I hereby declare it canning/processing season 2018 at the Poulin homestead 🎉🥂 on order today- canning tomato sauce, freezing beans, and making the beans into baby food with some herbs 🌿 Which herbs are still tbd-my go to baby food book suggests tarragon, rosemary, or chives...help???? I have loads of time to decide. Miss Madaleina is in a bit of a mood today so we are a bit less productive than planned 🤷‍♀️

What do you want to do? What do you want to be when your older? What do you do for work? These are common questions in out society, often I feel overwhelmed by the whole idea of careers and work. Frankly I want to do what I want. Growing and working random side jobs might seem juvenile to lots but it enables me to go on epic adventures and lay in bed with my cat when I want. That seems pretty fuckin cool if you ask me. #dietrichfarms #smallfarm #adventure #fuckthenorm #killinit #brokeasajoke #backpacking #getoutthere #alpinebabes #pacificnorthwest

Just out here harvesting beans on a Saturday afternoon.

These horns are perfect for those hard to reach places when you got to itch 🙏 #highlandcow #gingercow #cowsofinstagram #highland #ginge #hairycow #horns #smallfarm #smallholding #countryliving #countrylife #northumberland

Planting curly kale in the fall garden! Thanks to Desiree for coming out to help on this muggy Brightheart workday! 💚🌱🌦💦 #smallfarm #localfood #cooperative

💜 Stiamo lavorando per voi 💜
Oggi abbiamo tagliato, cucito, timbrato e riempito con i fiori di lavanda biologica i sacchetti in juta che gli adottatori di lavanda riceverenno da meta’ settembre nei loro pacchetti.
Molti mi chiedono informazioni su #Adottaunalavandabio e soprattutto quando riceveranno il loro pacchetto con i prodotti e si stupiscono quando gli dico che dovranno aspettare fino a dopo la raccolta, la distillazione, il confezionamento dei prodotti alla lavanda. Siamo abituati ad avere tutto e subito, disponibile sugli scaffali dei negozi o suoermercati e abbiamo perso di vista il percorso per arrivare su questi scaffali, la storia e il lavoro che c’e’ dietro ad un prodotto. Soprattutto abbiamo perso il gusto e la bellezza dell’attesa. Come ripeto spesso agli adottatori di lavanda, la mia iniziativa e’ soprattutto un grande esercizio di pazienza, di fede e di attesa. Ma e’ proprio questo tempo che rende poi i prodotti piu’ preziosi e di valore perche’ ne conosciamo la storia, il tempo e il lavoro 💜

Se anche tu vuoi esercitarti nell’emozione dell’aspettare puoi iscriverti senza impegno alla lista di attesa di Adotta una lavanda (link
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Kieran does a lot of behind the scenes labor so that I can grow all the pretty vegetables. Chief among them is turning all the chicken and rabbit litter, kitchen scraps and weeds into beautiful rich soil! I can't imagine our life without compost...as funny as it is to say..it drives the whole system! And everything goes in there, from kitchen waste to what I sweep up off the floor every day. We use a combination of hot piles, cold piles, a tumbler and a rotation system with our garden beds that keeps one an active worm bin. None of which take up too much space. It's just a daily practice. And of course it takes someone willing to manage it..even after a hard days work, he's out there turning piles.. Thanks Kieran! @kieran076
#savetheearth #compostit #compostingrocks #husbandsofinstagram

Flower porn 🖤 the days have been filled with berries & blooms & farmer's market goodness #floriculture #berries #smallfarm #smallbatch #flowers #interiordecor #goth #spacegoth #hansolo #tightleather #newengland #eatlocal #maine #mainefarm

Another wonderful market day has come to an end, and our favorite part of the week has arrived ... snacking on the left overs from a bountiful harvest! August is treating us very well 🤤 🍅 @worldtomatosociety #showusyourtomatoes #explorevt #organic #smallfarm #vermont #newengland

A shot from this mornings produce stand. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to support some local growers! We really appreciate it! There are some magnificent people growing some amazing plant based medicine and humanely raised meat in our valley; lets all stand together to form a self sufficient community!

Baby mangalitsa piglets are not with momma any more! ..#spoiled almost 12 weeks! And watch Oscar get sprayed with the hose!
2 gilts are for sale if anyone wants the best of the best in pork! #sustainability #smallfarm #cleaneats #grassfed #loveourfarm #lovenaturalfarming #mangalitsa

🌲PINE TAR SALVE • Also know as Drawing Salve or Black Salve • It sure doesn't win any beauty contests (and smells a little piney too) but this is one powerful little salve! I like to use it on stubborn splinters, bee stings, and bug bites... including tick bites! It "draws" the venom from the sting out and keeps it from spreading. And helps those deeper splinters work their way out without digging.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Join our Soap & Salve CSA! Choose Subscribe & Save at checkout and never run out of your favorite products again! New members get FREE SHIPPING on their first order in August! #linkinprofile

Due to the high mortality rate, I’ve been hesitant to crow about the new babies. These adorable guinea keets are now about 2 weeks old. She brought home 13 and we are now down to 10. The dads have been helping her during the day.
Not to be outdone... one of our buffs that went missing for a few weeks, showed up with 10 adorable little balls of fluff yesterday.
#smallfarm #poultry #lavender #guineafowl #keets #bufforpington #chickens #chicks #newlife #smallmiracles #feelingsappy

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