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TWO DAYS UNTIL LAUNCH 😱• We'll be sharing stories from our #smallsquad every day leading up until our Kickstarter campaign on April 12!
Here's Cortney @tiucortybort from San Francisco Bay Area!
"I've always been a relatively petite person, but in the past, I wasn't making very healthy choices for my body. In 2015 I decided to commit to my health by eating well and exercising. I was loving my body more and more because I was growing stronger and meeting my goals! For any woman who has gone through body changes, you know that we don't get to pick and choose WHERE we get to be curvy. Naturally, my boobs were one of the first things to 'go'.
Because of the weight loss, I went from a small B to a AA cup! Yikes! Finding a well-fitted bra was already difficult. As proud as I am about making those healthy changes, bra shopping is hands down the most discouraging experience. Sports bras fit fine, but finding beautiful, sexy every day bras are next to impossible. Everything I find every gives me the dreaded bra gap, isn't lined enough, or is just downright uncomfortable. A lot of women in the fitness community have similar issues, so why hasn't there been something available for such a large demographic of women? That's why I'm SO excited for Pepper!"
Thank you so much @tiucortybort! We think you're beautiful inside and out! Have a story of your own to share? Email us at hello@my-pepper.com 💌

She got her friends with her, and they a sight to see. 😏😘 #smallsquad #girlsnight #sheesh #skurtskurt

Kahan ho.. kya baat hai aj kal aap milte ni ho 😂 @sakshification .#friends #girls #smallsquad #we #are #fun #together #like #neverbefore 😀🤚

Saturday vibes in the NICU... #sloanerae #smallsquad #thesmallestsmall @rysmall628

when you & ya best friend are basically the same fu*king person>> #doubletrouble #smallsquad 👭 #ariesgang ♈️

With the step brothers last night #squad #twins #triplets #give0fucks #smallsquad with @Jacobmeyers11

It was a good day. #europapark #germany #smallsquad


They want you to do well, but never better than them. Remember that.
You'll wind up walking away from people you WANT to be there...ones you made a pact with...ones you thought want you to do and be and become. Its not you. Its them. They won't. They won't become or level up because it's not comfortable. Because it's difficult. Its their problem and you can't fix it or change it or make them make the decision and effort everyday to grow. You can't. They have to do it for The RIGHT reason. The RIGHT REASON. That reason is to LIVE, not to simply exist.
They'll talk to you and about you. Listen to how they speak of others and you will KNOW how they speak about you to others...And they won't support you publicly because of how they speak of you privately.
People want what you have and are going after without getting off their asses. The easiest way to have that? To WIN you. Once they "have" your friendship, they don't need to do anything else except maintain...they don't care if you win more. They're satisfied with what they've obtained as is; their life is easier/better because they have your accomplishments, your doing, your beingness to say "look! Look who I associate with! They are *this* way...therefore I am! LOOK AT ME DOING WELL because of who I associate with!!!"
Yet? If you continue to become? You'll level up without them...they know that. Because they're not willing to climb along... So they low-key don't want you doing and growing and becoming. And it's evident in their lack-of-action and lack-of-growth. How long until you realize this? Its going to hurt when you admit it. It really will. You counted on them being there all The way with you! You want to push them to be!
Pick your battles, though. You need the energy for the climb in front of you; for the adventure that is life. You cannot push a boulder all day long and still have the energy needed.
#IAmTheFire #Build #TrueToTheVeryVERYFew #Hustle #KeepGoing #LetsGoLetsGoLetsGo #AutomaticOverdrive #ItsTheCompanyYouKeep #GrowOrGetLeft #ShutUpAndDo #OthersideOfFear #DoItAnyway #LifeIsBeautiful #SmallSquad #KnowYourPeople #Actions #DontSpeak #DontBeg #BeYou #Empire #Motivated #Dedicated #Win #LevelUp

Kahan ho.. kya baat hai aj kal aap milte ni ho 😂 @sakshification .#friends #girls #smallsquad #we #are #fun #together #like #neverbefore 😀🤚

Lol, my face!

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