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So I know that I’ve been letting most of you down with not posting so much of Raw and Smackdown Live footage. Today is going to be another disappointment because I’m currently in the airport in Canada waiting for my flight to go back to the states. I’ll be watching Raw on my phone, so if anything pops up I’ll screenshot it and post it really quick. Sorry 😓 plus, when I put videos they get taken down anyway, so what’s the point

Who's watching RAW?
Things confirmed :
-Seth Rollins IC Open Challenge
- Sami Zayn "exposes Bobby Lashley
-Kurt Angle kicks off with "major announcement.

Hey, guys! Shameless plug, but if you want to follow my personal account @asian.boy.ian, where I mostly post photography stuff, then feel free to check it out! I usually do photography as a hobby and I’d like if anyone could give some feedback on how I’m doing! Thanks again. Sorry not sorry. 😂

Vid 1 / 3 of Seaguar’s Amazon Peacock Bass trip is up! What an experience it was to hook these vicious things and horse them in with Smackdown Braid 💪🏽 #Zaldaingerous #Amazon #PeacockBass #Seaguar #Smackdown #Tatsu #BlueLabel @fishseaguar

One year ago today... Jinder fucking Mahal actually won the WWE Championship in a match against Randy Orton. It was legitimately one of the most shocking moments of the entire year. Some people were mad. Some people were upset. The fact of the matter is that Jinder fucking Mahal actually won the WWE Championship... Never forget.

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