
Go do something today that the “old” you, wouldn’t have been able to do.
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Latina Fey.

Sometimes the peak of the mountain is covered in clouds and hard to focus on. But we still know it's there and we can reach the peak. Our goals are the same as the cloud covered mountain.  You may not be able to focus on your end goal. So focus on what you can see. Keep working your way up that mountain. You will reach the peak. #knockoutyourgoals #smashit #peak

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