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@sara_zotkaj asked me to ask you girls if you've ever had the opportunity to work and travel? Or study and travel? ☺️✈️ she's thinking of doing so and wants to hear how your experiences were! ☺️💕

Here's hoping all of your wildest dreams come true, @chelsanity! Happy birthday, queen. Thanks for always being hilarious & keeping it 💯.

Create an idea that changes the world, improves people's lives and it will live more than you.

Exam season priorities 😂

Style runs in the family. I don't know how I did it but they all got it...I think. :)
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Sure, physical transformations are great, but positive mental transformations are far better. The confidence, pride, self-worth, and knowledge I've gained have been the most valuable assets throughout these last 4.5 years. Acquiring the nutrition, training strategies, health and hormone knowledge has been a passion, and it's not ending any time soon. #knowledge #transformationtuesday #mentaltransformation #educate #knowledgeispower #smartgirls #stronger #ironforgedfitness

Happy Monday! For this week's #shesinscience feature we are diving into the world of fragrance with Sierra @sie.ray, a fragrance chemist at Givaudan in NYC.
[1/3] "I’m Sierra Brooke. I graduated in May 2016 with a Bachelor’s in Chemical and Biological Engineering from The University of Alabama (Roll Tide!) and I’ve found a niche in corporate research and development for beauty and fragrance companies. Currently, I’m a fragrance chemist at Givaudan, which is the largest fragrance and flavors company in the world. You might not realize that almost everything you touch has an engineered scent, and almost all of it came through this one company, from laundry detergent to your favorite mall brands to designer labels. Fragrances for celebrity collaborations, designer perfumes, environmental scenting, shampoo, soaps, lotions, makeup, cleaning products, air fresheners, candles and more are designed in my labs.
I got into science because it was the most pragmatic choice at the time, but it quickly became a passion when I found a way to link engineering with my creative interest in beauty and design. I’ve always loved art, modeling, and being a makeup artist. With STEM, I’ve been able to explore those areas from the technical and the creative sides.
As a sophomore in college, I had the luckiest day of my life when I met an alumni who told me about the Estée Lauder internship program. An application essay, two skype interviews, and a tense wait later I was accepted as the first Estée Lauder intern ever to come from outside of New York. I worked there for two summers during college. The experience opened my eyes to intricacies of the cosmetics industry. Last May, I skipped walking in the graduation ceremony to catch a plane to New York. My tips for getting employed as a fresh graduate in NYC are the same as my tips for getting through college: expect to suffer and expect to love it. And get comfortable shoes."


My gorgeous girls have been for a little pamper day ...#pamperedpooch #lovethem #smartgirls #poppyanddaisy #sisterfromanothermister #bestbuds

Labas drauge! Rimtos studentes buvom kokios 😂 #tbt #smartgirls

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It was never a dress 👊🏼🤘🏻🙌🏻

"I enjoy creating things and understanding the mechanism behind it 😊🤓" - @gokcesip from Turkey 🇹🇷 Electrical Engineering with love for Photography ☺️ Engineering is so much more than lines and numbers ❤️ send us your pictures and tell us what you do! #ironringgirls ❤️

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Words have power and can heal or destroy. Choose your words carefully, girl. Be true and kind and inspire the 🌎.
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Education is a choice but extreme luxury in the eyes of those who need it the most.....the poor only dream of holding a book....the hungry pray to see a school desk and others are too content and lazy to realize that their value is dropping each day because of lack of education. I just want to be better than yesterday and smarter than my fears. #SmartGirls #educationrocks # power

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