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Remember something 👈These people don't give a FUCK about you unless you're doing something for them #mafiafam
Resurgence 2017 #cottonianboarders

Sloane Rae is 1 month old today! #sloanerae #smallsquad #thesmallestsmall

Throw🔄🔙 to that amazing days..💕💙

I have few people in my life who are one in a million. I have a few people that are willing to do anything to get where they want to be. I have a few people who care so much about life, goals, and progress that it is almost unbelievable. I am taking notes from the game of life. There are people that have it, and there are people that don't. If you don't have it... That's fine.. I just don't wanna fuck with you. You are who you run with. I don't wanna run with bullshit.

Everything comes to you in the right moment, be patient, be grateful #Gemini#SmallSquad#positivevibes#mediagirl

TWO DAYS UNTIL LAUNCH 😱• We'll be sharing stories from our #smallsquad every day leading up until our Kickstarter campaign on April 12!
Here's Cortney @tiucortybort from San Francisco Bay Area!
"I've always been a relatively petite person, but in the past, I wasn't making very healthy choices for my body. In 2015 I decided to commit to my health by eating well and exercising. I was loving my body more and more because I was growing stronger and meeting my goals! For any woman who has gone through body changes, you know that we don't get to pick and choose WHERE we get to be curvy. Naturally, my boobs were one of the first things to 'go'.
Because of the weight loss, I went from a small B to a AA cup! Yikes! Finding a well-fitted bra was already difficult. As proud as I am about making those healthy changes, bra shopping is hands down the most discouraging experience. Sports bras fit fine, but finding beautiful, sexy every day bras are next to impossible. Everything I find every gives me the dreaded bra gap, isn't lined enough, or is just downright uncomfortable. A lot of women in the fitness community have similar issues, so why hasn't there been something available for such a large demographic of women? That's why I'm SO excited for Pepper!"
Thank you so much @tiucortybort! We think you're beautiful inside and out! Have a story of your own to share? Email us at hello@my-pepper.com 💌


Went on a hike with @littleninja300 and her squad. My doggies finally got their long overdue hike! 😁🐕😍 #iworktoomuch #freshair #hike #smallsquad #shortsquad #packlife #pomeranian #schipperke #yorkie #chihuahua #australianshepherd #dogsofinstagram 📸 @sebibikes

#ShortGirlGang in the New York area: the first ever Smalletics fitness class is on October 1st! RSVP to claim your spot--we have swag bags PLUS we're making history, so sign up before it's too late! Taught by me and Smallete / incredible human @lindsaybirdfly 💪🏼 RSVP: http://bit.ly/2x6X8r7

This baby is up for sale, 70$ + shipping. I've been so lucky with lamps lately. Contact me by DM for more info

Happy Neonatal Nurses Day! We continue to be thankful for the NICU nurses at #goodsamaritan for taking care of our baby during her first week of life. We cannot thank you enough for your round the clock care, love and education. #sloanerae #smallsquad #thesmallestsmall

My time is to valuable ❤️ No more keeping up with half ass friends only need my small squad who inspire and support #melibubeautybar #positivevibes #smallsquad #friends #support #motivate

Round it out with a quick pic of my cheer babies! They did good for their first game! Super proud of the them!! #wellswarriors #cheerbabies #smallsquad #loveemtho even with the #attitudes

For those few in my life who my soul has always recognised...you know who you are 💙 #kmc #philosophy #bechoosy #fitwitch #iammine #smallsquad #oldsouls #magiclife #valkyrie #freya #gaia #earthairfirewaterspirit #blessedbe #hedgewitch

An ode to productive days ! These copper + brass utensils are now available online. Link in bio ! #brass #copper

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