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Ну просто там чума, как много красивых фотографий с нами счастливыми... Ну этот спам закончится, как все в нашем мире ( #глубокаямысль )
So many beautiful photos we have from this shooting. But this spam will finish one day like everything in our life (#smartyPens )

Hi friends! It's REVIEW day over at our @smartypens page! Today's review is about the @scribblesthatmatter book. It will be posted later today. Stay tuned!! #journal #smartypens #wereviewforyou #notebook #sketchbook #review #bujo #bulletjournal #poppies #mystaedtler #coloredpencils #poppiefield #flowers #drawing #sketching #sketches #illustration #design by @glinda184 💕

Do it yourself scratch paper!
Review about these fibre tip pens is now available on @smartypens
All you need is: colorful pens, tape, black paint and a drop of liquid dishsoap
A longer version on my youtube channel. Link in bio.
Repost from earlier this year 💕

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Review about these pens can be found on @smartypens Hope you'll have a look. This is one of my favorite drawings. Longer edit on my youtube channel. 🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈 #review #sakuraofamerica #gellyrolls #moonlight #arteveryday #illustration #mandalatherapy #mandala #mandalaart #zentangle #sacredgeometry #mystaedtler #mycreativeescape #justartvideos #movewith_art #geometricart #featuregalaxy #mandaladoodle #arrtposts #artshub #imaginationarts #mandalapassion #artfidovideo #heymandalas #mandalala #iartpost #artvideo #smartypens


Name: Urban Sketching - Architettura e paesaggi urbani - Tecniche e consigli per disegnare dal vero
English version: The Urban Sketching Handbook: Architecture and Cityscapes--Tips and Techniques for Drawing on Location
Logos edizioni
Author: Gabriel Campanario
Where to buy: Amazon, e-shops and local bookstores
Price: € 11.05 for the italian version, € 18 for the english version

The book has about 110 pages in A5 size (a little less) and it is the first volume of a series of handbooks about urban sketching.
It includes two main sections: Key Points and Galleries.
Key points section gives some informations about techniques and main issues about sketching: sizes, perspective, contrast, creativity. It gives a lot of hints about how to choose a good point of view, how to use drawing tools, from where to start and provides a lot of beautiful sketches made by amazing artists. Basic techniques are quickly and well explained
Galleries section provides examples and tips about the different art supplies you can use. Pencils, pens, watercolors or mixed media.
The book provides many simple exercises which aim to help at practicing and improving sketching skills. Each chapter presents some exercises, and a list of other exercises is also present at the end of the book.
The main interesting thing of this book is that the author invites illustrators to find their own style and choose the tools with which they’re more confident, without limiting themselves at copying other works or drawing style.
The great amount of examples and the exercises are really helpful to understand what the illustrator likes more.
Please note that this is not a book which teaches basic drawing techniques. It doesn’t explain how to use a pencil, how to blend it, or how to use watercolors.
Please note also that I have never seen the english version of this book, so I can’t be sure it is exactly identical to this one.
Swipe to see all pics. 😊

Questions??? Feel free to ask! Much love @sennie76 and myself @glinda184.
Review Continues in the comments below

Next review tomorrow, about this book about urban sketching! Yes, it's in italian but there's also an English version in bookstores! More tomorrow!

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Name: Watercolour album large and small
Brand: Moleskine
Product description: an album with 200 grams cold-pressed acid free watercolour paper and elastic closure.
The large has 72 pages and the small has 60. There's also an A4 edition, but I don't have that one (yet)
Where to buy: online and craft shops
Price: around €15 for the large and around €13 for the small.
Review: I got the large Moleskine watercolour album a few weeks ago and absolutely fell in love with the brand. Large is relative as the size is 21 x 13 cms. The small is 14 x 9 cm. After using the large album for a couple of days I ordered another one and a small one.
The paper is amazing. The cold-pressed paper is the same on both sides of the pages and especially made for Moloskine. At the back of the album is a small pocket where you can put notes. They've put a little booklet inside with the history of the company.
Those who know me, know I'm filling 3 albums and even have a new account dedicated to my Moleskines (@senniecreates). I think this tells you how I feel about them. 😉

The paper mostly stays is the original shape. Even after adding a lot of paint. It's smooth and easy to sketch and draw on. Graphite pencils are easy to erase without damaging the paper. I have used the paper with fineliners, paint and fountain pens and they all don't bleed through to the next page. You can use both sides of the pages without problems.
Pro: great quality.
Cons: don't know any, except I hear people say they find them expensive. (I don't agree)
Tips and tricks: they work great with just pens and pencils too. ✍🏻 When I'm done with a piece I let it dry and when it's almost dry I put a piece of toilet paper on the page and close the book. This way the page dries flatter.
Questions?? Ask!! Much love @glinda184 and myself @sennie76
Disclaimer: No relationship with the brand. This is our personal opinion. Feel free to write yours in the comments below.

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Name: 124/72 Pencils case
Brand: Niutop
Where to buy: Amazon, Ebay, Aliexpress

Price: on Amazon, 10,99 € for the 72 pencils case, 16,99 € for the 124 pencils case.


Few months ago I needed a big pencil case for organizing all my fineliners. I saw the bigger one in many pics here on Instagram, and then I decided to buy one.
I took the 124 pencils case before, and I’m using it since February. Few weeks ago I bought the smaller one, which holds 72 pencils.
The bigger case is characterized by three zip pouches (four ones for the smaller case), and it’s made of synthetic leather. This material makes them a little bit heavy, but since I don’t use to take them out with me, it’s fine for me.
I choose the teal color, but there are other tones available too (brown, black, hot pink, violet). The price could change a bit, depending on the e-shop.

Each case is characterized by a pouch with some bigger slots, for eraser, sharpener, ruler. The other pouches are characterized only by smaller slots, good for pencils or thin fineliner. You can put also bigger pens/pencils, but you’ll need to leave one or more slots empty.
The cases are well stitched. Each zip comes with a sort of nice charm which helps opening/closing the pouch and there’s also a lace, made with the same fake leather.
Since I got them, they never smelled.
Swipe to see all the pics about these two cases. 😊

Questions??? Feel free to ask!

Pro: great price, good quality,
Cons: narrow slots, heavy case

Disclaimer: This is our personal opinion. The brand didn't asked for this review. Feel free to write your opinion in the comments below.

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Name: Water colour markers
Brand: Winsor & Newton @winsorandnewton
Product description: 12 dual tip water colour markers
Where to buy: www.winsornewton.com or amazon etc
Price: on the Winsor website $ 59,99, but saw them on Amazon for $ 39,99
Review: the 12 markers come in a very pretty metallic box. The colours are diverse and bright. They work amazing on watercolour paper. On regular paper they don't work (see pic). When used on good paper the effect is beautiful. The colours blend nicely and turn out bright when dry.
The description says they can be used without water, but I always use them with a waterbrush pen or brush.
They are dual tip markers. One side has a flexible brush point and the other side a fine point. The tips are still in great condition after multiple uses.
They are very easy to use and a lot of fun!! If you're into watercolouring they are an absolute addition that you will use a lot. I'm planning on using them in my Moleskines too.
Pro: easy to use, bright colours. Amazing quality
Cons: not cheap
Questions?? Please ask!! Much love @glinda184 and myself @sennie76
Disclaimer: No relationship with the brand. This is our personal opinion. Feel free to write yours in the comments below.

#smartypens #wereviewforyou #winsorandnewton #watercolour #markers #mandala #coloringpage #coloring #artreview #artsupplies
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#watercolors #painting
#paper #sketchbook
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Name: Scrapbog / scrapbook
Brand: Flying Tiger
Where to buy: Flying Tiger shop
Price: about € 4,00

When I saw this book at the Tiger store, I was so surprised for so many things, starting from the price.
This book is named “Scrapbook”, so it has been created essentially for scrapbooking purposes. But I saw it and thought it would have been great as sketchbook too, and that’s how I’m using it.
The book is made by 30 pages, which comes in different colors: white, light pink, light blue, light green, light yellow.
All the pages are smooth and 200 gsm weighted. These features make it particularly good for ink sketches, even though I tried to use colored pencils too, and I liked it.
Since it is not a watercolor paper, I didn’t try to use watercolors on it, but I don’t suggest to try it, I’m not sure the paper would perform nicely, and there’s the risk to wet the underlying pages too.
The journal is bended by a metallic spiral and it has an elastic band.
I posted some pics of the book and of the mandalas I draw on it, in order to show you how the paper works with fineliners and pencils.
Swipe to see it all. 😊

Questions??? Feel free to ask!

Pro: great price, good quality, thick and colored pages
Cons: Available only at Tiger shop

Disclaimer: This is our personal opinion. The brand didn't asked for this review. Feel free to write your opinion in the comments below.

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