Meet the very fabulous @typebirdcreative and her new #brandtherapy offering. This lady has been my number one fan and (brand) therapist, walking me through two different company’s brand reimagining. She has helped me work through my mindset blocks and cheered on all my small and big wins. She makes this #smallbizreality look and feel good. ❤️❤️❤️
It’s finally here! If you have ever questioned branding choices about your current business or if you are stuck or fearful of starting a new brand, Brand Therapy is a perfect for you! Check out my website for more details and stay tuned as I share more about this topic soon. 📷@brookerobertsphoto
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i got home late last night, and because of travel/heat/dreams, i ended up awake at 6:30 this morning, which is fine by me because i have a bunch of catch-up work to deal with now that i'm back in the prairies. i think i'm almost done with gdpr crap for my biz (next i need to look into what it means for non-profits), my dye pots are already on the stove, and i have half a dozen lists written down in various locations to keep me on track with everything i need to do in the next little bit. today's plan: get groceries, do laundry, write newsletter, take photos of nettles kits and get those on the website in time for tomorrow's newsletter (hyperlinks are sometimes the bane of my existence), do a few hours of day job work, block finished projects from the trip, and start dealing with all the video and photo files i took while i was away so that i have some sneak peeks to share with my patreon subscribers. it's already uncomfortably muggy in the house, so i'm hoping the thunderstorms being predicted for later today actually happen. summer months in manitoba often cycle through humidity builds that are cleared by big thunderstorms, which i kinda enjoy. it's definitely a shift for my body after the more temperate weather in ontario though. this photo that @jessicabruce4495 took of me @twinoaksfarmfiber was in basically my ideal weather conditions - not sweltering, but also not so cold that i need a bajillion layers on. maybe i just need to go hang out in some grass under a tree to re acclimate slowly? or just eat a bunch of popsicles while i hang out in very few clothes in my house with my computer because i really do need to play catch-up...sigh. where does all the time go?

thanks to all of you sweet folks for commenting on my last post. i'll respond in a while to all of you. i've been taking a bit of a break from social media this week. honestly i don't really have that much energy for constantly checking it and checking in and being "on" right now, and with my anxiety spiking (seems to be the theme of 2018) and prep to do for my trip to ontario next week, i don't foresee having much energy for it for a little while. also, i'm kinda enjoying flipping my phone over or putting it on the other side of the room so i don't automatically grab it and using all that time to pick up my needles and sew and listen to music and take baths before bed and cry-read poetry (@shane_koyczan obviously). i've finished two wips, one sock, and sewn a shirt in the past few days, plus swatched a new colourwork design that i'll get onto my needles later today. social media is important as a biz tool, i'll never deny that, but honestly taking a break from it is kinda the best thing possible right now so i think i'll continue with that for a while. but here's a #mmmay18 post to hold you over until i check in again - #arenitepants (mended and once again the item i'm living in) and my #cultivate crop top. i'm not going anywhere until knit night, so i don't have to worry about sunscreening my torso 💁🏻 p.s. a trick for opening up your chest if it's tight and hard to breathe lower than your collarbone - hold a skein of yarn behind your back. it's much nicer than holding a block or a book 📚

Oh my I have spent this whole week making sure everything is sent out early so I can spend time with my Ma. It was all going so well until I realised one of the maps had a problem with the print meaning a morning of redoing a map! That’s the thing with self employment you can try and plan but when it’s just you it’s just you to sort these issues out! Bit delayed but my weekend starts now! 📷 of my Scotland map- it’s a beauty!
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My talented friend working on my product photography today...makes me SO happy! #napkins #setthetable #madeintheusa #smallbizreality #shopsmall #stars #patiodays #patiofashions #bepatiofashionable #outdoors #patiogoals Photo by @kimbroughdaniels #alfresco

Just released my upcoming #fermentation classes at @farmerlarder & have more exciting #jam, #cocktail, #cheese & #pickling classes to follow. But first, dinner! #priorities #smallbizreality #foodalchemist #inourkitchen #educationaladventuresintatste

i'm still recovering from burnout, and unfortunately deadlines that aren't only self-imposed mean i can't just go off the grid for a couple of days. i'm going to work selfcare into my days as much as possible, which means things like using different essential oils to help manage my moods, increasing my water consumption, and doing my best to stay focused on single tasks at a time so that i can be checking them off my to-do list as i go. i'm normally a great multi-tasker, so i know i need to address my anxiety when my brain is getting too scattered to handle 2 or 3 simultaneous tasks. juniper on the back of my neck is helping today 🌿
i'm going to stay on my computer until lunch, and then reward myself by finally doing my birthday tarot pull and working on some of my wips (probably the thrummed mitts, since they need to be ready for my #tinycovenspringstudiosale in a couple of weekends for kits with @longwayhomestead). i'll get the #skslowfashionapril email out today as well, so if you haven't signed up yet, be sure to do that via the link in my profile! there are some lovely wips on the go from participants right now 😊 so tell me, what's your quick go-to trick for selfcare on days where you can't just ghost on life?

I totally rocked out Monday! I put together the pieces for my consulting/speaking/event planning work, built out plans for @sageslarder small batch #goodfood manufacturing & won a multi-dinner @mydubsado proposal for @farmerlarder - all while watching #beychella and only drinking a few cups of coffee. #smallbizreality #mondaymotivation

😑”You have a blog???”🤔
Uhhh technically yes I do, although I only updated it once last year.... 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️#smallbizreality #smallbusinessstruggles
#busyisanunderstatement 😂 Considering that 2017 was the biggest year for not only my business but also my personal life I felt need to throw an update up over on the blog. We also have some exciting news in store for @virgin.apothecary and our little family in 2018! It’s the year we are manifesting our dreams and making our homestead a reality! 💕 Check the link in my profile to read up on what’s in store for us this year! We are beyond grateful and excited!✨
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hey lovelies, i'm still staying pretty quiet around here, but i wanted to pop back in for three reasons. a) #juniper comes out in a couple of days, which means you have about 36 hours left to enter the giveaway before the pattern drops and my interview with @hinterland_textiles for @fromfieldtoskin goes live 🖤 b) i finished my #arenitepants from @sewliberated and i am so stoked because they are the first ever pants i've made AND my first ever flat-felled seams AND they're stupidly comfy AND the pockets hold cakes of yarn making them basically the best pants on the planet 👖c) i got a stack of bralettes from @willowlaynelingerie yesterday and they're gorgeous 💕 i'll be writing up a blog post for this amazing company in the next few weeks and taking more photos of them, but here's my new favourite outfit in the meantime. i actually prefer to not wear shirts at home, so i'm impatiently waiting for warmer weather so that this can be my daily work uniform. the joys of working from home, folks. when you figure out your daily structure (working on that...), it's pretty magical ✨
okie doke, back to my workflow aka off instagram aka recovering from burnout aka always a wip 🖤

okie doke, so full transparency here: i hit burnout breakdown last night. probably the heightened anxiety for several days and feeling like i had a fever and poor sleep were decent indicators if i'd bothered to pay attention to them... anyway, i think probably i'll write up something about it at some point (i'm really good at burnout, which is not a good thing, and thank fuck i have a mumsy who manages to pull me out of it and is good at being very matter-of-fact about what i need to shift to get better), and maybe i'll include some resources and update about how the techniques i'm employing now are doing at shifting me back to being healthy. in the meantime, i need to take a step back from social media. i'll still be checking in daily, and this week's multiple launches and deadlines require me to be online anyway (#smallbizreality), but i'm probably not gonna respond to dm's or comments super fast. i need that energy to reply to emails and write newsletters and communicate with my handful of dear ones, because they're who i have capacity for right now. i'm actually getting some anxiety writing this and can feel my focus splitting, so i'm gonna get back to the #skslowfashionapril email update, eat supper, and work on my #arenitepants for a few hours before a bath and bed 🌿
while my anxiety was at its height this weekend, i managed to teach a really great group of humans @wolseleywool which gave me enough energy to go to a house concert in the evening, and i'm so grateful i went because it was like slipping back into my comfy halifax days. @celeste.inez.mathilda and @zococosalon made beautiful music, i got dog kisses, i added to my patch collection from @liminal.spaces.shop (most are destined for naturally dyed quilts), and talie's kiddo sold me her work for orange monies. lavender on the back of my neck, vetiver on my wrists, and on we trundle 💕 courage and deep breaths, dear hearts 🖤

fun facts about running your own biz and having generalized anxiety: sometimes you lie in bed unable to sleep because you're thinking in jumpy circles about stuff you need to do (this is oddly better than the times you lie in bed thinking in jumpy circles about all your insecurities). that was last night for me, and i was only able to fall asleep once i sternly told myself which lists to write first thing in the morning. while i'm not a monogamous knitter, i do tend to get extra anxious when i have several small half-projects on my needles and incomplete patterns on my computer. there are six patterns i plan on finishing up today after i do day job work, and then i will reward myself with washing dishes and cleaning my counters and then finishing off part of a pattern sample. since shifting last fall to my current day job, i'm finding it really difficult to organize my time. it's like i have all the time in the world and i'm still constantly behind on everything. so i've shifted to my kitchen table, am sitting on an actual chair, and am making lots of lists to give myself a fresh perspective. this is the very unglamorous reality of creative biz life 💁🏻
today's #spring10x10 is my third-hand pendleton again over a rtw tank top and rtw pants. bottoms are probably my biggest mental block when it comes to my #handmadewardrobe - i know i'll have to make adjustments to 95% of patterns because of my butt-to-waist ratio. jeans are a far-off dream at this point, so i purchase rtw pants and wear them for years, and usually just move them on through swaps once i stop wearing them regularly. i've got @sewliberated's #arenitepants on my to-sew docket for this week though, so maybe this will be the first step towards a fitted pant? what's your sewing/knitting skill block right now?

oh hey, mercury retrograde is kicking my butt as usual and i'm kinda/very unsure about things generally right now. not necessarily big things, just day-to-day spring-isn't-quite-here-but-i'm-so-antsy-haaaalp kinda things. also, i got a new camera and i'm trying to learn it and i think i need to spend a solid 24 hours with it and some manuals, so photos right now also feel extra awkward. so i have a proposition for you 🙃
fill out a quick survey for me please. and i'll give you a 50% off coupon for your choice of pattern/e-book in exchange (yup, sock collections and #everydaymagic volumes count). i basically just want to hear from you directly about what YOU want to see more of, rather than trying to interpret instagram's weird algorithm-influenced analytics 💕
the link is over in my profile right now, and you can sign up for my newsletter in the same survey (that gets you a FREE copy of my #selfcareforknitters zine). and then you'll be able to hear about stuff i'm doing every week regardless of instagram's algorithm changes. like my sock design 101 class happening @wolseleywool on april 7! that's just a week and a half away. how the heck did that happen? 😳 (don't worry, we'll talk about taking proper photos of them, not using them as weird umbrellas like i am here..) tia! xo

Just got in a new toy to make the #herbaltea bag filling go by faster. It means I get to focus on hand blending my creations and get my larger wholesale orders out more efficiently. #worksmarter #barterlife #willworkfortools #foodalchemist #smallbizreality

These metallic napkin rings remind me of so many things. This beautiful coastal area we live in and the amazing people in my life. My husband thought of painting the shells for napkin rings, @peculiarabode put our ideas together and uses her craft to make them, and @kimbroughdaniels captures them beautifully with her camera. When you have a small business, you can't do it alone. Reaching out to others is one of the best things you can do. #oystershells #oystershellnapkinrings #smallbizreality #shopsmall #shoplocal #peculiarabode #kimbroughdaniels #productphotography #dotandarmy #setthetable #metallicoystershells #clothnapkins #madehere

I apologize if I haven't been posting much! Currently working on commissions that I got from Kawaii Kon! Btw, I'm a #TwitchAffiliate and I do crochet live. So far, my schedule is Tues & Thurs, but it may change later~ if you want, you can go ahead and watch me! I'll be streaming in a bit 💙💚

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#marchmeetthemaker day 9 & 10:
I combined these two even though they really shouldn’t be. #9, ‘how it’s made’ informs #10, ‘time to relax’.
I don’t know about y’all, but I find relaxing really challenging. Even trying to do “leisure sewing” feels a bit stressful. Perhaps ADD is to blame. Oddly enough, my best way to ‘relax’ is to forge ahead on what I feel compelled to work on (usually Blueprints related). I find this oddly rejuvenating and manage to get work done in the process. Sometimes more than when I’m ‘actually working.’
... Perhaps someday I’ll figure out a more conventional workflow, but this is good for now.
🤷🏻‍♀️✨ (Also, one for the #makeyourstash challenge...I used some lovely subtle shibori lawn I dyed last year.)

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