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Have a blessed friday/weekend folks. #countryboy 😎 #bigcitydreams #smalltownvalues

Mrs. Miller has been the librarian at the Downingtown Library for over 20 years.

She recently announced her retirement.

In order to say thank you, I stopped by for her last children's reading today to declare it Karen Miller Day in Downingtown. #SmallTownValues 📷: @downingtownlibrary

In the city, they say "log." In Lutsen, we say "stairs." #SmallTownValues #LutsenLife

I spy Frances, Charlie and Lulu's favorite person to see on their walks! This little old lady walks every day around our neighborhood with two bags of dog treats, big ones for the big ones and little ones for the littles that she meets along her strolls. She always has a smile on her face and loves to see our fur babies. #oneofthereasonsilovestlouis #smalltownvalues #happydoglady

After a Block football player was injured during our game last night, our Jena High School band, dance line, and cheerleaders came together to pray. I am so proud to be a Jena Giant! #giantpride #smalltownvalues

Congratulations to the PCHS class of 2K16! 🎓 A special thank you to alumni, family, and friends for supporting our small, community school. 💚 #overflowcrowd #smalltownvalues

When your neighbour drops off some fresh #flowers from her #garden "just because" she thinks you'd like them. #smalltownvalues #summertime

Steven was committed to standing with the community when he supported @turlockfarmersmarket now found @stancofair grounds. Let's show him the same commitment with our support. @5kingscattle is behind him. #supportlocal #smalltownvalues


I get the same super custom bfast burrito 3x a week - the Blue Fog barista, Italia, named it "Lydia's drug" (definitely gets me weird looks when I grab it from the warm box). Today, I arrived at Blue Fog, and they were like "oh no, Lyddddia, we forgot to put your order in; we can't make it." 😩...they PRANKED ME and then everyone sang happy birthday. 😂Was so excited; totally dropped the burrito haha. Anyway point is - go to @bluefogmarket3913 Chef Anna's pico de gallo is sublime. Seriously cannot live without! PS My candle wish is to inspire a few friends: learn the names of your servers and don't be a jerk about wait time. #smalltownvalues #wishiwasntwearingsuchridiculousgymclothes

Glad to see the Canadian flag being hung at the BCAS. Thanks for letting us share this @kellyjordan_ar
#whyprinceton #smalltownpride

The Teddy Bear Picnic and Family Resource Fair is 1 week away! It's Thursday July 13 from 10 am-1 pm at @okotoksrecreationcenter We are looking for kids tea sets and kids chairs for the activity we are doing. Does anyone have any we can borrow please?
#ITAV_Okotoks #CommunityFirst #teddybearpicnic #donationsneeded #thingstodoinokotoks #askandyoushallreceive #please #thankyou #smalltownvalues

Teach a girl to fish . . . ⠀
#whyprinceton #smalltownlife #raisingcoolkids

Thanks for letting us share this @libby1701

So grateful to be home for Father's Day to honor a man who has not just given me a foundation of solid values and work ethic, he has touched so many other lives as well. I don't think 15 minutes went by the whole day where the phone or doorbell didn't ring with someone taking time out to honor him on Father's Day. I feel so grateful to have witnessed the type of love, friendship and appreciation surrounding my father from life long friends, former colleagues and family. In a world of materialism and constantly chasing "success", today reinforced how spot on Jewel was with her song because it's so true... in the end, only kindness matters 💕#happyfathersday #homesweethome #loveconquersall #smalltownvalues #justakidfromxenia #justakidfromakron

We've all taken different paths in life, but no matter where we go, we've taken a bit of each other with us everywhere. #20thyearreunion
#smalltownvalues #justakidfromxenia #homesweethome #xhs❤️

We love to see what you are up to in and around Princeton.⠀
#whyprinceton #youmightfindafungi #bahdumching

++ Thanks for letting us share you photo @crystalshannonm ++ ⠀

We wanted to take the boat on the Similkameen today, but the river was just a bit too high to be able to launch safely. ⠀
Instead we went for a walk, looking for mushrooms. I guess you could say that the fact that we found a decent amount them really increased our... morel. 🙊🙈😀⠀
#morels #mushrooms #sundayfunday #whyprinceton #foraging

Unless suburban Toronto counts I'm not really a small town guy. I actually quite like what big cities have to offer but at the same time I do love a sense of community and common values and often wax philosophic to my son and nephew and niece about the "good old days" when the neighbourhood was the playground. Still though the reason why I was struck by this song this morning for more than a sentimental love of the 80s are these 2 lines...
🎶No I cannot forget where it is that I come from. I cannot forget the people who love me🎶
@peter.simon_ @bigbabylemon @ayoonabanoona @avery920 always remember this!! It might seem a bit corny to you today but it's a piece of advice that I hope you never forget.
#smalltownvalues #knowwholovesyou #respectwhocaresaboutyou #familyiseverything #johncougarmellancamp

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